The Internet’s Funniest Vaping Content

With pending regulations and bans against vaping, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s very important in times of stress to take a step back and have a laugh. Personally, I think everyone should laugh until they start to cry, or they have a six pack, that is what I tend to do for you today! Join us as we explore the Internet’s Funniest Vaping Content 🙂 I’m looking to provide you with the best content to make you smile or laugh. From funny vaping things we can all relate on, to things that deserve to be on /r/cringe! Let’s get to it!

1) Blow Some O’s:

Why not hit the ground running!? As the marketing team was doing the daily rounds, we ran into this gem… As we watched this video, we couldn’t help ourselves; we started blowing the worst O’s we could. Without further ado, here is Cleareyezz-  Blow Some O’s ft. Kayla Pontanares


2) The Future of Vaping:

 Whether we are time-traveling to capture a future war criminal, or traveling across the galaxies to collect bounties, vaping is definitely the future. Thanks to Chronox, we know that we don’t have to worry about vaping going anywhere. Read as this time traveling bounty hunter is caught with his futuristic e-cigarette! Click the following picture to read this Onion article! Future Vaping Man


3) Shit Vapers Say:

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard of the “Shit Vapers Say,” or “Vapers Be Like” videos. I’ve watched a lot of these videos, and I’ve come to the conclusion that 101 Films takes the cake! They really hit on things that I’ve said myself, and things that people who don’t vape say. Check out the following videos for a good laugh 🙂


4) Your Everyday Vape Memes

I’m sure I don’t need to go to far in depth for you to understand what vape memes are. There are a lot of them floating around the internet, and they’re pretty accurate… Here at Mt. Baker Vapor, we always attempt to use the dankest memes available.





5) Mt. Baker Vapor’s Welcome to the Youtube Channel Video

Now there has been discussion as to where this video should be placed. Should this video be tagged as “funny” or “cringe-worthy”?  I think that it should be up to the vape fans to decide! Let us know what you think of this video in the comments on the video or in the blog! Vape on!

Something to think about: 

Did you think we got some of the best vaping content?! If you think we did, let us know in the comments! Vape on! 

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