The British Are Coming!

“THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!” shouted Paul Revere in 1775 as he galloped through the streets of Concord, Massachusetts, warning unsuspecting colonist of the impending danger that awaited them. Had it not been for Revere’s daring midnight ride, the Colonial forces would have surely met a severe thumping.

Fast forward two hundred and forty-two years. The day is July 19th, 2017. The world is at peace, relatively speaking. Instead of Paul Revere receiving orders to ride through the night with a warning to the Colonial forces about the impending attack from the British, it’s the government in England shouting, “WE SIDE WITH VAPING! WE SIDE WITH VAPING!

Before we examine this earth-shattering announcement made by the Brits, (spoken in proper British vernacular), here’s a little backstory on the Breeeetish and their pioneering ways.

Did you know?

  • – In 1798, Edward Jenner, pioneered the smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine.
  • – Kirkpatrick MacMillan, yet another English fellow, created the world’s first pedal bicycle in 1839.
  • – A year later, Sir Rowland Hill reformed the postal system with Uniform Penny Post and introduced the first postage stamp, the Penny Black, to the world.
  • – In 1841, Alexander Bain patents his design for an electric clock.
  • – In 1853, English physician Alexander Wood developed a hypodermic syringe with a needle fine enough to pierce the skin.

The list of British innovation is lengthy. Seriously. Just do a quick Wikipedia search and see for yourself. Tons of interesting bits of history to be had.

But today, what advocates of vaping near and far are rejoicing over is England’s decision to release a 32-page document, recommending vaping as an alternative to smoking, making England the world’s first country to support vaping, adding yet another tick to their long list of “firsts”.

The 32-page released document is a manifestation of an announcement made two years ago by the PHE, Public Health England, updating their findings regarding the clear differences between vaping and smoking.

This is probably the first significant government policy paper anywhere that recognizes and pursues the opportunities of tobacco harm reduction, rather than defining these technologies as a threat to be suppressed,” – Clive Bates.

With England taking the first major step, perhaps other nations will follow suit. Who knows. In the meantime, have a gander at the 32-page document. Just click this link and read while you vape on.

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

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