Temporary Cessation of California Orders

UPDATE: California orders are once again live! Click here to read the announcement.

Mt Baker Vapor regrets to inform our California customers that effective immediately we will be ceasing the acceptance of orders from the State of California. This is due to laws signed into effect by Governor Brown.

This is a temporary measure and we will be doing everything possible to comply with the new California regulations as soon as possible. We kindly ask for our online customers from California to wait on further communication from us regarding when to expect the resumption of orders.

The main issue at hand is California SBX2-5 which changed the definition of tobacco products to include vaping products. Because of this, vaping products now have to comply with the same stringent regulations currently needed for the shipment of tobacco products to the State of California.

For a full overview of the relevant legislation, we suggest this PDF produced by SFATA: California e-Cigarette/Vapor Product Legislation Analysis. It explains exactly which State Bills are in question and how they interact with previously enacted regulations.

Please understand that we are doing everything possible to resume serving the State of California. Keep an eye out on our blog and social media pages for more information.

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Herman Forstmann says:

    I think your loyal customers will understand and wait it out. I’m not in California, but if it happens in Texas, too, I’ll wait for you!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Thanks for your patience while we sort this out!

      • David H. says:

        Tim, one quick thought: Are you just not able to ship to California? Can I order and have sent to a friend in Arizona, who can then ship to me?

        • Josh Hanna says:

          We cannot ship to CA. We can ship to AZ and from there you do what you want with it πŸ˜› After we ship it, it is out of our hands lol

      • JART says:

        Waiting pariently.

        • Josh Hanna says:

          We are shipping to California again! We do require a verification since the new regulations put out need it. Just log in and place the order and the verification box will appear.

    • Shawna says:

      Hey Texas can I have my order shipped to you so you can ship to California ? # livingincaliproblems

    • Mike Morrison says:

      California SUCKS!!!!!!!!! I was born and raised in California. Too many people want to control your life here. I love Mt Baker Vapor. I hope this problem is taken care of very soon. I don’t want to look elsewhere. Just found out about this ridiculous legislation today. So annoying.

    • Angelina says:

      Oh no! I was wondering why I could not order. I talked so highly of MtBakerVapor every person that asked about my vape pen new where I bought my juice. I hope shipment to California happens soon, I have a bunch of people (including myself) that want to order.

  • Chris Nichols says:

    Are you kidding me? Personal choices once again are judge, Jury and expelled upon Us….

    • cindy leneave says:

      WOW just WOW

    • Adam P. says:

      I was thinking about this earlier and thought of two things. 1) If you started a membership were we would be able to pay a small fee and register with you so that you have our info on file and can verify our age and information, then it would be like a club type situation and we could order freely. 2) All packages mailed to California would be signature required 21 and over to sign for them in person. It would suck, but at least we could continue to get juice. I think idea #1 is better.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      The government likes to tell us what to do. I like to point out how corrupt the government is.

      • AMY says:

        oh come on!! You know its because they care so very much for us! If they weren’t here to protect us what would happen????!!!! (sarcasm) – I don’t know how we survived to adulthood growing up with no seat belts, no bicycle helmets, a bunch of kids piled in the backs of trucks riding down the highway, no motorcycle helmets. Wow, is this really the U.S.A. anymore?????????

  • greg belcher says:

    So glad the Government is protecting me from myself. They kill the products that save lives and yet somehow still allow tobacco sales?

  • Joann Williams says:

    Then it is a sad day. Mt Baker Vapor has been my default go-to for all my e-liquids and DIY supplies. I was just getting ready to put together another order. Now I’m wondering how quickly other online suppliers will stop shipping here as well…

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are in the process of being compliant so we can ship to California again. Becoming compliant is a process, and hopefully, we can do it quickly and restore business to everyone.

  • Brian says:

    I feel for you guys in Cali. I’m in Utah and MBV quit shipping to us months ago even though the bill (which may or may not have even passed, I can’t find anything anywhere that says it did and I’ve spent hours searching the subject) wouldn’t become law until July 1. And at least they’re trying to figure out a way to continue shipping to California. I haven’t heard anything about MBV trying to work out a way to resume shipping to Utah. I’m sure Cali brings a lot more business than the Mormon run state of Utah does though.

  • Mary says:

    I am shocked and disgusted at the government’s uneducated and biased treatment of vaping. I believe there are so many that have benefited by using vaping to quit cargarette smoking. The lust for tax dollars that they have already allocated is driving this, not the concern for the health of their population. Obviously!

  • Bill says:

    And so it begins…. This country is in a downward spiral. Run by greedy politicians. This kind of stuff is the reason America was formed. Unfair taxes and regulations imposed by the British….

    • Tim Mechling says:

      I agree.

      The Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s enabled industry leaders to grow unbelievably rich. Theodore Roosevelt enacted the “Wiley Act” to break plutocratic business into smaller groups. Since then, there has been a cycle of regulation and de-regulation. In boom times, business is de-regulated. In recessions, more regulation is imposed. Meanwhile, the businesses have grown to near-Industrial Revolution oligarchy sizes, and the regulatory powers have expanded, and are influenced by the money of big business. Who suffers? Small businesses. Small businesses lack the clout and capital to buy out the regulators, while big business uses their wealth and power to snuff out the competition. All the while, the rich get richer, the bought-out regulators expand their reach, the working man suffers, and the American Dream dies.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Miles says:

    I was in the middle of making an order when this happened yesterday. I thought the problem was on my end at first because i was able to start processing the order without an issue. I decided to add a sweetener at the last minute, and then wasn’t able to return my order. What horrible timing. I really hope this is resolved soon.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      We’re doing everything in our power to resume orders to California. Thanks for your patience!

      • Miles says:

        Is there any way to get some information about what’s going on? Are you guys waiting on ‘child safe packaging’ or something like that? I don’t mean to sound impatient but “We’re doing everything in our power to resume orders..” could mean anything from a few days, to a few weeks, to a few months. Is there any way to get a general time frame for when orders can resume?
        And thank you in advance for your reply.

        • Tim Mechling says:

          In a nutshell, the anti-vaping legislation was snuck into a bundle with raising the smoking age to 21.

          • Miles says:

            Ah it’s the whole 21 thing that put a wrench in the system. Having to re-do the order process for *just* California must be a pain. Gah this is real bummer, I was about to go on a sample binge and order as many flavors as i could afford to sample.
            (i wish MBV offered some sort of sample pack deal.. so many options to choose from and 15ml bottles add up *fast* but digress)
            I hope you guys will get everything worked out soon. I have about 2 weeks worth of ejuice left and i don’t want to experiment with a businesses that i’ve never used. Also, thanks again for the information.

      • Natasha says:

        Not cool. .now where am i going to get my vanishing oatmeal raisin cookie from?

  • Tim Jenson says:

    I’m from Utah and Mt. Vapor Baker is on my shit list. They’re paranoid as hell I order from tons of different websites and their the only one that won’t send juice to my state, at the rate they’re going they won’t even have to wait for the FDA regs to go into effect to go out of business because they’ll already will be out of business. I have no sympathy at all for them.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      We appreciate your point of view. As a business, it is extremely important to comply with the letter of the law. No matter how monstrous or draconian the laws are, we have to play ball.

      Keep in mind, we use our stature in the vaping industry to fight unfair regulation, and we always have. We educate, put our money towards vaper’s rights, and have been one of the most vocal critics of anti-vaping laws. We understand your frustration, but we have to obey the law.

      • Angela Jensen says:

        Well, that negative post was silly. You guys are successful BECAUSE of your business ethics (plus you are all great people). You will get your loyal customers back.

    • Shawna says:

      Mt. baker is an honest company that follows the rules and therefore they are on your shit list?
      If I were you, I would be paranoid about what you may be vaping since your ordering from shady companies.

  • Yusuf says:

    WHY OH WHY! F…………………K!!!!!!!

    Just had to get that out of my system. I order from you guys monthly, and no lie this is gonna hurt. I suppose it’s lucky I’ve been exploring other vendors and at least one is in CA so I’ll have some option besides a B&M. Hoping MBV gets this sorted out…

  • Martin Fantoni says:

    The whole reason you guys are in Arizona now, I hope it won’t happen here in Washington.

  • Joe says:

    Hopefully you guys can get this all patched up soon. Stay strong Californian Vapors.

  • B.Pepper says:

    I am a consistent returning/ordering customer of Mount Baker Vapor. I love Hawk and Thug juice.

    I live in California. I am very saddened by this News. I would be willing to order ingredients such as

    the VG, PG, Flavors, even just a D.I.Y kit that would comply with the law and assemble it myself.

    Is it possible to order any products from mount baker living in California under the current law?

  • Jerry says:

    other online shops are simply just asking for a photo ID of your DL or California ID for verification that your over the age of 21…. just throwing some Idea’s out there, guess I’ll just go some where else for the mean time…..

  • Angie Morales says:

    Im gonna need to find a middle man to Order…. DAMN YOU CA

  • Jesse C Morris says:

    …and the corrupt State of California government, big tobacoo lobbiest’s & their corrupt cancer-causing money….win again & punish the free & forward thinking adults of the population. Jerry Brown IS a fraud !!!
    Jesse C Morris
    La Canada, CA.

  • Rex F. says:

    Does that include juice that has zero nicotine? or for that matter, just the extract flavoring?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Anything vape related is now considered a tobacco product to California. So zero nic and flavoring are all included πŸ™ I am for the inconvenience of this and we hope to get this fixed as soon as possible.

  • Dori says:

    If we ask our shops to carry your juice, you can sell to them, but not an individual?

  • Mitchell in Oakland says:

    What specific provision(s) of the California law are causing the current problem?

    What will happen next January, when the extortionate business-licensing fees go into effect?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Right now, they are classifying all vape products as tobacco products. We now have to create a system to check everyone’s age in California and make sure they are 21. We are looking into January’s problems now also.

  • Tyler says:

    I’ll be here waiting for news of shipping again. Luckily I have a couple good local shops to fall back on. Just make sure to send us updates so I can place a massive order in anticipation of more situations like this. Do you have a reseller in Reno? I’d drive 3 hours for a good haul!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We will keep you guys informed! We might but I do not have a list of our resellers. I have emailed wholesale to see if they can provide this information for us.

  • Donna Sander says:

    I want to know if this is “ALL” orders? (I’m in CA) …I just want my flavors…can’t I get flavors, no e-cig stuff or batteries, nothing with nicotine…just flavors?? What am I going to do? I only buy MtBaker…oh wow…

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Yes, this does mean all. They are classifying anything you use in a vape to be a tobacco product. It is quite ridiculous. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Donna Sander says:

    I read that. That has to be a violation of some sort of constitutional right…how in the world can they classify a “zero-nicotine” liquid …as a tobacco product? What genius approved this crap anyway?? That’s it! I’m moving to another state…that’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back!

  • Donna Sander says:

    So if anyone knows who has great flavors like MBV…please let us Californians know…I also purchase monthly…now I need a new provider.

  • Rachelle Williams says:

    First Utah, now Cali!

  • antone taylor says:

    Well darn im a California customer,i suppose il wait

  • Tobias sharp says:

    So how hard is it to set up a age verification system for California customers?? Good thing I just Got a shipment and I live in tahoe on the California Nevada border and have a Nevada address as well so really won’t affect me but all my fellow California people that I have referred to your web site may suffer need to get a referral program going as well just a thought. ?

  • Angela Jensen says:

    I am in California. Mt. Baker is great and it makes me sad they are losing business. At least in California, with the new law in effect today, employees of vape shops who are under the age of 21 apparently don’t have to be fired. One good thing there. Yep, California seems to prefer we smoke and die.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      California has made a grave mistake.

      • mike says:

        Our “elected officials” are now allowed to dictate our personal freedoms. The big-tobacco & pharmaceutical lobbyists have decided that vaping cuts into their profits. If voting meant anything congress would outlaw that too. Don’t feel too bad, after all we were promised Change.

  • Greg says:

    It would be helpful if you would provide a list of California retailers who carry your products.

  • Chuck Lantz says:

    I’m in California, and I’ve followed the progress of the legislation involving vaping. From what I understand, the law only regulates ejuice, but not vaping devices. Maybe I’m missing something, but why are all orders, including those that don’t include ejuice, being stopped by Mt. Baker?

    • Tony says:

      @Chuck Lantz, I was wondering the same thing. We order our coils from MBV. Is that also regulated? It’s just some metal with cloth and wire in it. Haha!

  • William tran says:

    Wtf? If you knew that this was a possibility, why didn’t you give enough warning so that we could stock up?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      The law was passed very suddenly and very sneakily. Unfortunately, we can’t keep ahead of all vaping legislation all the time, since the industry is under attack from all angles. We’ll do our best to keep ahead of these legislations in the future.

  • Devonna says:

    Just. Wow.

  • Alex says:

    I am in Cali and this is bs. Been a regular customer for about three years now. Guess I have to find a back up for now but I will be a MBV supporter for as long as I keep on vaping. Hope you guys find a solution soon.

  • Stacy Tyler says:

    This is bullsh*t! Sorry, but still, this is bullsh*t! Mt. Vapor is the only company that I purchase from! I cant believe it, how stupid all this is! I live in California, I now am sorry to say. I guess its just one more thing we get to be controlled over. If they can find a way to control it and/or make money from it, they will. This government sucks!
    I am a loyal customer and I am sorry California has done this to us all.

  • Natasha says:

    Now where am i going to get my vanishing oatmeal raisin cookie from? Out of all states, California! !.. not right. .

    • Josh Hanna says:

      A new law was passed and we cannot send to CA at this time πŸ™ We are becoming compliant and hope to resume services soon. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • lois garcia says:

    I appreciate that MBV are making an attempt to keep shipping. My understanding is thst these laws were totally backed and pushed by tobacco companies, who have now entered the vaping industry.

    Remember that MBV have stayed involved and fought oppressive, misinformed regulation from the start. They risked bully tactics from our government by speaking up, and continue to fight for vapers and the vaping industry.

  • Doesn’t MVP already have child safe packaging lids on its 238ML sizes? Thats all I buy now anyways.

    Why can’t you still ship those to California?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      A new law was put into place June 9th labeling us as a tobacco. For tobacco products, we have to verify the age of our customers. The 236 mLs do come with the caps that are child safe.

  • Lynelle says:

    HELP…HELP….Does anyone know of a company that sales MBV in California. I just say that they cant ship to Cali and I am almost out of liquid. I hate having to start over again to find an e-liquid that is good. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

  • Barbara C. says:

    I am in California and was talking with the owner of a local vape shop. Everything related to vaping is going to fall under the California law, from e-juice to replacement batteries, all are going to be considered tobacco products. Anyone remember years ago when one California legislator wanted to ban Oreos? This state won’t be happy till it can regulate and tax every little thing we do! I don’t think this has anything to do with “public safety,” but with a loss of tax revenue from smokers switching to the less deadly vaping. All about the money!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      It is, and will always be, all about the money. Our government does not represent the people.

    • Stacy Tyler says:

      I said the same thing in my previous post. This has nothing to do with looking out for the people and their health. This is 100% money. It is proven by how the tax for selling products was raised from $100 to $225 (I believe that is correct but would need to go back and read it again to confirm). California, where I too live, is only looking at the fact that they are not getting money from the vapor shops and customers. If they cant get paid for it then we should not be allowed it, that is what these people are thinking. They have not one concern for our “public safety” nor anything else for that matter. It sickens me that the people that are supposed to speak for us and our best interest are not doing very well at hearing what WE WANT.

  • Gary says:

    Surely you can still sell flavouring to CA as its essentially food flavouring ? and hardware is not covered by that legislation yet, gutted as have been ordering monthly for more than a year from you so will have to look elsewhere now as supplies running low :/

    Prohibition 2.0

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are working as fast as possible to restore out services to CA. We are trying to get compliant with the new regulations. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • DB says:

    You can probably order Mtbaker flavors from thevapemall.com they order the flavoring from mtbaker
    And sell it as their own . I ordered hawk sauce from them and it was just as good just a lil pricyer .

    • Celeste says:

      OMG, DB a million thanks for the info! I just made a HUGE order of Hawk Sauce juice (in case VM quits shipping to the nanny-state too). They didn’t have the pure Hawk Sauce flavoring available sadly and don’t offer extra flavor shots. Fortunately I have a bottle of flavoring from MB I can add if I need to. Prices are only about $1 more and well worth it to get Hawk Sauce without shipping out of state and then having it sent back to me.

      I should now have more than enough Hawk Sauce to keep me til MB gets this sorted out – panic over. Again thank you, DB, you are a life saver!

      P.S. you can use vapingcheap to get 10% off

  • DB says:

    Thevapemall.com orders flavoring from mt baker and sells it mixesd as their own. If your hard up order your favorite mt baker e juices from them. I e mailed the vape mall and thats what they told me.

  • drrick says:

    back to cigarettes

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Tim!

    This did sneak up on us and although I emailed every California politician I could, I received mostly stock answers.

    I’m curious. As nicotine is now considered a tobacco product and Ejuice, not all Ejuice, contains nicotine, would Californians and customers in Utah be able to buy zero nicotine juice?

  • david lake says:

    its not supposed to take effect till jan 1 2017. So why is mt baker complying with them now?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      The law that went into effect June 9th, is saying we are tobacco products in California. California’s law on tobacco products for online sale require age verification.

  • Roy Reedy says:

    I cant believe that cali makes extra work for its citizens, but have seen it before. The solution, while its extra work is quite simple imho.
    I only vape MBV Jizmgoblin. That being said its worth the extra effort to get it to me in cali.
    Why not have cali residents email/text a copy of their cali drivers license. Keep this on file for each resident, when cali orders are placed, make sure the cc name matches the name on the drivers license. It cant be that hard to mod the website verification to confirm the cali resident has this on file. That being said, ive visited websites that make the user manualy enter their date of birth before entering.
    Jerry Brown can take a long walk off a short peir! I didn’t vote him into office anyways πŸ˜‰
    Im confident you guys will get this sorted, hopefully before my order I received last week is used up.
    Roy from the stinkin state of cali.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are working on a solution and are trying to get it done as fast as possible. I am really sorry for this inconvenience it has caused everyone.

  • David says:

    If I email you my drivers license proving i am 58 years old, can I place an order?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      At this time, we cannot take the information. We are building a system that will do all of this and store it securely, and we hope it will be up really soon. I am sorry for this πŸ™

      • David says:

        Any idea of a “when?” I don’t mean to tie you to a date, just a rough time-frame so I can plan around it.

  • Mike C says:

    I’m getting so sick of California!
    Do you know when the extra cigarette tax will be applied to Vape products? MBV you better get ready for a lot of massive orders from California when you get this crap sorted out.

  • Matt says:

    This ticks me off. I’ve recently just discovered your business and had ordered DIY supplies and had really liked what I had received. Now I can’t get it shipped here. Is it just the age verification holding you up now or are there other factors?

    I know of a way that would get you shipping quickly to here in California. We receive wine from a winery that is few hours away. What they do is require age verification and signiture on delivery in order for us to receive it. In other words the USPS or UPS come to the door and ask for my ID. If it checks out and proves I’m of age, I sign for it and I get my package. If I’m not home, I get a notice on my door saying they will attempt delivery the next day or I can go pick it up. I don’t know if this would work for you guys but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I think it would raise the shipping cost a little bit more but I’d pay it.

    • Josh Hanna says:


      We cannot do that, unfortunately. The law states that age verification at the door is not an option. It is not good enough, which we think is ridiculous. We are in the process of setting up a program that will make us compliant and make it so customers can order. This is going to take a little time and we apologize for this. We are trying to reach out to local California businesses and get our juice to them. If you refer any business to us, we will give you a $50 dollar store credit through our abroad program. When we are able to ship to you again, you can use the store credit. If that store starts to carry our juice, you can get it from there in the meantime. We appreciate your patience as we become compliant with the new regulations.

  • Gavin says:

    Lame. I need more Hawk Sauce, bad. I’m 41 years old and this is my body ffs. I blame the cloud chasers… If their weak ass mods weren’t exploding and they weren’t adding to the negative “look at the kids these days” press, the rest of us could quietly vape in peace.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      They really are not the ones to blame. The ones to blame are the uneducated politicians and the ones who are bought by big tobacco. We are hoping to be back in California as soon as possible.

  • Rusty says:

    Thumbs Up MBV. As a Komifornia resident I know many vendors just up and leave CA after getting frustrated with our over regulated bureaucracy. Just know because we live in CA doesn’t mean we agree with the politics of CA. Thanks for taking the effort/money/time to keep us vaping MBV. Patiently waiting your re-arrival πŸ™‚

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Rusty, Thank you for this awesome comment. We are trying our best to get you guys your product and we really appreciate your patience. We will always be here for everyone and fight regulations that block us from getting to our vapers.

  • John says:

    Wait, i just got the Eleaf Istic 30w. Is this one of the cheap mods that can explode?

  • Avo B says:

    Any update on orders to california i desperately need diy ejuice supplies

  • Jakob Waters says:

    This sucks, put together my monthly order to find out I cant in CA right now, I havent gone to a vape shop to buy liquid in over a year since I saved so much with MBV. Guess now I have to start looking for sources since im down to days of juice left.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are working on a way that will make us compliant with California. We are hoping it will be up soon and we can start sending products there again.

  • Mark says:

    This blows. Where else can I get anything as good as Maui Sunrise or Afternoon Delight? Very disappointed.

  • John Rhodes says:

    Wow, super disappointed, have been a loyal MBV customer for a few years now, not been to a vape shop in a long time, luckily I stocked up before this nonsense happened, but in the mean time, I found another comparable on-line juice vendor and made an order today to try them out, hopefully it is just as good as MBV.

  • F**K GOV BROWN! says:


  • Amanda says:

    Man governments just can’t give people a break. They should encourage vaping as an alternative to cigarettes instead of trying to get all nanny state over it.

  • Stephen says:

    Way to go California, afraid of your own shadow too?

  • Lin says:

    bad news!!!

  • Ben says:

    We all have to fight against regulations! Such terrible news for Cali

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It was horrible when we got the news. We are working around the clock to get this fixed and hopefully in the next few days it will be.

  • Michael Harris says:

    Hope it all works out

  • James Robinson says:

    Awesome! I’m moving to California in a handful of weeks and MBV is almost the exclusive provider for all of my juices. Can’t wait to for my Thug Juice withdrawals.

  • chocher says:

    is nicotine gum also a tobacco product in california? if not, then easy lawsuit against the drug manufacturers and the state in a rico. I don’t think states are exempt from RICO statute.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Anything with nicotine in it is considered tobacco. The nicotine can be synthetic, from tomatoes, or from anywhere and it will be labeled as tobacco.

  • Rachel says:

    This sucks! I vape exclusively from MBV and there aren’t any local shops that compare in price or quality (unless anyone knows a good spot in Sacramento?).

    Do you guys have a rough ETA on when we’ll be able to buy again? Is it strictly the age verification system that is the problem or are there other compliance issues?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We do not. We are working hard and staying late trying to make this work. We will definitely let you guys know when we have it available.

  • Jay Still says:

    Been on your facebook page and some people are ridiculous. I am sure California is a sizeable market for you. And you would much rather be making money. So I for one have my order made and I’m waiting for you get this sorted out. Great customer service , Fast shipping, The GWAR line is great , Thanks for the effort

    • Josh Hanna says:

      They are, and we want to ship there. It is California’s politicians that ruined it for them, but we are going to fix it so we can ship to them.
      We take great pride in our customer service and how fast we can get our customers their products. We know everyone wants a great product, excellent customer service, and fast shipping times. We try our best to do all of these for you guys, our customers.

  • Jay Still says:

    One More thing how will you notify us when we can order

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There will be a blog and we will post it on our social media pages. We will also send an email out to our newsletter list. You can subscribe for that on our website.

  • tony says:


  • Michael says:

    Wow our lovely laws here in CA are going to make me and my wife pick up actual smoking again. We cannot afford to buy e-juice from local shops its outrageous. Please Baker save us. We are almost out of our Admiral Crunch Berry!!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are hoping to have our program up soon. Once it is up, we can ship to California again. Hang in there! Do not go back to cigarettes.

  • Tyler says:

    I don’t live in California, but I feel bad for all that do that want to vape to save their lungs and life. This is bull crap. Ive stocked up on juice just in case! Over 1000 Ml.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      That should hold you for a while πŸ™‚ Hopefully, we can get some of these regulations gone. They are really killing the industry.

  • Jay Still says:

    Don’t think any of these new regulations will change , It’s easy to see they were inacted because of the big tobacco lobbyist’s . What it amounts to is they took a industry that was doing a pretty good job regulating themselves and turned it into a bureaucratic nightmare. What it will do is kill small businesses
    cause more unemployment and make it harder for people to stop smoking.

  • Eric says:

    Land of the Free. I used to believe that. But there is always going to be little whiny bitches that cant handle true freedom.

  • Ro M says:

    Two questions sir.

    1) Does this apply to all online vendors or just specifically MBV?

    2) Do you have a personal liberal estimate when things (if ever) will get settled in regards to you being able to ship to California again?

    • Isaiah Davey says:

      I am not sure what other vendors are deciding to do, but we have stopped shipping for the time being. We almost have a solution so we ask that you please be patient while we work towards it!! Thank you!

  • John says:

    I am a old guy. I rememember when Jerry Brown’s dad, Pat Brown was the govenor. The state prospered and had one of the strongest budgets and economic resources in the WORLD. Jerry and Dad never got along. Jerry was kind of a fruitcake when he was young and still is in my book. But don’t be fooled. He is a dangerous political animal of the highest order. He comes from a political family. I left California, my bithplace and home 20 yr’s ago, vowing never to return because of what a over-regulated s***hole its turned into. Business has left California in droves due to excessive regulations. Now the state is billions of dollars in the red every year. Nice job Jerry and the bleeding heart liberals.
    Residing in Idaho or anyplace not California
    Bachelors Degree in Public Administartion – California State University System

    • Josh Hanna says:

      The regulations are terrible and they keep putting them out there so companies have to either pay more or close. That is not how someone should try and grow their economy. Maybe one day, it will be fixed. But I do not see this happening anytime soon.

  • >