MBV Summit Line – Now Available!

We’ve been teasing.  You’ve been watching. Now it’s time for the big reveal…

Announcing our MBV Summit Line!  Premium aged-to-perfection juices in your favorite flavors – available in 30ml only (for now) with an assortment of nicotine levels (3-12mg) and various PG/VG percentages – you can get your hands on: Hawk Sauce, Afternoon Delight, Forestberry Fusion, Razzleberry, and Strawbana.

How are these different than the $7.99 30ml we currently offer in these flavors? – Presently, our juices are bottled and shipped on demand.  Meaning, when you receive yours (as many of you know) they may not be steeped for longer than a week.  We have found with these specific flavors, the longer they age, the better they taste.

What is the price difference? – These aged juices will be $8.99 per 30ml bottle.  You will have the option to do a single purchase of one bottle, or if you find this is something you enjoy – we offer a 5-pack for $39.99.

Our MBV Summit Line has been crafted for the optimum taste experience – truly, flavor unleashed.

We know you have questions… let us know in the comments below.


Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • Lou N. says:

    Hmm. I’m a little confused. I ordered before the “blue bottles”. When they came out they were advertised as presteeped. ( I didn’t know it was only a week) unless they are steeped in a process other than sitting and shaking…? So if I may ask how are THESE steeped? Different process?How old is the “age” exactly? Are they there same ingredients? I want to come back to you guys. Prices are higher than when I ordered but still not too high. Thanks!
    Vape on!

    • Thank you for your comment and feedback! These flavors have been steeped for at least one year and contain the same ingredients as their brothers and sisters. Over the last year we have been testing our product at different age points and have discovered some begin to have a more robust taste. All Summit line products are stored at MBV in a temperature controlled environment to ensure the best quality steep for our customers.

  • Mary Funk says:

    Why is everything new stopping at 12mg? If ejuice is bottled when ordered, why can’t I ever get 18mg or 24 mgs? I would spend more with you if my flavor choices weren’t so limited in size and MG were more readily available. I really don’t mind waiting for my juice to steep since I order before I run out. But I wish you luck with your new ejuice.

    • Thank you for the feedback. With this line in particular, the higher levels of nicotine would not age well with the rest of the ingredients. That is the primary reason for the levels to be in the middle and not on the high end. We hear you though, and we are trying our best to have more sizes and mg options available in our other lines.

  • Manuel S says:

    Wish you guys had added Blue Moo to this line :'(

  • John G. says:

    Hmmm, in a previous comment, the flavors have been steeping for a year? So is it not true that e-juice has a shelf life of 6 months to a year? Nearly all juice vendors state that after a year ejuice could go bad. Either I’m not sold on the statement they’ve been steeped for a year, or I’m not sold on whether the juices are past their shelf life. Is this stock steeped in a temperature controlled room, or are the bottles just hidden away in the janitor’s closet? The reason I ask is because after a certain point, it’s not the ejuice itself that goes bad but the nicotine. For example I’ve gotten some bottles of Gwar recently that the nic was so old the liquid had turned as brown as the walnut wood on my desk. Obviously the Gwar juice was either old, or it had not been stored properly before it was delivered. So yeah ejuice that claims to have been aged a year, I need to take pause at that for a moment.

    • Thank you for your feedback and your concern. Something important to note about the “shelf life” of eliquid is that it’s not an expiration date, it’s more of a “best by” date. Since the time we determined 6-9 months was appropriate for our MBV juices, we have found that some of our flavors actually improve with age. The price reflects the careful crafting of this new product, and we believe that once you taste how delicious it is, that it is definitely worth it. All Summit line products are stored at MBV in a temperature controlled environment to ensure the best quality steep for our customers.

  • Justin says:

    I don’t get it I think u should get chocolate pretzel back that was awesome

  • Tara says:

    I am excited about this new line and hoping you add more flavors like Spurburry and Grape. My friend and I orered those flavors quite a bit in the past but not currently since you stopped selling them in 240 ml and 70pg/30vg formula. Thank you for making the Summit Line available in 70pg/30vg (most of them). I say this because this formulation is better for vaping. It doesn’t burn my coils, turn black and taste nasty before I finish the juice. The higher VG vapes burn due to the palm oil. Burnt juice takes away from the enjoyment of vaping. Mt. Baker is currently the only vape manufacturer going back to this formula choice and I want to thank you for being a leader in your industry by listening to our requests. I will be ordering from this line soon.

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