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Happy Flavor Friday, MBVers! Today we are going over a simple, classic flavor — Strawberry E Juice. The description for Strawberry E Juice on the website says:

If it tastes like strawberry and smells like strawberry, perhaps that’s because it is Strawberry. 

This pretty much says it all about the flavor. Simple, sweet and classically tastes like strawberry. But what is the history of this amazing flavor? Let’s delve into the past and go over the historical context of this famous berry!

Strawberry E Juice History

A “garden strawberry”, commonly known as just a strawberry, is actually a hybrid form of the genus Fragaria. Not only is this plant used for its sweet, delicious fruit, but strawberry is commonly used as a flavor for preserves, pies, ice creams, lip gloss, perfumes, candies, and, yes, vape juice! The strawberry was first bred in Brittany, France where Amédée-François Frézier brought the Fragaria chiloensis from Chile and crossed it with the Fragaria virginiana to make the strawberry we know today. This was in the 1750s. Technically the strawberry is not a berry at all, but an accessory fruit.

The strawberry was first mentioned in Roman literature. It was used in France in the 14th century for medicinal purposes when people took it from their gardens. In the court of King Henry the VIII, strawberries and cream were first combined by Thomas Wosley. The U.S. is the largest cultivator of strawberries in the world, having produced 1,371,573 in 2014. At the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, strawberries and cream is a famous dish served. In Sweden, strawberries are traditionally served on St. John’s Day.

In terms of health, strawberries have been shown to decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease and the phytochemicals in the fruit reduce inflammation in the body. They are lower in fructose than many others fruits and are therefore suitable for some low carbohydrate diets.

Now that you know more about the history of the strawberry, check out the famous flavor of this fruit in our Strawberry E Juice. Check out the reviews below:

Strawberry E Juice Reviews


Daniel B.
Nice pleasant taste of the fruit. Not real strong but just enough to let you know what the flavor is.

love this stuff. wish it cam in a 1.5 nic but i just get a 3 nic and a 0 nic and mix it.

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