Vapor Visuals Abroad: Stirling, Scotland

“Stirling, like a huge brooch, clasps Highlands and Lowlands together”. – Alexander Smith, Scottish Poet

Stirling is an old market town in central Scotland located along the River Forth. Once the capital of Scotland, Stirling is situated at the lowest bridging point of the River Forth and it has been said that

“He who holds Stirling, holds Scotland”.

First of all, I stopped at the Cumbernauld Vaporized just 13 miles to the southwest and stocked up on Strawbana E-Juice before heading out.

The Stirling Castle

The first landmark that can be spotted upon entering the town is Stirling Castle, which sits atop Castle Hill in the center of the city and is one of the largest castles in Scotland. The castle is known to have withstood at least eight sieges and is easy to defend due to being surrounded by steep cliffs on three of its sides.

The Wallace Monument

The Wallace Monument was designed by John Thomas Rochead in honor of Scottish national hero, William Wallace. The tower was completed in 1869 and its location was chosen due to its importance during the Battle of Stirling Bridge when William Wallace and Andrew de Moray used the hill as their army headquarters.

The Wallace Monument was built on top of Abbey Craig and archaeological excavation has revealed that a hillfort was located here sometime between the 6th and 7th centuries CE. The path leading up to the monument has many wood carvings representing the history of the area throughout the ages.

The tower is made of sandstone and is 220 feet tall. Levels of the tower hold the Wallace Sword and other such important artifacts. One level of the tower is a dedicated “Hall of Heroes”, which houses busts of famous Scots who have helped shape the nation.

A 246 step spiral staircase leads you to the top of the Wallace Monument where you can view the Ochil Hills and the Forth Valley at every angle.

Robert The Bruce, King of Scots

In 1314, the Scottish army, led by Robert the Bruce, laid siege to the English occupied Stirling Castle. On June 24th of that year, King Edward II of England gathered a large force to attack the army. Despite having superior numbers, the English were defeated at is what is known as the Battle of Bannockburn. This was a significant victory for Scottish forces and today a memorial stands on the battlefield.

Robert the Bruce was a famous Scottish warrior who became the King of the Scots by leading the Scottish people to several crucial military victories between 1310 and 1314. His victory at the Battle of Bannockburn marked a turning point in the Scottish Wars of Independence. In 1324, the Pope officially recognized Scotland as an independent nation and Robert the Bruce as the king of Scotland.

Downtown Stirling

Near the center of Stirling is the Old Town Jail, which was built in 1847 to replace the Tolbooth Jail. At the previous jail, prisoners had been packed into a single small room and it was considered the worst jail in Britain at the time. The Old Town Jail was designed to allow each prisoner a solitary cell that would enable them to hear the clergyman’s sermon while remaining confined. Today The Old Toen Jail can be visited. Tourists can watch performance tours that reenact life at the jail.

The Church of the Holy Rude is a medieval parish church. The church was founded in 1129 during the reign of David I.The Church of the Holy Rude has hosted many royal baptisms and coronations. It is one of only three churches that were used for coronations and are still in use today.

A member of the MacGregor clan, Rob Roy was from a long line of cattle rustlers and brigands. Rob made his living initially by protecting landowners from cattle thieves and recovering stolen cattle. In 1712, however, Rob Roy lost the majority of his business due to the cattle market crashing. Rob began stealing cattle from the wealthy landowners that had once employed him. Today he is known as the Scottish Robin Hood and a statue of him stands near the Stirling city center.

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