Steve’s Vaping Success Story

A few weeks ago we asked customers to share their vaping success stories and were soon flooded with personal narratives on how the freedom to vape has improved lives. 

Without further ado, this is Steve’s Vaping Success Story:

I am Steve, 37 years old, a big rig trucker in Melbourne, Australia. I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day, and more on weekends, since I was about 15 years old. I really did enjoy a smoke at work, a drink, and a smoke after work.

About March 2014 I was eating a muesli bar while drive my truck. I thought a little bit of the muesli bar got stuck in the back of my throat, so I put my finger down my throat to try and dislodge it. I soon realized it wasn’t muesli bar at all, it was a couple of small yellow growths/lumps attatched to the back of my tonsils.

As you could imagine, I started to worry (it really was more like a panic) and could not stop thinking “I’ve got cancer in my throat.”

I left work as soon as I could that day and went straight to my doctor. I told the doctor what had happened and he had a look for me. Quickly, he dismissed my cancer theory and told me I had infected tonsils and not to worry because he had tablets to clear it all up. I said, “oh, thank God” (and I’m not a religious man).

My doctor and I then talked about ways to get off the cigarettes. He told me about chewing gum and tablets and patches, all of which I had tried, but stopped a couple of days later because they made me feel sick. Not to mention I still wanted to enjoy my drink after work and it just wasn’t the same without a smoke. Then, he asked me if I had ever heard of electronic cigarettes.

At the time I had not. He then told me “officially, I’m not allowed to tell you about these e-cigs, but here is a website so you can go and decide for yourself.” I left the doctors office absolutely stoked! I did not have cancer in my throat, and I got to go home to start researching these electronic cigarettes the doctor had told me about.

The web address took me to a highly repuatble U.S. cigalike/juice supplier. Everything looked great and was professionally presented (which I think really helped my decision making). My first impressions were: this might be just the thing I’ve been looking for! I bet it tastes like crap! It’s probably worse for you than cigarettes!

But there was only one way to find out.

I put in an order for a starter kit of 2 cigalikes and 20 cartomizers and a charger for about $200 AUD. Now, that was quite expensive (I thought), but if it works, I will have about a month or more worth of cartomizers. And it will have cost half the price of smoking cigarettes.

Less than a week later I got my package in the mail. I had been tracking it on Fedex’s website and knew it had been delivered. I started thinking thoughts like: what if it doesn’t work…$200 down the drain…it better taste ok…don’t worry, it’s going to work.

I got home from work and ripped the package open like a kid on Christmas morning. Everything was there. Everything looked great. Battery fully charged. I put a tobacco flavoured cartomizer on and then took a small drawback into my lungs.


From that first drawback I knew: THIS WAS GOING TO WORK FOR ME!

I loved it.

The flavour was great. The setup was great. The nicotine was working. There was no dirty cigarette smell. I kept puffing away with a giant smile on m face. I couldn’t believe how great this was all going.

A few days later, my 5 year old daughter was sitting beside me sniffing me and then giggling. I asked “what’s up?” She replied, “You don’t stink anymore, Daddy.” I hadn’t even realized she noticed.

I continued vaping for the next two weeks and always kept a couple of real cigarettes in my work bag (just in case). After two weeks I gave those two cigarettes to a workmate and told him about vaping. He mocked me a little, but after seeing me use my cigalike, became curios.

After 2 weeks I was stoked. I had not gone back to stinky cigarettes one single time. I had not even felt like I wanted a stinky cigarette.

My body and clothes and house and truck didn’t smell like cigarettes anymore. My lungs were not coughing up a heap of horrible mucus in the mornings. My lungs were feeling great when I was walking around at work. I felt fitter and healthier. My skin felt soft and clean. I was still able to enjoy a drink and I could puff on my vape while I did it (a HUGE part of me staying off cigarettes). I could sit between 2 smokers and it didn’t bother me they were smoking and I was not.

Vaping was clearly working for me, however, there were a couple of little things I needed to sort out. I found myself craving–yes, craving! But not for cigarettes. My craving was for more battery life: more flavour, bigger clouds, longer lasting cartomizers.

After a bit more reaserch on the internet I started investigating egos, tanks mods, pg, vg, ohms, vv, vw, and everything else vape. Quitting smoking had just given me something I hadn’t had time for in a long time…a new hobby!

I ordered a couple of egos and two Pro Tank minis. Oh, the luxury of variable watt/volt and all day long battery was amazing. I ordered twelve 30ml juice bottles, of all sorts of flavours, from a Chinese juice company (because it was very cheap). I was really on my way to getting “the perfect vape.”

It was now about three months since I began vaping and there was no turning back. And although the vape was amazing it still wasn’t “perfect.” So I started my search for the perfect juice and hardware setup.

After many many hours of research I ordered a Provari P3. Battery life would never be a problem again. And, after many many hours of research yet again, I found a very reputable company that produces fantastic juices, made to order, that lets you choose your pg/vg ratio, add extra flavour shots, with shipping times that are second to none. Not to mention their staff are fantastic at answering questions.

So, here I am 18 months later, Provari P3 in hand, Nautilus mini tank screwed firmly on top, with MY PERFECT VAPE: Mt Baker Vanilla Tobacco max vg 12mg inside. I haven’t had another lump on my tonsils since I started vaping. And, I now have my perfect vape.

Thanks, Mt. Baker, for helping me on my journey and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this. I hope this encourages other to quit smoking like I did.


We would like to sincerely thank Steve for taking the time to share why vaping is important to him. 

 Vape on!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Mt Baker Vapor.

  • Kendell R. Rawls says:

    Steve, your story is very inspiring and motivational. I’m only a few months in. you have givin me the mental motivation I needed. Thank you Steve. Kendell from Arkansas

  • tony says:

    way to go steve

  • Bill Ryan says:

    Way to go Steve your story is inspirational and making me so glad I to have been vaping for 2 weeks. My cigarette craving are almost totally gone….I didn’t know until this morning that I needed to hydrate so now my throat should start to feel better. I was drinking 10/12 cups of coffee per day the same ass when I smoked my 40 cigarettes a day. I will take more fluids and try and back off the coffee…This is the most optimistic I have been during my many attempts to quit the cigarettes. I am 65 and have smoked for 50 years and this Vaping is actually working for me…at least to this point….I will be checking here and other blogs to see if there is a community dedicated to Vaping and sharing their stories…..Continued success to both of us and thanks for sharing

    • John Swanke says:

      Congratulations on making the switch to vaping. Don’t forget to hydrate! Your body will definitely need more water the more you vape. We hope your throat starts to feel better! And it should get better over time as you continue to lay off the cigarettes. Please be sure to check back here as we will be posting vaping success stories regularly on the blog, and feel free to submit your own! If you’re interested in sending your story for a chance to be featured on our blog you can do so by emailing kspotz@mtbakervapor.com. Make sure it’s at least 400 words and include a picture. We wish you success as you continue to fight off your cigarette cravings. Cheers, and vape on!

  • Brad Worthington says:

    Very inspirational, Steve. It is because of stories like yours that I quit smoking and started vaping! My wife is a nurse and hates that I smoked, always getting on me about it and how it was going to kill me. Since I have started vaping she is much happier, which makes me happier! She is even considering vaping… Way to go Steve.

  • Kara says:

    Great story and glad he found vaping! I’ve been vaping for 3 years now and haven’t had a nasty cigarette since.

  • chris says:

    we need a Mt Baker Vapor store in Aus! 😛

  • sunshine says:

    That is awesome! Vape on 🙂

  • Steve Thomas says:

    Just want you guys to know that a year on from this article, i am still a vaper. In fact i am one of the most vocal vapers in Australia now. I host vapemeets, i fundraose for the new nicotine alliance australia, i am an admin on vapers vs policy on facebook and also geelong vape apes, and i just attended and gave a speech at Australias first official vape rally in Melbourne,to protest laws planned to be passed soon.
    I am into building coils, using mechs and squonkers, i DIY juices, but still order some MBV ever now and then. And my health has been fantastic sonce i started vaping. The throat lumps havent returned once.
    Thanks again for all your kind comments. snd thanks Mt Baker Vapor for letting my story be told. It was the spark you guys gave me that turned me into an advocate for vaping in Australia.
    Especially thanks to Kenny Spotz.

  • Andy Lee says:

    A great success. Well done Steve. Keep it up!

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