The Unheard Tale Behind Stag Leaf

The Smoky Barb” was what they once called her. And for the longest time, the three Rasmussen brothers knew her by no other name.

Our tale begins with the eldest brother, Dagny, a tall, blond, mountain of a man.  A man who lived by the cigarette, claiming to have escaped death on more than one occasion.

According to legend, the sleepy town of seven hundred gathered down at the dock the morning the Smoky Barb mysteriously drifted into the harbor. Up until that time, both the fishing vessel and Dagny had been missing for over six, long weeks. The night of the incident, a scratchy distress message was received by the coast guard. Immediately after, a search and rescue team was deployed only to return with zero answers to the vessel’s disappearance.

Supposedly, well, at least this is how Dagny once explained it; while powering along over calm waters, a massive sperm whale leaped out of the water and came crashing down onto the Smoky Barb, splitting the vessel in two. Out in the middle of the vast sea with massive amounts of freezing water rushing onto the boat, any normal man would have panicked, but not Dagny. No, Dagny remained calm, lit another cigarette and went to work, yet again escaping a close call with death.

Sadly though, through mysterious circumstances, the grim reaper caught up with Dagny. Perhaps he ran out of near death experiences or maybe it was just his time. Either way, the Smoky Barb was passed on to the next brother, Göran.

Göran was starkly different from his brother. He was short, bald and could barely see over the wheel. While both brothers were different in so many ways, Göran smoked just as much, if not more than his late brother Dagny and seemed to possess the same skill at escaping death.

The legend according to Göran: he was lying back on the deck of the Stormy Barb, sun bathing when a walrus leaped onto the boat for a quick meal, sinking its long sharp tusks into Göran’s chest. Bleeding profusely, any normal man would have given himself up as a nice meal to the walrus, but not Göran. No, though small and bald, Göran, after enduring a sixteen-hour long battle on the open water, managed to defeat the walrus and chart a course back to town.

Sadly though, through mysterious circumstances awfully similar to Dagny, Göran passed on and thus the Smoky Barb was handed down to the last and youngest brother, Claus.

Claus was very different from his brothers. He wasn’t bald, but kept his hair short. He wasn’t overly built or tiny. While Claus enjoyed smoking on the open water, several years back he went through a lifestyle change and took up vaping. Once a long-time smoker himself, Claus enjoyed the flavor that cigarettes offered but wanted to rid the wheelhouse of the smoke build up, hence the name, “Smoky Barb.” After being introduced to vaping, Claus fell in love with the cool tobacco, ginger and citrus flavor of Stag Leaf, in part because it reminded him of the cigarettes he used to smoke.

Enamored with the vape flavor, Claus spread the word to his fishing buddies that vaping doesn’t fog up your wheelhouse or your life. But Claus wasn’t done just yet. He took matters a step further and decided to change the name, The Stormy Barb, to Stag Leaf, thus the unheard tale of Stag Leaf… or so we’ve been told by Claus who lives on to this day.

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.