Vapor Visuals Abroad: St Austell, England

Continuing my tour through Cornwall, I venture north to St Austell where our partners, Vaporized, have another conveniently located shop on South Street. With so many vape friendly activities in the area, you’ll want to stock up on your favorite MBV e-juice before heading out. The first stop of my tour is the Menacuddle Well on the outskirts of St Austell.

Located in a grove of trees next to a stream, the Menacuddle Well is thought to have healing properties. Local legend states that dropping a crooked pin into the spring waters will ensure good fortune.

Adding to the mysterious nature of the well is a type of stone known as a ‘druid’s chair’, which is located on the opposite side of the stream from the well.

Locals and travelers alike hang ribbons on a tree next to the well to represent their wishes in the hope they will be granted by the fairies of the grove.

Just a few miles outside of St Austell lie The Lost Gardens of Heligan, a 200-hundred-acre estate that fell into disrepair after World War I due to the majority of the gardeners not returning from the war. It was recently restored in the 1990’s and today it serves as a popular family outing destination.

Local artists Sue & Pete Hill created the Giant’s Head and the Mud Maid in 1998 to hide along the woodland path of the gardens.

A Burmese rope bridge stretches across the jungle area surrounded by giant sub-tropical plants.

Back on the woodland path the ‘Grey Lady’ can be spotted amongst the trees. Adding the sculpture to the garden in 2007, Sue and Pete Hill based the ‘Grey Lady’ off of a local myth that a woman’s ghost can often be seen walking away from the Heligan House at night.

Rare heritage breed farm animals are also residents of the property. With so much to see on this estate, it is suggested that a person plan to spend 4 hours at a minimum at the gardens.

Not far from the lost gardens is Caerhays Castle. Like Heligan, the original owners of the estate had a fascination with cultivating exotic gardens and brought numerous plants back from their travels to the estate where they are still flourishing today.

Across from Caerhays Castle is Porthluney Beach where you can once again see the beautiful coastline where Cornwall meets the sea.

Join me next time when I will be unfurling the history of the Prince of Thieves while exploring Nottingham. Don’t forget to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date on everything vape related.

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