Vapor Visuals Abroad – St Andrews, Scotland

Welcome back vape fans! Today we will be exploring St Andrews, located on the east coast of Scotland. Previously known as Muckross, the earliest records of the area show that it was founded as a religious settlement in 370 ACE. After changing names several times, the town became known as it is today due to its claim as the burial site for several of the bones of the apostle Andrew. Today, St. Andrews is less known as a religious site and more well known for its historical contributions to the game of golf.

Once the Catholic capital of Scotland, St Andrews is home to numerous religious sites and artifacts.

St Andrews Castle still sits along the coast looking out toward the North Sea. Originally built during the 12th century, it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

St Rules tower (left) still stands next to the ruins of the St Andrews Cathedral (right) along the coast. The tower predates the cathedral and is the only remaining piece of the previous church that the cathedral replaced. During the 11th century, the tower was used to house the relics of St Andrew. Legend states the St Regulus brought the relics all the way from Patras, Greece.

Built in 1158, the St Andrews Cathedral became the center of the Scottish Catholic church and continued to draw travelers to the site. The church fell into disuse during the Protestant Reformation and all that remains of it today are in ruins.

Apart from its religious history, St Andrews is also known as the home of golf. The earliest record of the game was documented in 1552 and the Old Course was first used as the Open Championship course in 1873.

According to Jack Nicklaus, “if a golfer is going to be remembered, he must win at St Andrews”.

All that is protecting the famous golf course from the ocean is a barrier of sand dunes.

On the other side of the dunes is a 2 mile stretch of beach known as the West Sands.

Near the center of St Andrews you will find our partners, Vaporized!

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Please join me next time when I will be exploring the southwest coast of England in the town of Penzance. Don’t forget to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date on everything vape related.


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