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When you join the vaping world, you realize that there is a lot of jargon that you have to learn and that all individual words have special meanings. For a newbie, the thrill and pressure to learn these words might be too much, and it might get a little confusing. Squonking is one of those words that leaves new vapers wondering what experienced vapers are talking about.

What is squonking?

Squonking is a popular design of vaping devices. If you have come across a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, you know that it allows you to build your own coils. This vape device, however, does not have a tank, and you have to keep dripping e-juice onto the wicks to avoid burning them. Dripping atomizers can cause you a little bit of trouble when you are traveling because you have to keep reaching for e-juice. Actually, you cannot use them when driving.

Squonkers provide a solution to this problem, allowing you to vape on your RDA anywhere. A squonking atomizer looks exactly like the regular atomizer, except for one part. You can soak your wicks with e-juice from squonking without having to always open caps and bottles and drip e-liquid.

A squonking mod usually has a flexible tube that runs to a soft bottle in the mod. This bottle holds the e-liquid. The mod’s body also has a hole wide enough to allow you to squeeze the e-juice bottle with your finger or thumb. Once you squeeze the bottle, the e-juice runs through the flexible tubes and into the wicks and — voila — you’re ready to vape! Excess e-juice goes right back into the clear bottle once you stop squeezing.

The 510 connector of squonking devices also has several alterations made. It has a hollow center pin which is connected to one or more holes in the center deck leading out onto the deck. When you screw your atomizer onto the hollow center pin, the holes in the center deck work together with a seal to prevent leakage.

Where did this wonderful invention come from?

The first commercial squonker was created by an E-cigarette Forum (ECF) member by the name Carlos49 in 2009. This first invention featured an integrated atomizer in the juice bottle. That model did not achieve much success because you had to send the mod back to the manufacturer to service the integrated atomizer.

Another ECF member “Robert O’Neil” modified this model in 2010 and created what forms today’s gold standard of an excellent squonker.

Now that we have demystified squonking, which other terminology do I need to know?

Squonker/squonk mod/squonking mod: a vaping device which has a built-in squeezable bottle that feeds e-juice to the atomizer.
Squonk bottle: the squeezable bottle, inside the body of a mod, that holds e-juice
Bottom feeder: this term primarily refers to a squonking mod
Bottom feeding RDA: A rebuildable drip atomizer that allows its base to be flooded by e-liquid pumped in by squonking
Squonking: vaping using a squonking device

Can all atomizers be used for squonking?

Most atomizers in the market are not suitable for this type of vaping. When buying an atomizer, for your squonk mod, ensure that it has a BF 510 pin. As we mentioned earlier, the 510 connector for squonking devices is a little different from the regular 510 connectors. It has a hole which allows e-juice to reach the deck. So, make sure you purchase an atomizer that incorporates this property.

Alternatively, you can look for a device that has a pre-installed atomizer. Nowadays, some squonk mods come with readily installed atomizers which save vapers the trouble of looking for an atomizer separately.

What improvements should I expect from the 2010 model?

Squonking continues to gain popularity among the vaping community and manufacturers are making serious innovations to squonk mods to fill all market gaps. The most notable models today are those that allow both wattage and temperature control. They take rebuildables to the next level.

Initially, squonking devices only accepted 22 mm atomizers. Nowadays, they are manufactured with the ability to use 25 mm atomizers. Mechanical squonk boxes are relatively small. The same, however, cannot be said for their regulated counterparts. Regulated squonk boxes are larger than the mechanical ones because they require extra space for the circuit board and other components that the circuit board requires to function correctly.

Why should I squonk?

If you are have been using rebuildable atomizers, you might have noticed that they take work. Regular dripping is required, not to mention regular cleaning because excessive e-juice often spills, gunking up your RDA and making vaping less enjoyable.

Squonk bottles can carry between 5ml and 7ml e-juice. That is enough juice to last you a while, say half a day if you vape throughout the day. Moreover, you can vape when doing other activities such as driving around town, without worrying that your wicks will run dry.

Is squonking for everyone?

Squonking is not for everyone. If you are not into dripping, then you need not squonk. Also, before you begin squonking, you need clearly understand ohms law if you will be building your coils. You also need to understand battery safety if you do not want a mod to explode in your face. If you are a newbie, you might want to take some time to learn a few things before you begin squonking.

If you love having the best performing device, you need to know that the best ones in the squonking world are a tad expensive due to high demand and less supply. Are you willing to spend more?

Squonking sounds all rosy. Are there any downsides?

Sure. Like every other product in the market, squonking mods aren’t perfect. First, there are not many options for devices in the market because many squonk mods are unregulated.

The final con is battery life. Squonk mods use single 18650 batteries, which means that they won’t last you long. Even though the battery life of this mod isn’t high, its life is mainly dependent on the wattage you vape at. If you are going to use high wattages, be sure to carry an extra battery.


Squonking has taken the vaping community by storm. Every vaper wants to try this new and improved way of vaping. The best models are quite pricey, but there are lots of inexpensive models that you can use and still enjoy vaping. If you want to enjoy a dripper while driving, consider squonking!

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