Spring Flavors Available!

Hey there, vape fans! We are excited to announce that our Spring Flavors are now available! After all the waiting and requests, we finally produced five brand new spring flavors! The new flavors are Desert Rain, Tobacc O Yeah, Devil’s Food Cake, Gimmix, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Change your wicks and fill your tanks, because you’re going to be vaping these spring flavors all season long!

I’ve tried all the flavors and so far, I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE!! I think my favorite top three flavors would be Gimmix, Tobacc O Yeah, and Desert Rain! I think that if you were to go out and get these flavors, you wouldn’t be disappointed! Pick up all the spring flavors today! Here is a list of all the flavors and the flavor descriptions, along with a video:

Desert Rain – An oasis of prickly pear and tropical fruit flavors. Bathe yourself in the rejuvenating elixir of Desert Rain.

Tobacc O Yeah –The smooth, robust taste of tobacco is imbued with the sweetness of caramel. Oh yeah!

Devil’s Food Cake – Give in to temptation! This decadent classic brings chocolate cake to a sinful new level.

Gimmix – A nostalgic e-juice that blasts your favorite fruity cereal straight into your lungs. Silly critics, vaping is for adults!

Lemon Meringue Pie – An old-fashioned treat with flaky crust, tart lemon filling, and heavenly meringue.

Something to think about:

TRYING THE NEW FLAVORS! Once you try the new flavors, let us know what you think about them!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Al says:

    Can’t wait to try desert rain 😀 and devil’s food cake

  • Ken C says:

    I still haven’t found a chocolate flavor that I like. Will probably give Devil’s Food Cake a shot.

  • Bryan Miguez says:

    Desert Rain sounds good. Hope I got one of these as a freebie with the order I’m waiting on!

  • Ashley says:

    Desert Rain is amazing! Such a unique flavor!

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    I really wanna try these new additions to the already amazing line of mbv juices……sans tobacco of course 😉

  • Louis N says:

    I just ordered a 15 ml of the GIMMIX. MaxVg-3mg. Im looking forward to it. Spring is HERE!

  • Kristen says:

    Can I buy these in a sample pack? Thank you

  • Devonna says:

    Can’t wait to try

  • Louis N says:

    I received my bottle of gimmix on monday and tried it today (Wednesday). Having used MBVs fruity loops and now gimmix, THIS is the better of the two. Love it! (Max VG-3mg)

  • Walter says:

    Please keep Gimmix and Desert Rain permanently, they are amazing. True premium flavors. They are perfect; they are complex, satisfying, and don’t fatigue your palate because they are well balanced. They deserve to stay. I predict they will be best sellers.

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