Flavor Friday: Spew E-Liquid by GWAR

Spew E-liquid by GWAR, isn’t just a delicious melon-flavored vape with hints of mixed fruits and berries, derived from the wretched bowels of Scumdogs. No, Spew E-liquid has a particularly interesting story with its genesis in a popular heavy metal group once jokingly called, “Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh”.

A brief history of Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh

Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984, Gwar is the end result of two independent projects joining forces. Canadian, Dave Brockie, was the vocalist and bassist for a punk group called Death Piggy, which was infamous for staging mini-plays where crude props would be used to reinforce their very unique style of music.

At the time, hippies, yes hippies, had taken over the Richmond Dairy, a deserted bottling plant, which they would lease out to various bands for practice and performances. It was at the Richmond Dairy that Death Piggy met Hunter Jackson (Techno Destructo) and Chuck Varga (Sexecutioner). Previously, Jackson and Varga had created, “The Slave Pit”, a production space for a movie the two were intending to make called, Scumdogs of the Universe. With their minds collaborating, Jackson would go on to design the stage props for Death Piggy. Brockie thought of the idea to use the costumes made for their movie for Death Piggy to open as a barbaric group, playing nonsensical songs and performing sacrifices of animals, fake animals of course, on stage. All went as planned and the group would eventually call themselves, “Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh”.

With word spreading about a new punk band with uniquely grotesque performances, the groups’ popularity soared and the name “Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh”, was refined down to simply, Gwar.

And there you have it. A brief history of Gwar.

What is Spew by Gwar?

Spew, is the most popular flavor in the Gwar Flavor series. E-cigarette users and Gwar aficionados alike, rave about the stellar taste of Spew.

What are vapers saying?

Regina says:

“10/10. Tastes like watermelon poprocks except for grownups. Oh, what am I saying. Poprocks are definitely for grownups”.

Bubba says:

“Spew—Hands down, my absolute favorite”.

 Jeffery B.

“Best Gwar juice! I ordered all the Gwar juices and I have to say this one is by far the best balance in the Gwar series. Nice throat hit! Good vapor production. All around good vape. Definitely a must-have.”

What is Spew E-Juice?

Spew is a green-colored vape juice, which kicks out a great melon taste. Melons with hints of mixed fruits and berries; Spew is one of the lighter Gwar Flavors.

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    Spew is just an unattractive flavor name. no thanks lol

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