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For our flavor spotlight this week, we are going over one of our favorite menthol flavors, Spearmint E-Juice! Spearmint E-Juice is classically cool with a sweet flavor, perfect for the summertime and for those that like a sweet, menthol flavor. Here is the product description: We could’ve been overzealous and named our cool, minty vape– garden mint, common mint, lamb mint or even mackerel mint, but we decided to stick with Spearmint.   

It is a simple flavor, but with a fascinating history. Let’s go over the history of Spearmint E-Juice!

Spearmint History

Spearmint, whose scientific name is Mentha spicata, was brought to Europe by the Romans. It is native to the Mediterranean and common names for this mint include lamb’s mint, garden mint, Our Lady’s mint, and sage of Bethlehem. The Lamiaceae, or mint, family is very extensive with over 30 species (spearmint being one). However, only those of the Mentha genus are referred to as “true mints”. Mints are able to cross breed very easily, which create hundreds upon hundreds of hybrids. When Europeans brought the plant over to North America, it thrived and naturalized throughout the continent.

In Chinese medicine, Spearmint is used for sore throats, the flu, inflammation, head colds, headaches, gas, and digestive issues. According to the Chinese, when Qi (or life force), becomes stagnating in the liver, the use of Spearmint can clear it.

The name “mint” actually derives from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology. The goddess Persephone was jealous of Pluto’s love for the nymph Minthe. Persephone transformed her into an herb. Because Pluto could not change her back, he made sure her scent would always be smelled throughout gardens. Pliny the Elder suggested that students use mint to stimulate their minds for studies, whereas Aristotle forbade soldiers from smelling mint before battle because he though it may make them cowardly. Spearmint has been used for centuries to repel rodents. Mints were also used as teas during the American Revolution because English tea was so heavily taxed.

So there you have it, Spearmint has a rich and interesting history which contributes to the allure of Spearmint E-Juice. Let’s take a look at some of Spearmint E-Juice reviews:

Spearmint E-Juice Reviews


Nothing taste as real as Spearment. My favorite flavor by far.

Lisa S.

Used to smoke newport cigs. This has a refreshing spearmint taste with no harsh aftertaste.


Love this juice, tastes exactly like Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. Amazing!

Caroline Sparks

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