37% of Smokers Quit 90 Days After Switching to Vaping

The owner of Blu Cigarettes, Fontem Blu, released a study which found that 37 percent of smokers who use vaping products end up quitting completely after 90 days. The fact that 37% of smokers quit is a huge deal because it means that a lot of the recent smear tactics are greatly under-representing the amount of smokers who are able to quit via vaping. In fact, if 37 percent of smokers who pick up vaping are able to quit completely, this is HUGE.

Study Shows Smokers Quit After 90 Days of Vaping

This info comes from a peer reviewed study out of the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. In this study, 72 adult smokers were willing to try vaping. Scientists followed them throughout their journey and found that, of the group, 37 percent completely abandoned combustible smoking in favor of vaping after 90 days. Professor Neil McKeganey, the study’s lead researcher said, “Our data show that it is possible to facilitate significant behavioural change on the part of smokers as a result of providing them with access to high quality e-cigarette products, at least for a short period of time.”

The systems used in the study were Blu Pro open-system vapor hardware and Blu liquids. One can assume that if the participants had more options, the success rate would be even greater. Along with the 37 percent of those who quit vaping, the daily smoking of participants went from 89 percent to 17 percent.

Something which has been referenced again and again when using vaping as a cessation method, is that non-tobacco flavors are preferred by vapers. “All participants found the flavours used were important in helping them to switch or cut down and 92.1% believed that the blu PRO had helped them to cut down or replace smoking completely at 90 days.” This echoes a recent flavor study done, where fruits came in first, followed by desserts in terms of preference.

This study is a great example of how effective vaping can be as a cessation product. This proves that the FDA really should be espousing vaping as harm reduction, as opposed to demonizing it. The regulations proposed for vaping could seriously hinder the progress made by the vaping industry in terms of helping smokers quit. Why should we throw away a life saving method?

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  • Brian says:

    I hate to see studies that are done by e-cig companies, peer reviewed or not. It is just more ammo that anti-vapers use against us. Like the author said, 37% could be more if they had more options in vaping gear. But Blu doesn’t make the most satisfying e-cig out there, so flawed data from restricted variables.

    While I do believe the data, I wish it wasn’t done by Blu. If we use e-cig companies to defend e-cig use, the tobacco industry’s tricks-of-old (smoking doesn’t cause cancer, we did a study!) will be a valid argument against our fight of factual information.

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