Shipping FAQ

Mt Baker Vapor Shipping FAQ

At Mt Baker Vapor we offer a variety of shipping options to our customers. The shipping method you choose does not affect how quickly your order is fulfilled. A large majority of the time, your order will be processed in 24 hours. In some situations though, it may take up to 3 days or longer to process and ship your order. Our packages are packaged discretely for your security.

Domestic Shipping Methods

At Mt Baker Vapor we have a number of different shipping methods to choose from. It is important to know that the shipping method you choose will not speed up the processing time of your order. Orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis. However, we will do our best to get your order sent out as quickly as possible.


USPS is one of the most affordable methods to ship packages to our customers. USPS delivers packages six days a week (Monday – Saturday) and work very hard to get the mail out. The only downfall to USPS is the lack of tracking updates and most of the time you will have your package before tracking has been updated.

USPS First Class Mail

First Class mail is the standard of our shipping. We can only fit 13 ounces worth of product in a first class mail package. This is most common shipping method chosen by our customers. It will normally get to its destination in 3 – 7 business days.

USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail is slightly faster then first class mail. We calculate the rate based on the size of the order and the kind of priority mail package that will need to be used. These packages typically arrive to our customers in 2 – 3 business days.

USPS Express Mail

USPS Express Mail is slightly faster then USPS Priority Mail. We calculate the rate based on the size of the order and the kind of express mail package that will need to be used. Express Mail must be to the post office by 3pm to get processed for 1 – 2 day shipping. If you order Express Mail, it will require a signature upon delivery. Remember paying for express mail does not give you a quicker processing time it just means that once your order has shipped it will arrive at its destination at the fastest possible speed. Express mail can not be used to ship to APOs or FPOs.

UPS Ground

We also ship via UPS Ground. UPS ground will take a different amount of time depending on where you live. Please take a look at the UPS ground map to determine how long it will take to get your package. This will give you a general understanding of how long it will take your package via UPS ground service. The rates are much better on larger orders and you get much better tracking then with USPS.

UPS 2nd Day Air

Delivery by the end of the second business day after your MBV order has been processed. Some locations in Alaska and Hawaii require additional transit time. Available to all 50 States and Puerto Rico. Will require a signature upon delivery.

UPS Next Day Air

Delivery the next business day after your MBV order has been processed. Timing can vary from 10:30 a.m., 12:00 noon, or end of day, depending on destination. Serves all 50 States and Puerto Rico with some exceptions in Alaska and Hawaii. Will require a signature upon delivery.

Free Shipping

We offer a free shipping method at Mt Baker Vapor for all domestic orders over $50. Any domestic order with a subtotal over $50 without tax and shipping cost (after any coupon codes are applied) will qualify for free shipping. The order will be shipped as either USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping will never work on international orders.

International Shipping

At MtBakerVapor we ship packages world wide. Keep in mind we are unaware of your local laws and you, the customer, assumes all shipping risk. Once the package leaves our hands there is nothing we can do from that point. All international mail is shipped via USPS or DHL. If you order any e liquid, your customs form will be labeled as e liquid. We will not stretch the truth or under declare values on any packages. Note: Customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees when importing products into their country.

Express International Mail

International postage is based on the weight. Express International Mail is assigned a tracking number and can be tracked until it is delivered to the customer. Your package will arrive to you in 3 – 10 business days, but because of potential customs delays, this process may take up to 20 business days.

DHL Worldwide Express

DHL Worldwide Express is the global market leader of the international air express industry. An established innovator since pioneering the industry in 1969, DHL continues to be at the forefront of technology, offering fast, responsive and cost-effective express deliveries. Please note, deliveries via DHL require a signature upon delivery. DHL also cannot deliver to PO box addresses.


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  • Greg says:

    Just a heads up, my order #635616 was rejected by Canadian customs and will be sent back to you. Is this something that you will just dispose of once returned or will a re-shipment be attempted? Please let me know if you need another payment to re-ship it, otherwise I will attempt a new order in the future.

    Thank you,

  • c says:

    Do you insure your packages that you ship USPS priority mail?

  • Raj Rathor says:


    I ordered for an intn’ shipping to Australia …. Today when checked my order is stuck with customs in Canada..??? Whats going on there….? I didnot asked this to be shipped to Canada….

    Will you re-ship this to Australia as its a clear mistake on your part

  • Jeff says:

    I orderd a shipment to Canada, which has been seized at the border, with no disclaimer at time of shipment that it was illegal. Now i am out $100 and all the people at MBV have to say is, we are not customs agents, when we recieve it back, 30 days from now we will ship it again, free of charge..
    ya great thanks… idiots

  • Bill says:

    Just made my first MBV order and it was at my doorstep in 3 days. Fastest delivery I’ve seen anywhere and everything was in excellent condition.

  • Laurie Brubaker says:

    7 days and still waiting, chat says I have to contact usps to find my order. First time ordering and this happens.

    • Tyler says:

      Sorry to hear that Laurie, but once we give the package to the mailing service there isn’t much we can do. Have you filed a claim with USPS?

  • Paul Wills says:

    Ordered yesterday morning at 8:42am, paid for overnight shipping as my wife and I were going on trip and when I checked today it still was not on road, asked rep if she could work with me on partial shipping refund, nope, poor customer support.

    • I apologize that you had a bad experience. Unfortunately choosing overnight shipping does not guarantee next day delivery due to the processing time of the order. Generally orders are processed within 24 hours, and they rarely ship same day. If you are still unhappy with the service you received please send an email to support@mtbakervapor.com, ask that the ticket be assigned to me, and we can discuss it further.

    • Joshua Bouligny says:

      I ordered my package on 11 June 2016 and received an email stating that is was shipped on 12 June 2016. It is now 18 June and my package hasn’t arrived. I contacted USPS and they said that the package was never scanned in so now I’m not sure if my package has ever left your company. They said that only the sender can be able to file a claim with the Postal Service. Can you please help me locate my package? I spent a little over $30 and this is my first time purchasing from the website. I sent an email to the support team but no response and I also called the Mt Baker Vapor phone number but there weren’t any representatives able to speak to me even though it was during businesses hours. My order number is 2474338

      • Josh Hanna says:


        I was told Gary emailed you yesterday morning. He has sent another one today in case that first one didn’t make it. If you can reply to him, he can get this fixed for you.

        Joshua Hanna

  • Jordan says:

    Will the UK Border seize the item? I don’t mind buying from you but I’ll order from inside the UK if they will.

  • Lauren says:

    Have many of your customers had trouble getting your products through Australian customs?

  • Destinee says:

    I’m from Mississippi and I ordered my ejuice about eight days ago. Do you think that my package got lost or is it normal for it to usually take this long ? Not a complaint. Just wondering lol

    • It should be there by now, I would definitely contact our customer service either on the main webpage int he comment boxes that pop up or you can call in to 1.877.565.8273. They are going to ask for you to get a USPS case number, you can call 1800 ASK USPS and make sure you ask for a case. Then after that I would call into Mt Baker Vapor with that case, and I am sure they will take very good care or you! Thank you for your patience through this ordeal and for remaining a loyal customer!

  • Jackson says:

    Are the packages/boxes discreet

  • abdullah says:

    I am living in saudia arabia and am not sure if I can get them here…has any one ordered from saudia arabia and received because here we dont have a store or any place else from we can buy this juice

  • Robert says:

    I live in canada and I’m wondering if I order what’s the odds of it getting through. Is illeagal in Canada ?

    • Pam says:

      The majority of the packages that we send to Canada get through. Occasionally some get send back by Health Canada, but if this ever happens we always work with the customer to find a solution.

  • Devin says:

    I would thoroughly love for you to allow me to ship trough fedex for I seem to have nothing but problems of my order being delivered through USPS because their postmen and postmasters have awful customer service

  • Bets says:

    Hey guys I’d like to know how much does the FedEx priority Mail international shipping costs to Mexico to zip code 62157. Thanks so much for your help

    • Shipping estimates will vary, based on what you order, where you’re shipping to, and what shipping method you select. You will be able to see shipping quotes after you create a shopping cart, before finalizing your order. It’s not something we are able to estimate for you over email, I’m sorry.

  • gina says:

    Well i ordered 2 e-juices and a 5 piece cartomizers and then a few minutes later i went on and took off the cartomizers for some stupid reason and i want to put them back on and start the order again but i havent got the money back in my account to do it

    • Have you spoke with our Customer Service team? They would be able to help you with that to ensure the money is available to use for another order. There is an online chat system or if you want to contact them immediately then you can call them between 7am and 11pm PST at 1(877)565-8273. Good Luck!

  • gina says:

    Alright will do thank you 🙂

  • Tony says:

    Every send to Hong Kong?

    • We do ship anywhere internationally. However, keep in mind that the laws regarding customs are at the recipient’s own risk. How it works when you order a package to be shipped to Hong Kong it international shipments can take up to 20 business days to reach its final destination. Once the order hits LA or New York, we lose tracking on it as it is on the way to your local postal service. You will see your package after it clears customs and sometimes your local postal service will assign a new tracking number. If you have any questions about your package it best to contact your local postal service and they will be able to help you out. Please let us know if you have any future questions! 🙂

  • Karl says:

    Hey team at MBV i went to place an order today and went to calculate shipping and there was no FedEx option. Have you guys stopped shipping with them?
    I don’t like using USPS as I’ve had a number of parcels go missing through them.

    • We are terribly sorry to hear that you are having an issue with shipping. FedEx shipping is only an option for an international order, any orders that are domestic, FedEx will not be an option. If you have any questions or concerns you would like answered immediately please feel free to speak with our customer service team: .

  • Louise Wighton says:

    Hi guys, I live in the UK and Fed-Ex is not coming up as option for me either. USPS deliveries are unreliable for me too so please bring the Fed-Ex option back! (:

    • We apologize about this inconvenience, this is has been presented to our IT department and they are currently and diligently trying to figure the situation out. We just ask to please be patient in the meantime and we should have FedEx back up in a jiffy. If you have any other comments, questions or concerns, to please contact out customer service team either by live chat on our website or you may call 1-877-565-8273. Again we are sorry about the trouble!

  • Jaycee says:

    Almost a month and I have not received my order, no shipping updates since the 12th. Not impressed, others at work get their orders in about 5 days.

    • Please keep in mind that the laws regarding customs are at the recipient’s own risk. International shipments can take up to 20 business days to reach its final destination. If you have any questions about your package it is best to contact your local postal service and they will be able to help you out. We have noticed that there has been an increase in packages been seized at the border due to Canada’s nicotine regulations. However, we do try to take care of our customers to the best of our ability. If you contacted our customer support team they would be more than happy to work out this situation with you. Please let us know if you have any future questions!

  • Chad says:

    Some kind of accountability needs to be re-established with USPS. I wonder when people will get upset enough for something to change. They hire criminals and idiots that steal or otherwise misdeliver packages, while fully supporting and defending such criminal and inept activity. They don’t care at all about postal customers or losses. In fact, they refuse to even deliver to my home for the last 13 years, in violation of a plethora of federal law.

    • Oh my goodness, we are sorry to hear about USPS and the issues that you are having with them. Just know we will make sure you get your package no matter what. Please let us know if there is anything you need help with, we have a wonderful customer service team that are happy to help with anything!

  • Riaz says:

    my order shipped on 27/08/2014 and i still have not received it 🙁

    • We are sorry to hear about that, our customer support team has informed me that your flavoring has been reshipped when you emailed them this morning! However, if there are any future issues, it always best if you contact our customer support first. That way the matter at hand will be remedied faster. These comment boxes are to ask questions about the content that has been written in the blogs themselves. We wish you the best of luck in your future purchases!

  • Adithya says:

    My order still stuck at indonesian customs, when i called fedex they said the customs need a licensed from mbv and fedex already contact to mbv,
    This is my second order, the first order is safely received and no problem with the customs,
    I hope it could be solved,

  • Jordan says:

    First time ordering. It’s been 8 business days. 9 days total. Haven’t received my order. It’s really upsetting.

  • Nasser Al- Nazer says:

    Hi! I am currently residing here in Kuwait. I was wondering if you ever ship anything here before? Because I am planning to order for a mod, but kinda hesitating coz I might encounter a problem w/ the customs. I would very much appreciate a response. Thanks!

  • Jordan says:

    Update to my original comment about it taking over 8 business days. I called you guys and turns out my credit card didn’t actually go through right away and had nothing to do with you guys. My apologies. Suppose to be getting my juice tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it.

  • Tony says:

    Has there been any orders from Finland? If yes, has there been any troubles with Finnish customs?

    I know it’s not legal to sell juices with nicotine in Finland, but I think it should be ok to order it from abroad. At least I’ve got deliveries from UK come here nicely, but they haven’t labeled their packages with any e-cig stuff.


  • Tony says:

    Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know. I was in understanding that it’s completely legal to order nicotine juice from abroad, but wasn’t 100% sure. If there hasn’t been any incidents this far, I hope I won’t be the first one to get those with our customs xD

  • Pauline says:

    I don’t know if you can tell me, but I have been trying to find out what types of payment you will accept on the website here, and so far I haven’t found anything on what you will accept as payment. Thanks either way!

  • Simon says:

    Have you successfully shipped to New Zealand? I believe it is illegal for a retailer to sell the Liquid here if it contains nicotine, but not to illegal to import it for personal use.

    • Kyle Chapman says:

      We do everything we can, within reason, to ship anywhere internationally. Adherence to local laws is dependant on the customer and the location. Shipments have gone to New Zealand successfully, but we have to legally declare all of the items in the package. If customs chooses to seize the package, it is beyond our control.

  • Chase Brown says:

    My order #893512 was placed October 8th. I moved to Italy about a month ago and I was wondering if there’s any way to tell if my package is going to arrive or not. Is there anyway to check up to see where in the world (literally) my package is? Thanks in advance!

  • Cynthia says:

    Do you send customers tracking numbers too or is it just the order number?

  • Ben says:

    Are you able to confirm whether or not you are currently able to ship to Thailand and that e-juice is not being stopped by customs. I have heard numerous unconfirmed reports to suggest that if I order from you now it won’t get through.

    • We cannot guarantee anything when it comes to international delivery and customs. I have verified we have shipped several orders to Thailand successfully, but again, when it comes to customs, we cannot promise anything.

  • TWN says:

    Just to let you know my order (#978541) has been rejected by the Taiwanese customs, even though I was only ordering DIY flavor, and almost none of them contains nicotine. FYI, any product that contains the word “electronic cigarette” in its description will be seized by the customs here. I know you don’t want to stretch the truth, but wouldn’t a product description of just “ejuice” suffice? This is my first order with MT Baker, and it makes no sense for me to order again.

  • Ryan Hellmann says:

    Hey, I was just checking if you’d shipped anything successfully to South Korea? I hear that they conviscate anything labeled as nicotine, but that some companies just relabel it ‘strength’ to get it through customs. Thanks, Ryan

  • Jacqui K says:

    I placed my order on 17 November and it was shipped the following day. My order arrived today exactly one week later! Delivery that fast to a very remote area in Australia is amazing. Very happy with my purchases. Thanks!

  • John Kincaid says:

    I love your e juice my favorite e juice ever time I need juice I come here shipping fast and the best quality and taste

  • Shaun B says:

    11 days to Japan great stuff

  • Janet says:

    I need to edit the names for my shipping and billing addresses. I thought about reordering but I don’t want to get double charged. If any way possible can you please help me edit this information or cancel the order so I can start again without being charged twice. Thanks!

  • Ian Browning says:

    I recently received an empty packaged from MTBaker and it was to have 10oz of juice. The side of the bag was open and all I received was an empty package. I have received a few packages of juice in Australia so I thought this one odd.

  • Merle Hayes says:

    I’m sorta new to MBV. I’ve placed 3 orders to be shipped usps to Houston TX. 2 were in my mailbox in 3 days and the third took 5 days. I contributed the 5 day one to the holiday mail rush (first part of Dec). All in all, I’m very pleased with the shipping.

    I used to live in Longview WA. If I was still living up there I would be sending you all my resume. LOL Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  • Josh Faria says:

    ordered two bottles of juice on Monday Dec. 8th and USPS told me that my package was “Undeliverable as Addressed”. What should i do now?

  • John says:

    This is the third order I have placed with you, am very happy with your products, however not so happy with shipping, why does something worth $6.49 cost $9.15 to ship to New Zealand, then when I add another 15ml bottle the shipping jumps to more than what the 15ml bottle is worth. (I took the extra back off 🙁 )

    • International shipping is based on weight, distance, and package size. Unfortunately we have no control over the cost of shipping as that is dictated by the shipping company (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) For more specific details about your individual orders please contact our customer service at support@mtbakervapor.com

  • Denise says:

    Hello 🙂 i made an order on December 15th to Victoria BC. I haven’t received it yet. I have ordered twice before with no troubles and had them within a week. Am I to assume it’s been held up at customs? Do you know how to find out or does the shipment get returned to you? Thanks in advance.

  • Nj patel says:

    All I have to say is wow. Ordered it the 2nd of Jan and I get home today and it’s already here… I look forward to doing business with you guys

  • neil says:

    Too bad. I was about to order almost $200 worth of vapor products. I found you have good reviews and best price in the U.S. Since I live in Canada, I see somepeoples ordered from you had troubles when it comes to customs. I don’t think it will gonna work well as I was reading about the shipping FAQs. Good thing I went on that page.

    • Just to inform you we and all other vaping companies have been experiencing issues with getting into Canada. Best way to ensure that your order will make it through you can check with your local border customs to understand their policies. We wish you the best of luck on your hunt for some yummy vaping products!

  • Olle Norén says:

    Hi there. Do you have any reports on shipping to sweden? I usually order Your brand from France, clodhouse, but its closed at the moment. Dont know how the customs feel about juice from a non EU country. I Do Love your juices, but i hate thats its so hard for me to get!

  • Cole Hutchison (Babycock) says:

    Placed several orders to Canada and never once had a problem, does take a few weeks due to customs but arrives none the less everytime.

  • Marsha says:

    You’ve spoiled me rotten with my last 3 orders shipping within 1 to 2 days. This is my first time to watch Order #1120667 stay in waiting status since 1-12-15. I ordered a larger quantity on one item. Is this the cause of the extended ship time? Thank you!

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      We have recently done an update to our order processing system and are currently working through finding any orders that were possibly missed. We sincerely apologize for the delay with your order however, and as a courtesy have added a $25.00 store credit to your account for the inconvenience. Thank you for ordering from us and for your patience!

  • Marsha says:

    Thank you Amy! I see my order is now in shipped status!

  • Casey says:

    I usually work by the time my packages get delivered, do I have to sign to get my package or do you guys just leave it in the mail?

  • Devin says:

    I’m buying my wife a pen for her birthday, if she gets to the package before me will she have any clue from not opening it? Haha

  • Alex says:

    Will I be charged duty on e juice entering Canada?

  • Juan says:

    Hi, My ORDER #1042956 is held by customs and they ask me for COA (Certificate of Analysis) or MSDS (Material Safety Data sheet), can you email me those documents? Thanks

  • Revary says:

    I would like to ask, if I buy five flavors of nicotine juices (30ml, 6mg) of each of the twenty tank, a total of one hundred cans. To Taiwan, need how many money? How long will it be here in Taiwan?

  • John McGregor says:

    Today is the 6th and according to the USPS website for tracking a package I should have received my order today, I will give it until tomorrow, however the tracking is stuck and has not been updated for a few days. Is this an occurring issue? This is the first time it has happened in the 3x I have ordered from you guys. http://prntscr.com/61ywxq

  • Paul says:

    I was reading threw these comments and can’t help but to comment about Canada issues. It’s not mt bakers fault it’s Canadian customs. I live in usa but Canada been doing this for awhile now there seizing ejuice from other countries! Don’t know why but don’t be mad at mt baker complain to your Canadian government!

  • Paul says:

    Never ordering from you guys again my package still hasn’t Shipped when I track on usps says shipping label has been created. I ordered on the 5th never had such a problem with you guys I usually have my order in 3 days. Waist of paying for 3 day shipping when u guys havnt even shipped it yet! Thanks mt baker not getting 200.00 from me again!

  • James says:

    Awesome shipping! Ordered on 17th, got here on the 20th! I live 3,178 miles away, lol!

  • Mike says:

    Is anyone having success getting ejuice in Canada? I ordered from MBV before and had no issues. In the last month I’ve put in a couple orders from different sites but both are taking their time in customs and I’m fearful it’s not getting through. Is it just bad luck or am I not alone in this?

  • nineting says:

    Hello I have not received an order number 1247689 package fruit help me check it?









  • Emily O says:

    I was wondering if there are any issues shipping to Pennsylvainia and about how long to receive?

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      That’s no problem at all! We have a turn around of 2-3 days after you place your order, but we pride ourselves on being able to do it in as little as 24 hours at times.

  • brian says:

    Still waiting on e juice m8 orderd his 2days after mine his turned up in 6 days by the tracking mine hasnt moved in that long got hold of customer support their no help only vape shop ive ever had problem with

  • daniel says:

    Hello i wanted to ask if youve had any problems shipping to mexico i wanted to order some flavorings from you and what is the shipping cost

  • dre says:

    how long does it take to receive my confirmation email regarding my proof of purchase and tracking?

    • You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of completing your purchase. If you have not received a confirmation email, please contact customer service so we can help.

  • Zee says:

    Hey, I noticed that back in 2014, you said your packages said Mt Baker Vapor, but more recently you said they were discreet. I also found you listed on a reddit thread, about vape companies who ship a bit more discreetly, and they said you now print the company owner’s name, instead of Mt. Baker? Can you tell me which is accurate, at this point in time? I would prefer a package that didn’t have “vape” or “vapor” anywhere on it.

  • James says:

    I placed my order a few days ago this is the fifth day… How long does it usually take to ship to Surrey-British Columbia

  • James says:

    How long does it on average to get from the the LA USPS to surrey BC

  • Juan Manuel says:

    Hi. Have you ever sent goods to Argentina? I want to place an order concentrated liquids.

  • Juan Manuel says:


  • Morgan says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you process orders over the weekend? So if I get something today there is a good chance it ships Monday.

  • Jefferson says:

    no puedo realizar mi compra porque algo esta mal creo que es el zip code postal pero no se que poner según mi pais Ecuador el código postal es 170903 pero no me acepta ese que hago ayuda por favor!!!!!

  • thosmas says:

    Hi i ordered a 60.00 mod and it has been stuck with no update for two days now i was just wondering what happens if this item goes missing and doesnt get delivered will it be covered by u guys and reshipped or do i have to take the loss

  • Carla says:

    I used to use first class mail and would get my shipment in 3 days! Now it takes 7-10 days. So I went to priority mail thought it would get here faster. Ordered 4/1/15 and it still isn’t here! What’s the hold up??? I have contacted your customer service and I thought the girl was dingy!! She had no clue what was going on with my order! I’m sorry but if I am paying money to you. I would think you would be able to help me or give me more information! I was not happy when she told me that we only give you tracking numbers and after that we can’t really help you!!

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      I am sorry to hear that you experienced some frustration when speaking with our Customer Service team regarding your shipping. Your USPS tracking number is indeed the best method for following the progress of your package. After we have shipped your package and placed it is in the hands of USPS, they are then responsible and we unfortunately no longer have authority over it. We can provide a tracking number for your package however, USPS requires that you, as the customer and one receiving the package, track it and make any inquiries about its progress. We are sorry that we can not provide more assistance with the tracking process!

  • Mitch says:

    I just wanted to see if you guys ship to Arizona. We have a lot of really fun and confusing laws. Also, for USPS shipping is there a required minimum age for delivery? I assume it’s 18, but Ive been wrong before.

  • Christina says:

    Ordered DIY Supplies on Thursday Evening and received order Monday Noon! Thanks MVB!

  • Emma says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if a tracking number is available for my order? If not, its ok.

    Thanks for your service 🙂

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us! Your tracking number should have been included in your order confirmation, however if you reach out to our Customer Service team, they would be happy to look into the status of your order and provide you with a tracking number.

  • Jake says:

    I live on the east coast of the US, specifically PA. What can I expect the package to look like when I order from Mt Baker Vapor? I will most likely be ordering the Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 Starter Kit, if that helps. Like what will it say on the package, will there be any specific branding letting my neighbors know that I ordered a vape mod, or will it be discreet? Thanks

  • Minwoo kim says:

    Order number # 1415954, # 1405881
    Twice I ordered. But I did not receive a “10mL Freebie Bottle” !!
    MBV … I was a little disappointed.

    I ordered this time #1442656, please send three sets of “10mL Freebie Bottle”. FYI, I like the fruit flavors.

  • Justin says:

    Hey guys i wanted to let you know that my package(ORDER #1424681) was rejected from Canadian customs (which is weird because i have ordered a lot from you and others in the states).
    they said they would ship it back to sender but i’m doubtful it will make it back to you. please let me know if i need to re-order or if you’ll try to resend it when/if it makes it back to you.
    Thank you.

  • Tim says:

    For some reason, only when I order from this company and they send it out to USPS, I have to sign for the package. This only happens when I order from this company. I’ve ordered from other companies that delivers through USPS and have never had to sign for the package. The problem is that I’m not home during the times that I need to be there to sign for it and it’s a real hassle to get the package. I find this to be completely ridiculous. I will not be ordering from this company again for requiring a signature confirmation to receive the stuff I order from them.

    • We apologize that you have been an issue with USPS. Our records indicate that you have been ordering through Express mail which, unfortunately, since Express mail is a guaranteed service, the company needs proof of delivery. A signature is the method they use for proof which is why USPS requires you to sign for the package upon delivery. If you change the delivery options to be priority mail instead of express there should be no reason as to why you have to sign. Please let us know if this issue persists if you switch to priority mail.

  • Tim says:

    Thanks. Perhaps y’all could update your “shipping FAQ” and inform people that for certain options of delivery, y’all require a signature confirmation. It would be very informative as I checked this page prior to ordering stuff from y’all and there’s no mention of this requirement.

  • Andy says:

    The vape business is really booming in Malaysia. Do you ship here?
    Are customs generally happier about 0mg nicotine?

    • We have successfully shipped there in the past, however we can make no promises when it comes to customs. We are not able to keep up with all of the international laws and restrictions, so we ask that our customers know their local laws regarding e-liquid and any other vape supplies.

  • RYAZ says:

    Is it possible to order items without the free ejuice as a request

  • Ben H says:

    Wow….all these questions about shipping irritated me just by reading them…I can only imagine how you guys feel answering them all!

    Anyway, awesome work with everything you guys do for your customers and the vaping community!

    Now…about the shipping on the order u placed today. haha, Just kidding!

    keep it up MBV!

  • Scott L. says:

    Awesome shipping! I ordered at noon and by 10am the next day I had my new rig. Granted, I am in Wa state too, but they got it out the door same day and the free shipping method they chose was one day so it was super fast. Thanks Guys!

  • Kathy Burgess says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have never had a problem with any order before but the order containing 5 packs of wicks and a bottle of razzleberry 18% nicotine e-juice that was supposed to arrive the 29th is showing no activity after the 26th in Kent Washington. I have the post office looking into it but in the meantime we need our items not to mention this was NOT an inexpensive order.If I don’t receive my order soon I would like a new order sent out or the money credited back to my card asap Thank You K.B.

    • Amy Bohannan says:

      We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with receiving your vape mail. Please reach out to our Customer Service team and we would be happy to help resolve this for you as soon as possible!

  • Hunter Bucklin says:

    I am a regular customer and would like you to know that when my packages go through the USPS Kent, WA sorting facility there is only 40% chance that I get my package, several times I’ve gotton a damaged package or even a package with all the contents mysteriously “missing”

  • lucas says:

    Hey guys, I ordered juice a while back and im a big fan of the site. I just recently noticed the free juice offer and didn’t realize the selection bar indicating the category of flavors you can choose from and i was wondering if i didn’t select one, do i not recieve one? Im still waiting on my shipment and was anxious to see if that was the case . And if not if it was too late to recieve one. I guess its my fault but please get back to me Thx!

  • lucas says:

    thx you so much you guys are the best!

  • Adam says:

    My USPS tracking is stack on Shipment Accepted for couple of days now… Should i get worried?

  • Abdullah says:

    have you made a successful shipping for e juice to Egypt before . I don’t know if it will get through the customs

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      I cannot recall sending a shipment to Egypt, but we also haven’t had reports of a failed order. Nonetheless, they do have a ban on imports of e-juice so there is a good chance it could be seized by customs.

  • Adarsh says:

    It’s been about two weeks since my order left the country through LA, and I’ve had no updates yet; I’m a little worried. Have you guys had problems shipping to India?

  • Naveen Goyal says:

    Adarsh ,
    Even I am from India.( Delhi NCR)
    Have u ever imported nicotine e juice in India.
    I am worried about customs.

  • Naveen Goyal says:

    Have u guys ever delivered nicotine juice to anyone in India.
    ( 12 mg or 24 mg).
    Is there any problem.?

  • Ryan says:

    hi, just wanted to know why fedex no longer an option for international shipping? it was the most reliable and the quickest???

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Unfortunately while we know many people used FedEx without issue, there were a number of issues with them not being able to get shipments through customs. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience but going forward we believe the current options offer the best service for the majority of our customers.

  • Ross says:

    Do your usps express mail packages require an adult signature?

  • Jim says:

    Its been about a week and my delivery still has not arrived. delivery date was the 9th of July. my last order was delivered to me in 3 days. What happened?

  • john says:

    hola hacen envio a un casillero virtual?

  • john says:

    I live in Colombia , comes much cheaper to send a box ( carrier ) in use and they are responsible for bringing him to Colombia

  • john says:

    and please forgive me for the language you do not speak English

  • Jesse says:

    Hi there how long should I expect my order to Canada to take, my order has not been updated since 7/11/15 (given it has only been a couple of days since I placed it) and it is saying it has left for its destination, because it has not updated in a couple days does this mean customs seized it? I am seeing quite a few Canadians having their juice seized, and wondering what we will do in the case it has been seized? would you re-ship. and if so what would change to make sure it goes through? if no luck on the second try would you continue to try re-sending?, I really went out on a limb buying from you guys because you guys have such great products but I was really no aware of how many people have had their juice taken, also if you could check my order more specifically then I can could you please so I know what’s going on, thank you

    • John Swanke says:

      Sorry to hear about your frustration and issues with your order. For us to properly assist you will we need your order number and some personal information. Instead of posting this information publicly you should contact customer service at support@mtbakervapor.com. We are also available to answer phone calls from 7am – 11pm PST 7 days a week at 1(877)565-8273.

  • Nicolas says:

    Hi, how come fedex is no longer an option to the Cayman Islands? UPS is twice as expensive on the island than fedex is and my last order cost me more because of what they claim is “special handling”. Would be nice to have that option back.

  • Jawad Muhammad says:

    If i was to order the Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0 PRO Box Mod would i have an issue with the canadian customs seizing the product and would i have an issue with customs seizing nicotine free ejuice?

  • do you offer tracking on your shipments??? think you

    • Yes we do. Once you place your order you will receive an email confirmation at the email address on your account. Then you’ll receive another email with the tracking number once the item has shipped. 🙂

  • Farhan says:

    Hi,i’m from singapore and i want to buy your product. But i’m afraid it would get seized. What happens if it does? Thanks

  • Rob says:

    I’ve been reading that packages are getting seized at customs in Canada, how often does this happen? And what do you guys do if it does get seized?

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      We don’t know any exact numbers on how many packages get seized, that is information only Canadian customs has access to. However we do know it is an issue for Canadian customers. If your package is seized, we wait for it to be returned and then try to ship it back one time, free of charge. If it is seized again and returned, we do not reship a second time. We will not be able to refund customer credit on juice that was seized by customs, but we will offer store credit for unopened hardware items.

  • Rob says:

    Would you say that it passes through the customs more times than it gets seized?

  • Patrick says:

    Have you ever shipped e-juices To Saudi Arabia? And if yes, were they successful or returened/seized?

  • Ernie says:

    Just an FYI – Just received my most recent order, (super fast shipping, I should add) but the 236ml bottle leaked all over in the package, might want to put these in a zip top bag or something. Quite a bit seems to have leaked out and made a mess out of everything. Just an idea, thanks for the speedy shipment.

  • Abdullah says:

    hello, have you made any successful shipping of E-juice to Egypt lately?
    I would like to make a huge order but i’m not sure if it will get through the customs as they sometimes ban E cig stuffs.

    • Paul says:

      I have a friend in Colombia who wants to order from you, but have you experienced any problems with customs there seizing e juice?

  • Hien says:

    Previously made 2 orders of ejuice and been extremely happy with postage. I am in Australia, so it has taken around 10 days to get here.

    Recently order another Batch, order #1671057. This is what USPS tracking show:

    July 30, 2015 , 3:51 am

    Departed USPS Facility

    KENT, WA 98032

    Your item departed our USPS facility in KENT, WA 98032 on July 30, 2015 at 3:51 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    July 30, 2015 , 12:56 am

    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

    KENT, WA 98032

    July 29, 2015 , 11:41 pm

    Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

    BELLINGHAM, WA 98226

    July 29, 2015 , 5:04 pm

    Shipment Accepted

    BELLINGHAM, WA 98225

    July 29, 2015

    Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS

    July 29, 2015 , 11:58 am

    Shipping Label Created

    BELLINGHAM, WA 98226

    What happened to my package? Normally it should be in Australia by now on its way to be delivered to me..Rapidly running out of ejuice.

    Have never ordered with any other supplier but MBV..Love the juice from here..

    • Kenny Spotz says:


      Sorry about this, I think USPS is just being slow in updating their tracking. I would still expect the package to get there within the 10 day window. Unfortunately, once the package leaves our hands it is up to USPS to deliver it on time. Have you tried contacting their customer service number – 1-800-275-8777 ?

  • Kathy Burgess says:

    This usps updating on the tracking has become a nightmare not only for me but for several others that order threough your company. I suggest you find an alternate way to ship or you are going to lose customers. I gave it one LAST chance this time and the Bellingham P.O. has said shipping label has been created for 3 days now !!!!! WOW I used to have my shipment in 3 to 4 days what happened.But until you find an alternate way to ship me and quite a few others are out. We have found other companies that get your order to you in 3 to 5 days without any Post Office bullcrap.

  • Laura says:

    I ordered from yall a week ago today(the 1st) , It shows the shipping label was created the next day(the 2nd), but it wasn’t accepted by the post office until yesterday! I wish I would have paid for 2 day shipping but who knows if it would have made it to the post office any sooner. now I’m out of juice and don’t have the money to buy it locally and it wont be here until at least monday. I know once the post office has the package its out of your hands but it seems like this is on your end.

  • James says:

    I put in my order Wednesday 8-5-15 in the evening and I already received my order! I didn’t think I’d get it this early considering you guys are in Washington and I’m in Georgia but I’m glad its here and I can’t wait until it’s done steeding so I can try your product for the first time. You need a rating partto your site. I’d give you guys 5 stars. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks!

  • Saif says:


    I want to make a decent sized order from Saudi Arabia. I want to know if you have been recently shipping to Saudi Arabia and if the gear is reaching your customers successfully. Any advice and suggestions around this would be welcomed. Also can you suggest what I need to order if I am noobie to vaping (apart from the starter kit) to continue vaping without having to frequently order.

    Kind regards

  • moshe says:

    has anyone got juices to canada recently

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Shipping to Canada can never be guaranteed. There have been plenty of successful shipments lately but there will always be those that are sent back by customs. As we say in the FAQ, shipping internationally is at your own discretion.

  • james says:

    is it possible to ship to a po box? or do they deliver to your door? because I don’t have a mail box haha

  • asif says:

    is there any record to send package to Bangladesh?

  • David Moss says:

    Ordered a bottle on Sunday and was listed as shipped Monday. So far I am very impressed as it is my first order. If this is how it is the majority of the time MBV will definitely be receiving more orders from me. MBV was referred to me by a co-worker and will be referred to others by me.

  • David Moss says:

    Update: The package arrived this morning. The person delivering the package said it smells like someone mailed you a cinnamon roll with a weird look on his face. Product smells great, tastes great, vapes great. The mixture I ordered is a little too thick for my kangertech sub tank mini RBA. No issue though. Flows good with the OCC coil. Enjoying the liquid along with the bubble wrap. Thank you MBV.

  • Matt says:

    Could you tell me if i will have to pay duty or any extras on buying a big Thug Juice to England ??
    Thanks 🙂 Matt

    • John Swanke says:

      When ordering internationally the customer assumes all risk and responsibility when dealing with customs. I believe you will have to pay duty. It is good idea to look up the laws in your area before purchasing.

  • sarah says:

    So, what never took more than 2 days to get to me has taken 4 and counting for one bottle of juice. One of the major selling points for me on Mt Baker has been how fast I get my order. I assume this is because of the move to AZ, but I may have to re-evaluate if it is worth it for me since time is not any different from other sites now, apparently. Add this to the quality of the last bottle of juice I received last time I ordered, it may be time to look at other options. How disappointing.

    • John Swanke says:

      Sorry to hear about your frustrations with us recently. Moving a major company such as this is no easy task, and while there have been some speed bumps for us along the way we are doing everything we can to streamline our processes down here, and are striving to continue providing affordable and accessible e juice for all. We are aware of customers having issues with shipping speeds but these problems stem solely from USPS and are out of our control. We hope to continue serving your vaping needs in the future, but realize there are other great companies out there too. As long as you’re vaping and not smoking we are happy.

  • Kendell R. in Arkansas says:

    I think that delivery from Washington state to north east Arkansas is outstanding.! O’Doul rules.! 😉 Must go to bed. getting goofy in here.

  • ilyas says:

    turkey on shipping.
    Can you give information.
    Did you send any products to Turkey?
    If attached to the customs again
    you send shipping again

  • Chris Ross says:

    The Postal Service has identified a problem with the processing of this item at 2:05 am on September 4, 2015 in PHOENIX, AZ 85043. The local facility has been alerted and is taking steps to correct the problem.

    This Is what it says for my tracking information for my order. It has been like this for 6 days now and I’m concerned that I will not receive my package. I have ordered several items from you and never have had this problem. I usually receive my orders within a few days. This order was originally scheduled to be delivered to me on 9/4/15, 5 days ago. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      My advice would be to contact Customer Service. They may be able to give you more information on your order.

      Hope everything works out for the best!

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but the “processing exemption” error is just an issue with the post office. Keep in mind though, first class shipping has a 3-7 business day guarantee. With the order being shipped on the 2nd, today would be the 5th business day.

  • Jerry says:

    I made a purchase yesterday afternoon and noticed that a label had been made 23 hours ago but still has not been shipped although the email notification I received from MBV stated the order as “shipped”. Upon reading I noticed the 24 hour (possibly longer) processing time, is there any way your techs could add a way to check the status on processing? Perhaps an order processing queue so that your customers aren’t checking usps every hour to see if it has actually shipped or not. I believe this would help a bunch. Looking forward to my order coming in the mail, thanks again!

  • Mike Hayden says:

    I have not received my package that was shipped on 29 August. I have opened a case with the post office. This is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am your customer not the post offices. Why are you placing the burden on me?

  • Hi I just ordered another juice bottle by accident is their any possibility I can cancel it

  • Sydney says:

    What does it say on the packaging? How discreet is it?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      It depends on the shipping service you select. Different shipping methods have different packaging. We are required to feature our company’s name, and we cannot falsify information.

  • Chi says:

    Incredibly frustrating experience to date, placed first order 8 weeks ago based on a recommendation from a friend… then spent the last two getting nowhere with your customer service receiving the “call your post office” generic response. What a waste of $40!

  • Les Anderson says:

    Do you know if Australia will stop the shipping of your juice if not I will buy from you because the two juices I’ve tried are excellent.

    Thanks Les

  • anderson Candela says:

    Hola, el día de ayer realice un pedido de un cigarrillo electronico para envió a colombia, quiero saber cuanto demora en promedio un envió en llegar a colombia y si al llegar el pedido tengo que pagar algo de aduana? ya han realizado envíos a colombia antes ?

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Gracias por su orden, valoramos a nuestros clientes internacionales . En lo que respecta al tiempo de envío , puede variar en una distancia tan larga . En promedio se toman unos 20 días hábiles . En cuanto a los gastos de aduanas van , no somos conscientes de los costos de aranceles en los envíos a Columbia . Sin embargo , todas las cuotas son responsabilidad del cliente.

  • Sam says:

    If I order an e-cig (Aspire Premium Starter Kit) today, will it be delivered by Thursday, the 24th September for sure in Lewisville, TX? I’m kinda in rush so wanted to put my order only if its possible to get it bu Thursday.

  • Rob says:

    I am in the military in stationed on Guam. My house has no mail box so I only have a po box but says you wont ship to a po box when I try to place an order which is weird because zample box and all the other juice orders I make go to that box with no problem. Hopefully I can find someone to let me ship to their house instead.

  • Abby says:

    I ordered an IPV 4S (order #1810594) and I’m having it delivered to Tennessee. USPS Tracking says it’s been “arrived” in Phoenix, AZ for 2 days. I will be out of town next week. I need to be sure that my package is in fact going to be here before then and not waiting in another state for weeks, like most USPS packages of mine do.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      I would recommend contacting Customer Service. They can give you information from our end. As far as shipping goes, once it leaves our facility, we have no control over the package. Contacting USPS may be a good course of action.

  • Micheal Ross says:

    I placed an order on the 19th. I received and email saying my order was shipped the next day. Why is it taking me almost two weeks just to get my juice. This whole receiving process is bugging me more and more everyday. Now today is Friday what am i wait another whole week just to get my juice? Now i spent too much to be waiting this long on juice. This is bs. Whenever i get my order im never ordering from you guys again… im spending more money going to local shops buying juice at $20-$25 a bottle because im waiting on my order from MBV. I wanna know where is my order im soo passed tired of waiting!


    Have been a customer for over a year now. I just wanted to say MTBP is awesome! I am so beyond pleased with their products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service!

  • Elsa says:

    Hello!I want to purchase your products at wholesale. I am in China.How can I get the affordable price? Can you ship to China? Do you know the customs tax of your products to China?

  • Winston says:

    I used to be able to do tracking when I ordered from Mt Baker, it seems, its not available now – and that sucks.

  • Amber says:

    Have you had a good success rate when shipping to Spain? Cheers.

    • John Swanke says:

      You know, I’m not entirely sure if we have ever shipped to Spain before. When ordering internationally the customer assumes all the responsibilities that come with shipping and customs. It is a good idea to educate yourself on the local laws in your area before ordering internationally. There doesn’t seem to be any laws in place prohibiting sale in Spain, but if it’s randomly seized by customs there really isn’t anything we’ll be able to do.

  • Angry Canadian says:

    Another Canadian order refused by customs.
    Thanks Health Canada for keeping me safe.

  • Anybody says:

    Hi, can anyone confirm successful shipments to Japan??

  • Chris says:

    I saw all the saying about your free shipping over $50.00 for domestic address even there is a button that you click on . Now in CA, does that part of the free S/H since I tried to check out but it costs 6-7 bucks for shipping…cant see where is the FREE shipping as advertised? Any help before my order? 🙂 thx

  • Justin says:

    First time ordering through mtbaker. Package actually showed up a day early. Very impressed.

  • Alice says:

    I want to buy juice, can it ship to Taiwan and which shipping menthod and payment that you offer? thanks

    • John Swanke says:

      We ship packages world wide, but it is the customers responsibility to be aware of the local laws pertaining to e-cigs. Once the package leaves our hands it is out of our control and the customer assumes all responsibility when dealing with customs. All international shipments will be shipped either UPS or USPS. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • Roman says:

    Good day! Can you explain me, did you have order from Kazakhstan? And what the international delivery methods used for it, will be good?

    • John Swanke says:

      We will ship packages world wide, but know that the customer assumes all responsibility when dealing with shipping and customs. Be aware that once a package leaves our facility it is out of our control and you assume all responsibility with duty fees and customs. You should become familiar with the laws in your area as they pertain to ejuice and nicotine. We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • Azamat says:

    Hi, can anyone confirm successful shipments to Kazakhstan?

    • John Swanke says:

      We ship packages world wide, but it is the customers responsibility to be aware of the local laws pertaining to e-cigs. Once the package leaves our hands it is out of our control and the customer assumes all responsibility when dealing with customs. All international shipments will be shipped either UPS or USPS. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • Jacob Warner says:

    I put an order in earlier today and forgot to put my apartment number on the address. My order number is 1911537 and my apartment number is 2111. I tried changing it on the website but couldn’t figure it out. If you could change it on my order before you ship it out i’d appreciate it.

  • Jim Durham says:

    I had an order placed 7 days ago shipped USPS. It left Arizona 5 days ago and still hasn’t even reached South Carolina yet. It’s worth the wait though. Nobody here carries root beer that taste like root beer.

  • Antonio Reeves says:

    I haven’t received a confirmation email for my order. I ordered it last night.

  • Antonio Reeves says:

    I emailed your customer support. Is there anyway you can look up my order and send me the order number?

  • Juan posada says:

    My order #1930437
    States it was delivered but I wasnt able to find the package and no one at the office saw it arrive it was just this order that I had a issue with because the others have always arrived what can I do in this case

  • Niko says:

    Ordered USPS priority shipping. Any way to get a tracking number for my package?

  • Josh lambert says:

    I am waiting 6 days and usps lost my package and does not know where it is at my order
    Number is 1977652

  • Josh lambert says:

    It got lost in mail after several days I’m still waiting very disappointed with this order number is 1977652

  • Jon L-S says:

    Have you ever sent e-juice to Thailand and have you received feedback that any such deliveries were successful?

  • Kayla Elswick says:

    I placed an order on Monday of this week (#2005143). My order status says it was shipped on Monday afternoon and I was sent a tracking number, but when I track it the notification says a shipping label has been created and pre-shipment info has been sent to USPS. It is still saying this as of now and I was just wondering if this was correct? I thought it was strange since past orders I have gotten from Mt. Baker have arrived in a few days but this order has not left the facility, according to USPS.

    • Kenny Spotz says:


      USPS is very bogged down at the moment due to the holidays so it can take a while to update the tracking. We also just had our two biggest sales of the year so that could have delayed the package getting to USPS. I would wait a few days and check the tracking number again. If you are still not seeing any information, please reach out to support@mtbakervapor.com.

  • John-michael says:

    Hi,im curious to know have you ever shipped any packages to South-africa and do USPS often not deliver packages.

    • John Swanke says:

      Yes we have shipped to South Africa successfully. However, it is the customers responsibility when ordering internationally to be aware of your countries laws concerning ecigs and nicotine. The customer assumes all responsibility when dealing with shipping and customs.

  • Jack says:

    I live in an area where vaping is actively protested when someone even is known to vape, I’ve been hassled at the post office numerous times about it, what does discreet shipping mean exactly?

    • John Swanke says:

      Discreet shipping would mean altering the shipping labels or packaging in a way to conceal the fact that what is inside is a vape product like a mod or nicotine juice. Discreet shipping is not a service we offer. Especially since we ship worldwide we can not lie or try to confuse shipping services or customs.

  • Amy Baxter says:

    The what does “Our packages are packaged discretely for your security. ” a quote from the FAQ above mean then?

    • John Swanke says:

      I guess there are different definitions of discrete. We don’t explicitly plaster “ejuice” or “nicotine” on our pacakges, but we don’t hide the fact that the package is coming from a vapor company.

  • Dena lampert says:

    My order the number is 2007657 and we ordered it monday and we should have gotten it today at about 4:00 for this friday and we have ordered it this way before and got it today which is friday and we havent gotten it yet

  • Mervin says:

    Hey guys !

    I just thought it’ll be good to leave an absolutely good feedback for the good guys(& gals) at MBV .

    Shipping was lightning considering the fact that I’m in the SEA region .

    Items were well-packed in a white bubble envelop; details of items were absolutely discreet and the envelop itself was more than secured .

    On to the bottles themselves, I ordered a 236ml bottle of juice, I was surprised the top of the bottle was sealed with a little plastic that you just peel off to access the wonderful goodness in the bottle .
    That little plastic peel speaks a lot about how the team at MBV takes pride in their products .
    I received a 10ml, 100% VG Hazelnut freebie bottle that smells amazing !

    The biggest thing that really got me smiling was the little handwritten reply to my comment in the printed order confirmation form that they shipped with my juice that I left during checkout, it even included a smiley face !
    That, to me is personalized service and that means they actually really go through each and every order instead of just processing the order like many other companies do .

    Overall, a 10/10 stellar service by the wonderful team at MBV !

    Thanks so much !
    Cheers ! 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Hey MBV, I wanted to thank you for the fast service for my past orders, first off.
    However, my recent order has been sitting in Phoenix for four days. I know the 2-3 day shipment is not guaranteed, but why is the order just sitting there? I contacted the post office via customer service online, but probably won’t hear back until Monday.
    Just wanted to give a heads up.

    • John Swanke says:

      We’re sorry to hear your experiencing issues with USPS. Unfortunately once a package leaves our facility it is really out of our control. It’s possible USPS hasn’t updated their tracking information or is experiencing delays. Please let us know if USPS doesn’t get back to you.

  • Jusden says:

    I recently put an order in for two 236ml bottles and we didn’t get a shipping email. We got a package number but nothing else.

  • Chris says:

    Hey John, USPS got back to me and basically told me they won’t do anything. I “just have to wait” and keep tracking it. It’s already a week late and still sitting in Phoenix. Knowing Christmas is around the corner, I don’t think I’ll be seeing the package any time soon. Not blaming MBV, though. Typical USPS.

    • John Swanke says:

      I am sorry your having these difficulties with USPS, a lot of people have been experiencing issues lately as well. With the holiday season I expect they get really backed up with all the gifts and packages being shipped. Have you contacted customer service yet at support@mtbakervapor.com? They will have the resources to better assist you.

  • Mick O'Donovan says:

    I have only recently started using an e-cig after many years of smoking and I am really enjoying it.
    My first order was placed on a sunday night and received the package by thursday……………………..really happy , as I live in Brisbane Australia.
    A few friends have been vaping for a while now , and none of us have had any problems with Australian customs.
    Love your products, ordering more now.

    • John Swanke says:

      Happy to know that your order arrived in a timely fashion. Great to hear people all the way in Australia are enjoying our products. We hope to continue serving all of your vaping needs in the future. Cheers!

  • Jessica says:

    Hey guys! I have done two orders in the previous months and they came super fast! (took less than a week to arrive), but my 3rd time ordering ejuices was last Wednesday 8th, and it’s now Thursday 17th and I still haven’t received them! Just wondering if there is a wait due to it being Christmas next week? Ordered with USPS first class international shipping and I live in New Zealand. Am I being a bit too panicky??

    • John Swanke says:

      Please allow up to 20 business days for international orders to arrive. Sometimes they do come quicker, but especially with the busy holiday season it may take longer for your package to arrive. If you haven’t received your package after 20 business days please contact customer service at support@mtbakervapor.com as they will have the resources to better assist you.

  • Riinsu says:

    will the order (30ml 0mq e-juice) fit in mailbox or does it come to mailbox (apartment)

  • Demiin says:

    Do you still ship to saudi arabia and are your deliveries succesful?

  • Michael says:

    May i know if you’ve ever encountered any issue shipping RTAs like the Kabuki to Malaysia? Thanks.

    • John Swanke says:

      We will ship anywhere worldwide, including Malaysia. However we are absolutely not responsible for any consequence the purchaser may face by choosing to import our products into a location where it may or may not be legal. Long story short, yes we will, but the consequences fall on the customer if they get caught. When ordering internationally it is the customers responsibility to deal with shipping and customs.

  • Shaun says:

    Smh word to the wise, don’t skimp on the shipping. My excitement to try my first juice with mbv was killed by the post office. Made it to my local post office and from there who knows what happened. Says it was delivered but it most surely wasn’t and when I go up there all the supervisor could tell me was “oh, that’s a new carrier on that route” that was almost a week ago so either someone got my package and decided to keep it or its still making the return rounds. Either way it’s frustrating. But again don’t skimp because I did and now I’m seeing my package isn’t available to file a claim..?

  • Dennis says:

    hello i was wondering if you guys have ever shipped to CHINA, i am in the shenzhen area. it would be great if there’s history of liquids shipped here. thanks!

  • Cesar Ramirez says:

    Hey guys i was wondering if you have any record of succesfully shippings to Mexico?

    • John Swanke says:

      We will ship most anywhere in the world. When ordering internationally it is the customers responsibility to educate themselves with the laws pertaining to vaping and ecigs in their area. When ordering internationally the customer assumes all responsibility with shipping and customs.

  • Cesar Ramirez says:

    I am aware of that Mr. Swanke and that doesn’t answers my question, I don’t mean to be rude, I was just asking if you have had any succesful shipments to Mexico?

    • Frank Rios says:

      Looks like he didn’t answer your question.
      I been here 30 mins reading, looking for any issues shipping to Mexico.

      • Corey Gefroh says:

        I just asked our legal department and we are still not shipping to Mexico at this current moment but we are hoping to change this in the future! We will be sure to make an announcement when this takes place!

  • Mathew says:

    Any issues shipping to Japan?

    • John Swanke says:

      We will ship most anywhere in the world. When ordering internationally it is the customers responsibility to educate themselves with the laws pertaining to vaping and ecigs in their area. When ordering internationally the customer assumes all responsibility with shipping and customs. I’ve been told Japan puts limits on importing juice with nicotine so there is a risk involved. But yes we have shipped to Japan before.

  • jim says:

    Do you ship discreetly? And what is the shipper name on the package?

  • Shea says:

    So, you don’t ship to P.O. Boxes….is this recent?? My brother use to order off this site and I believe it was sent to the P.O. Box that we share.

  • Sebastien says:

    Hi my order #1933779 was finaly rejected by Canadian customs and will be sent back to you. Just whant to know what happen next?! Can I get refund?! Thanks

  • Ri says:

    Hi, are you guys able to ship e-juice to South Africa? The laws are questionable there regarding anything containing nicotine. Most of what I’ve read says it’s a hit or miss. Have you been successful in reaching any agreements with customs there? Thanks.

    • Andrew Figgs says:

      As of now, we will still ship to South Africa. However, please keep in mind we are unaware of your local laws and you, the customer, assumes all shipping risk. Once the package leaves our hands there is nothing we can do from that point. All international mail is shipped via USPS or UPS. If you order any e-juice, your customs form will be labeled as e-juice. We will not stretch the truth or under declare values on any packages. Does this answer your question?

  • Gaijin says:

    A rumor is going around the vape community in Japan that you will no longer ship e-juice to Japan. Is that true? If so, why?

  • Shogo says:

    Can you ship e juice to Japan? It worked couple month ago but now there’s an error and I can’t. Is there any change about international shipping?

  • Bob says:

    What does the package and package stamp thing look like

  • Mike says:

    Ordered some 0mg nic juice to Canada (which I’ve had successfully delivered before). At customs now, and I’m sure it will be for a bit… I was just curious if packages going north of the border have anything on the label to indicate the juice is 0mg, or if customs has to open the package and read the labels on the bottles in order to see the nicotine content.


  • Craig Lane says:

    So all the orders I’ve placed all about the same time and all were delivered on time. My last order hasn’t MOved out of AZ in 5 days. So now I’m buying over priced junk from the smoke shop. I really hope this comes before the 10 days.

  • Vadalis says:

    I ordered some ejuice for 50$ few days ago. My package is at custom in France right now and they ask me to pay 38$ of taxes and fees!

    How could it be possible? 75% of the amount including shipping fees!

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Unfortunately many countries charge large duties for the import of international shipments. We wish they were more reasonable, but we do not have any influence over the policies that these nations choose.

  • Cynthia S says:

    Shipping times are unbelievable! Thanks for a great product at super sonic shipping times.

  • Vadalis says:

    After talking with customs, it appears that you have forgot to mention shipping fees on the bill.
    It cost me 7$ more than expected. How can you to fix that?


  • Andrew Klinzmann says:

    I think you should no longer ship to Canada. I placed a $200 order only to have Canadian Customs (CBSA) send it back as they require a label stating “NO TOBACCO IN THIS PARCEL”. Having asked Gary in your customer service department to label it accordingly, he said he would not do that (my order contained NO tobacco or nicotine products). CBSA have told me that if they see it again without the label, it will be seized and destroyed. If you are not willing to label it, then perhaps you should no longer market to Canadians ?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We cannot relabel packages due to legal reasons. I do apologize for this happening and sorry we cannot relabel our packages.

  • Roshan says:

    Hi have you ever successfully shipped to Mauritius?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      You are more than welcome to order from us. We do not do a lot of business to Mauritius so when you order it, it is at your own risk. We cannot say if your customs will deny the package or not.

  • Ryan says:

    Do you require your packages to receive a signature from the recipient?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      On certain shipping methods, we do. The three that require a signature are express mail, UPS 2nd day, and next day air.

  • nofall says:

    why cant estimate shipping proceed to indonesia?

  • JJ says:

    Hi there, I assume that you still ship to Brazil? What is the success rate for packages sent down here?

  • Ashes says:

    My order #1699991 was shipped.
    When I try to order 236 ml it says
    “Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can’t be shipped to your location. Please choose a different delivery address.”

  • Roljhon Teano says:

    Since you shipped worldwide,does it includes the philippines?

  • Anirban banerjee says:

    Hi guys have u successfully delivered goods to India? I have 3 236 ml bottles of 6mg nicotine strength juice waiting in my cart. Want to know if you guys have successfully delivered to India without customs creating a hassle. Don’t want to spend the cash if the goods won’t arrive. Cheers

  • josh moreland says:

    whats the best number to call about a wrong order being shipped i cant seem to get anyone one the phone. i ordered maui sunrise 236ML 3mg 50/50 and received green apple

  • josh moreland says:

    my problem above has been taken care of thanks mt baker. customer support saved the day.

  • SADIQ says:

    Do you still ship to saudi arabia ?

  • Rafi says:

    My Order #2218348 and i did not received till now, please ask from USPS about my shipment,

  • Rafi says:

    Custom issue in USA or in my country?

  • Tiago says:

    There is a possibility of trouble importing to Brazil only the flavors to DIY? NOT the e-juices.

  • Ray says:

    Are the prices on your site already converted or do I have to convert into Australian dollar’s when I complete checkout and pay?. Considering my first order from you.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      All of our prices are listed in USD. If an international customer is looking to make a purchase, they would need to take the Currency Conversion into consideration before placing the order. We are always available to help find what that conversion would be! (we typically check google’s currency converter)
      The bank will do the conversion on their end. We do not convert the amount.

  • Tim says:

    My order number 2398972 has not been shipped as yet. UPS tracking says it’s been delivered in my mailbox but it ain’t there. Who do I contact regarding this? :-/

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I would call our customer service and let them know. Their number is 1(877)565-8273. They will be more than glad to help you.

  • James says:

    The packages are discreet right? No “vape” or “vaporizer” will be on the box? Also do you need to sign for the package?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It will say that is was from Mt Baker Vapor. If you chose UPS shipping, you will need to sign for it.

  • Shaun says:

    Have you had any success/failure with shipping items to New Zealand? Specifically anything containing nicotine? If so, what was the issue, and were the items sent directly to New Zealand, or via a third party forwarding service?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It looks like you guys can import it for personal use but you cannot buy it locally. We cannot guarantee it will make to you but we have not had any problems with it.

  • Joshua says:

    I keep trying to order some hawk sauce from you guys, but it keeps saying that you can’t ship to my address. I originally used my home address which is on a military base in Utah, so then I tried using my buddy’s home address which is a non military Utah home address and it still is not allowed to deliver.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Unfortunately, we are not allowed to ship to Utah anymore 🙁

      • Jordan Gurney says:

        Local Shops all over the state have done what they have had to do in order to comply with Utah’s stricter labeling laws. Why can’t MBV do the same? I’m craving my Vanilla Ice Cream juice!!!!!

  • Daxton S says:

    Hey. I am about to order some e-juice for my new mechanical mod that I just bought. I am at work throughout the day and I was wondering if I need to be home to be able to sign for the package with the nicotine juice? Or do I need to sign at all?

  • SAEED says:

    i discovered at the checkout that you no longer ship to saudi arabia, that was a disappointment for me 🙁

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Unfortunately, we do not 🙁 I wish this was not the case but with new regulations from customs and our packages getting turned away, it was what we had to do 🙁 I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • roberto says:

    hi i try to make an order and it say that cant be shipped to my address that i have to change my address and i have order many things to my house with no problem is in bonita ca

    • Josh Hanna says:

      With the new laws in California, we are not able to ship there at this moment. We are trying to get compliant with the regulations so we can resume soon.

      • Greg says:

        Any progress on the California shipping situation? Can you please advise when you think I will be able to order from you again?

        • Josh Hanna says:

          We are working on the integration process still. We do not have an ETA when it will be done but we are hoping it will be soon. I am sorry for this and we thank you for your patience. We will definitely blast it all over when we are up and running to Cali again.

  • Girls Vape says:

    What a Useful Post and outstanding article to Vaping. Cheers author your awesome tropic and Excellent Content. I have no wards to express my feelings about your post.

  • Jonathon Nunez says:

    Due to recent laws/bills, are you still able to shop ejuice to the State of California? Two of my go to places had stopped all shipping to CA with no warning or labels on their site indicating as such. Wondering if I’ll run into the same here. Thanks in advance!

  • William Tay says:

    Have you ever shipped to Bangkok, Thailand successfully before in the 30ml and the 236ml bottles?

  • William Tay says:

    Would you be able to bottle the e-juice in 60ml or 70ml (in compliance with TSA and Aviation regulations that passengers can bring to the plane less than 100ml per bottle). Please let me know as my friend from USA is coming to Bangkok and will help me bring over if you cannot ship to Bangkok, Thailand.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Our bottle that will be close to that size is 30 mL. You can take 3.4 ounces or less and has to fit into a quart size ziplock bag.

  • Travis Fennell says:


    I wanted to ask when regulations changed to stop being able to have unflavoured nic pg/vg to Australia?

    I love your juices and as our market differs quite substantially from the US, the unflavoured nic pg/vg is invaluable as mixing juices is the way to go.


  • ji says:

    I live in los angeles. I order e- juice last week. But it canceled this morning. Let me know what happen. I heard that i can order e juice again in california.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It can be ordered again. I would call our customer service at 1(877)5658273 and see if they can get you your order.

  • michael says:

    Are you shipping to indiana? I’ve contacted a few sites and it’s been both sides. The ones who are saying yes have a higher VG ratio than I care for. Would like to try you guys out as you offer a higher PG option.

  • Luay says:

    Very bad service my I ordered the item two weeks back and no any update from USPS till now?

    How can I cancel my order and refund my money.?

  • Davo says:

    I just received order #2545110 to Tokyo 6 days after ordering.
    Ordered July 14, received by UPS July 16, 1st delivery Japan July 19, 2nd July 20.
    Wow, 416ml and it all came through! First order of business was to bust open the 20/80 30ml pineapple peach and try it out, I’m hooked!
    The last part of my address was cut off the label so somebody called me from UPS and confirmed missing information. It was delivered locally the next day by black cat at the time I requested.
    Thank you Mt Baker Vapor!!!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      That is awesome to hear! Thank you for letting us know that it did make it safe and sound and that you like the flavor! These kinds of posts make our job worth while.

  • Mirna Assaad says:

    Hi just wondering where is my order? 2594283

  • Jordan says:

    My order #2608122 did not include the nozzle tops

  • Bryan Lim says:

    Hey mt bakor vapor. A warm greeting from Australia. Loving the product and shipment took 5 business day with UPS saver. Waiting for my eliquid to be steep ad hopefully turns out well. Will be recommending this to anyone who wants to vape. Cheers

    • Bryan Lim says:

      Btw I wanted to give feedback as when the liquid arrived and i open the letter it leaked and it was a bit of a mess and i lost approx 3ml of eliquid. Would definitely suggest to wrap the bottle with bubble wrap inside the package as well.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Hey Bryan! If it is the new Blue Label line, they are already steeped and ready to rock! Let me know how you like them and we appreciate you letting everyone know about us! 5 days is super fast!

  • Matt says:

    i’m from sydney Australia and I’ve been emailing someone from the site who sent me an email saying that my order was flagged as a fraud order and i sent in my identification as requested. haven’t heard anything back and i’ve emailed a few times.
    i was hoping to get the delivery ASAP as its for a bday present and the money has already been taken from my account.

    feeling a bit ripped off…..

    • Josh Hanna says:

      If you call us at 18775658273 or email our customer service department at support@mtbakervapor.com, we can get this handled for you. Please be sure to include the email address that is associated with you MBV account. I do apologize for this happening.

  • Douglas says:

    Re order number 2646551
    Tracking info ceased on September 28th
    Are you able to say if this is due to hurricane Matthew?


    • Tim Mechling says:

      I looked at the USPS site, and there was a huge Hurricane Matthew warning. Thought I can’t say for sure, I’d say that USPS has put tracking on hiatus due to the hurricane.

  • Marcus says:

    Whats the longest a shipment can take?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Well, there are a lot of variables. Customs can hold/confiscate packages indefinitely, and there have been instances of USPS packages getting lost in transit. As long as you have your tracking information, you can work with the postal service to investigate the missing package. If you have additional questions, our Customer Service department is a great resource!

  • Mokhtar says:

    I have tried and just loved your ejuices .. I am living in Dubai and I would love to order from your store but I am worried it will not be allowed in .. Do you take any special measures to ensure the shipment gets delivered to me here?

    Thank you

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Unfortunately, after the package leaves our facility, we have no control over it. Customs can be fickle, or absolutist, depending on the country. If you have any problems, our Customer Service department can help you track the package.

  • Alvin says:

    Order #2690185, placed on the 4th of November, is still awaiting shipment.
    Why did I already receive an order placed on the same day from Singapore before you have even shipped my order?
    Why order from a company a couple states away, when I can get things faster from overseas? Sad really.

  • Abdullah says:

    What is wrong with My shipment tracking # LN493519233US ??? Almost one month !!!

  • Victor Krum says:

    I know there will be some butt hurt people on here for me asking but is there a military discount code? Im overseas in spain and I need some juice.

    • Corey G says:

      Victor, there is no code specifically for military but I can do you one better:
      1. EVERY DAY save 20% off that day’s featured “Flash Sale”.
      2. EVERY WEEKEND save 40% on additional featured flavors, along with a fabulous Facebook giveaway!
      3. ALL MONTH save 50% with our “Blowout Sale”, featuring 16 flavors that will be discontinued when sold out!

      Want more? More is always good…
      1. Save an additional 20% off Mt Baker Vapor e-liquids with bulk purchase of 10 or more of the same flavor.
      2. Save an additional 10% with coupon code VAPORFROMBAKER.
      3. Save on shipping on all domestic orders over $50, before taxes receive free shipping.

      Thank you for your service!
      Happy Holidays from the Mt Baker Vapor family!

  • Fred Saj says:

    Wow, too much research I really appreciate your work 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Well I like vaping better than smoking

  • Tony says:

    Do you ship to South Africa

  • Tom says:

    I am having trouble signing in, can you provide an update for order #2751858?

    The order was placed Dec. 29 @ 2:00pm. I have yet to receive a ship notice…

  • wael says:

    we want FedEx to deliver the ship

  • Mike says:

    Hello. I live in the UK and have had to pay the import tax on the products you send me plus an admin fee and am wondering how i can pay the tax upfront to save the £10 admin fee?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Christian says:

    Is there still the fedex option for international orders? Usps just takes ages

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      This varies from country to country. Add items to your cart and check out. All the available options for shipping with be made available for you!

    • Ben says:

      Been waiting 20 days since ordering. 1-2 days sitting with Mt Baker, then 19 days and counting for USPS… I’d pay extra for anything other than USPS…

      • Corey Gefroh says:

        Where are you shipping? Usually, shipping takes about 2-3 days for domestic orders. We had made an announcement about shipping delays due to winter storm Stella for customers residing in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

  • AL says:

    I have ordered items from MBV twice for shipping to Australia. Package was received on the first occasion. On the second occasion it was sent back to sender after hitting US Customs. Redelivery was attempted once more and once it hit US Customs in LA, it was sent back to MBV.

    It was difficult to even receive a refund (order was >$100) plus I had paid for express postage. The only amount finally refunded was the order and not postage.

    My question is, if I order from MBV, will you guys ensure that it can at least get past US Customs? and if not, will you refund my order? I love the products but refund policies and postage seems to be more difficult than it should.

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      Many of your questions can be answered by reviewing this blog: blog.mtbakervapor.com/shipping-faq/
      Please email us at support@mtbakervapor.com if you have any further questions so they can give you a more exact answer.
      Also, if you can provide them with your specific order number regarding your second order, they can review this incident further with our returns department.
      Hope this helps!

  • ANDREW L HOLM says:

    my order #2872412 i placed on april 11th and its now april 26th so its been stuck in customs a little over a week, do you guys re ship if the order is rejected and shipped back to you

  • Gian says:

    Mates from Europe be aware when choosing DHL express

    they will ask you to pay the VAT (which is expected 20% of the value) + their admin fees which aren’t reasonable!

    I paid £9 and some pents for customs and freakin £11 to DHL for admin fees!!

    so when choosing DHL as shipping method add £11 for ‘handling fees’ when shipping to UK (or EU)


    • Corey Gefroh says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Gian! As mentioned above, “customers are responsible for all customs and duty fees when importing products into their country”. With that in mind, it is important to think of any related expenses when placing an order.

  • Gary says:

    Hi, just wondering if you have had any problems shipping e liquid to Queensland Australia lately? Is DHL the best / only shipping to use.
    Regards, Gary

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      Sadly, we were experiencing some issues with International shipments to AUS being sent via USPS First Class International Mail and have since eliminated that shipping option for our customers. International customers can now use USPS Priority International Mail, UPS, or DHL. We have heard many good things about DHL services thus far so that would be a good option, just keep in mind, DHL will require a signature upon delivery.

  • James says:

    Hello MT Baker Team,

    Do you still ship to U.K.?

    When was your last successful shipment if you don’t mind me asking?


  • Judy C says:

    Hello, I live in IL and wonder –Will we have to ‘sign for our package’?

    • Hi Judy! Thank you for your question. Our shipments domestic go through USPS and unless you’re ordering a ton of product all at once, in most cases our shipments end up in your mail (or PO) box without a signature needed.

  • Ben says:

    I tried to order some juice and free shipping says it costs $24 to california, why is this? That’s absolutely crazy

  • vanessa says:

    Very good post and helped me a lot on learning USPS.

  • Calvin says:

    Hello, is it possible to ship our package to a local USPS office for pickup, instead of having it sent directly to us?

  • Vaishnavi says:

    There is Speed Post Service Available in near areas and how to track it.

  • if you really wanna track speed post then visit speed post tracking website.

  • Here, you can track full information about the professional courier. If you want track then visit this website.

  • Nelly82 says:

    Hi Mt Baker Vapor team,
    Can you please confirm if you are still shipping E Juices to Australia

  • Mark Whittaker says:

    Tried to fill my order, won’t let me use my current Queensland Australia address for delivery ,
    never a problem before, why now?

  • John Theo says:

    As a customer of 5 years I was advised no more delivery to Australia. I really don’t understand the change as by law you can import up to 3 months supply of nicotine. This law hasn’t changed. I am completely lost without MBV. NZ will be selling MBV juice but they are not selling my flavour and despite discount delivery they are much more expensive.
    Absolutely shattered…

  • >