This Sh!t is Seriously Getting old!

This just in! According to new research conducted by Japanese scientists, E-cigarettes are consequently far more dangerous than how they are marketed. AND, they’re doing more harm than good. I think I speak for all of us when I say, this sh!t is seriously getting old! This is just one of many e-cigarette smear campaigns currently on the market today.

Four years ago, researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Public Health claimed they had found two carcinogens— formaldehyde and acetaldehyde— as a result of the vapor produced by several types of e-cigarettes during a study charged by the country’s ministry of health.

“One brand of e-cigarette produces 10 times more formaldehyde— a substance used in embalming that has been linked to sick building syndrome— than a regular cigarette,” said Naoki Kunugita, the lead researcher of the study.

Enough with the inaccurate portrayals already.

First of all, the study, which was conducted in November of 2014, is far from new. Yet, agenda driven click bait sites continue to publish this, and other articles, citing information that is either old, overwhelmingly false, or both.

What’s even worse, the Japanese study wasn’t even completely factual, having come to no conclusion that all, most, or any e-cigarette contained ten times more carcinogens than regular cigarettes.

In conclusion, the research by Kunugita and his team advised that the levels of formaldehyde in vapors from high-voltage devices are “almost identical to those in traditional cigarettes”.

Back in 2014, Greek cardiologist Konstantinos Farsalinos spoke out about the study’s findings saying,

“…the high formaldehyde reading may have been caused by several factors, including a faulty e-cigarette device. A single extreme case out of many products tested. Obviously, we have to realize that focusing the discussion on one of the tens of carcinogens present in tobacco cigarette smoke is misleading. Even if e-cigarettes contained similar, or higher, levels of formaldehyde, they do not contain the majority of other toxic and carcinogenic substances present in cigarette smoke.”

Those with knowledge must stay ever-vigilant

Sadly, these tactics to discredit do have an effect on people and what decisions they make. It is up to those with the right, scientific-backed information to continue to stay on the lookout for agenda-driven information and refute these studies convincingly. There are too many lives at stake.

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Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • Robert Bowen says:

    I have also seen TV advertisement where they’re showing young children still in school Vaping Saying that it’s the same as regular cigarettes. The young children are able to buy the E-cigarettes and they’re more addictive than the regular cigarettes. I know that every place on-line , Liquor Store, or Smoke Shop asks for ID to make sure that the customer is of legal age to buy the products. If the parents are buying the E-cigarette for their child, It’s not the Vaping Industries fault. By the way. In some beliefs, the E-cigarette is a mobile Hookaha which is also used for religous beliefs.

  • Jack Wilson says:

    Isn’t this the study where they used old school protanks at like 5V?
    Didn’t that same study show that almost zero of those chemicals were emitted at 3.3-4.0V (you know, the products intended range)?
    You said it already, it’s just clickbait. That’s basically all the news is anymore.

  • K. Brown says:

    This is the same liberal tactics used by the anti gun crowd, when talking about gun safety and facts about how guns ( an inanimate object) kill millions each year.
    They lie, stretch the truth to the point of it being absurd and do their own surveys and studies to show results the way they intend them to come out. Any study, survey or ‘experiment’ can be twisted into showing any outcome.
    This has been proven over and over.

    Best advice: ignore the crap and vote, when time comes.
    Stay vigilant !

    • Chuck Lantz says:

      “Liberal” tactics? Why do you insist on bringing politics into this discussion? This has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives, unless you think that Big Tobacco companies are run by liberals, because those companies are the ones pushing the anti-vaping campaign. And they are pushing it to both liberals and conservatives, and both sides are falling for it.

      So ease-up on the Right/Left nonsense. Those of us who enjoy vaping are on the same side.

      • Dave Gang says:

        and their goal is to divide up so we cannot be strong enough to defeat their lies. Its so sad that people fall for this dichotomy in almost every step of their day. glad you spoke up, us snowflakes need to stick together because hillary wants to take away our vapes. hhaha cheers!!

  • Jim says:

    Most ALL who do NOT Vape or even Smoke, that see me Vape. Will say, “You know that’s just as bad as Smoking!” MY reply, “How is that?” “Well, Medical research refers to Popcorn Lung and other Carcegens!” MY reply, “Old unfounded News. And Not True. I do not use any Nicotine in my Vapor liquid! “Then why do you do it?” Flavours, a wide assortment nicotine Free and cheaper than Cigarettes or Cigars!”😏

  • Z says:

    I think what will really screw over big tobacco is the fact that more and more people who don’t even smoke take up vaping for the flavors, mostly to combat mindless snacking and obesity. My girlfriend started vaping after her gastric surgery after she lost all thyroid function, as she can’t have things like candy and soda anymore, just having the taste of those things makes the whole lifestyle more manageable for her so she doesn’t miss things like Swedish fish, Mountain Dew, and sugary cereals.

  • evan says:

    this is all getting ridiculous!

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