Why Scotland is a Trailblazer for Vaping

On September 21st, 2017, Scotland’s National Health Service officially announced that vaping is far less harmful than smoking. Dr. Andrew Fraser, Director of Public Health Science at NHS Scotland stated:

“Recent research has shown an emerging perception among the general public that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to health as tobacco is. This is not the case – we know from current evidence that vaping carries less risk than smoking tobacco. So it would be a good thing if smokers used e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco.

To be absolutely clear, e-cigarettes are useful for public health and health service purposes only as a potential route towards stopping smoking completely. Access to e-cigarettes needs to be controlled carefully; they are not products for children or non-smokers.”

Cancer Research UK has previously promoted vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, but this is the first official government endorsement of vaping. This news is a huge leap forward towards e-cigarettes being designated as an official smoking cessation tool. For further information, please visit this link.


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