Longtime vaping enthusiast teaching people how to transition from traditional tobacco smoking to vaping.

  • David Schattilly says:

    This is a healthier alternative. But what concerns me is the so called “popcorn disease” that is being spread on the internet as of late. Is there any truth to this? But Vaping saves money. In the case of my mom areounf 100 a month for 2 months then 68.00 so a total of $468.00 approx over 5 months . 32.00 every 5 months

    8 oz lasts a long time for her. She now buys things she couldnt before because of the cost of analogue smokes.

    • John Swanke says:

      We are working on getting our juices tested and the test results verified. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated. We understand the communities concerns and we are working to address them.
      Congrats to her for being able to save that much money!

  • Leo Stachowski says:

    Smokers say they can’t afford vape gear to help them quit but let’s do the math. A pack of cigarettes costs almost $15 so that means you could buy a complete setup for $105, the price of smoking a pack a day for a week. The price of juice varies greatly but $15 would buy you a bottle that could last anywhere from 1 day to a couple of weeks. If you invest in the big 236ml bottle here on MT Baker Vapor. You’re saving a ton of money. 36 dollars usually with the discount codes. You can’t beat it. Another thing I hear about not making the switch is that people can take the throat hit from vapes. You can still get your nicotine from a simple mouth hit. Just hold it there for a bit or even lower the nicotine level on your next bottle.

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