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Hey MBVers! T.G.I.F. and Happy Flavor Friday! Today we are going over a refreshing, delicious vape juice: Root Beer E Juice. Here is the description from the site: Root Beer is a uniquely creamy, sarsaparilla-tinged vape juice flavor based on that good ole frosted-mug classic. 

As is per usual with the flavor spotlight, we are going to go over the history of root beer and how the flavor of Root Beer E Juice came about. Let’s go over how this amazing drink evolved throughout history:

History of Root Beer E Juice

Root beer is an extremely popular soft drink that originates in North America. It is flavored with sassafras or sarsaparilla, which gives it its unique taste. Typically it is non-alcoholic, but it also comes in alcoholic versions. Some versions have caffeine but in its natural form, it is caffeine free. Different versions have different levels of carbonation, as well. Similar to typical beer, root beer has a thick foam head when poured. Sassafras, although used to flavor traditional versions of the drink, is become less and less common in root beer because it contains safrole which potentially causes cancer. Most recipes either use safrole-free sassafras or alternative flavoring.

Even before the Europeans came over to North America, indigenous people were making sassafras root based drinks for medicinal purposes. Europeans adopted the drink and have been making a root beer-type drink since the 16th century. Many people drank root beer and other low alcohol drinks as opposed to water due to contamination concerns. Initially, root beer was marketed through pharmacists for its “cure-all” properties in the 1800s. For the most part during this time, it was sold as a syrup. Barq’s, one of the earliest companies to commercialize the sale of root beer, deviated from the traditional recipe by using sarsaparilla as opposed to sassafras. In 1919, an early version of A&W was opened and IBC soon followed.

So, indulge in this amazing flavor with Mt Baker Vapor’s Root Beer E Juice. It will transport back in time! Check out the reviews below:

Root Beer E Juice Reviews

I love this juice. In the past they would always have this. Then it disappeared. And now it’s back for a limited time. Mt Baker Vapor please make this a staple in your line up again. This is my favorite juice of all time. This is the item that made you my sole juice provider. 5/5 stars! Vaping some as I write this review, I feel like I’m drowning in root beer, excellent.

If you like root beer barrel candies, you will like this.

Sarah M.
Wish it can in bigger bottles and flavor shots I love it

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  • Alex Simone says:

    I like to consider myself somewhat of a Root Beer connoisseur. I have had many different brands and flavors. A local grocery store sells a mini-keg of some of the best stuff I have ever had. As for vaping, I think it is good every once in a while, but I don’t think I could do it as an all day every day vape. My go-to for that is Wacky Taffy.

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