Nicopure vs FDA | Fight for The Survival of the Vape Industry

Nicopure Labs and the Right 2 Be Smoke Free Coalition challenged the FDA after they filed suit May 10, 2016 claiming that the deeming regulations set into motion by the FDA weren’t warranted. Judge Amy German Jackson ruled against Nicopure and the Right 2 Be Smoke Free, dismissing all of their arguments.

These deeming regulations could effectively wipe out 98 percent of the vaping industry by 2022 and in effect only allow cig-a-like devices on the market. This would severely limit our options for life saving products. Vape products would be regulated like cigarettes when, in fact, they are NOT the same at all. The FDA is going to require that all companies submit their existing products for approval. Each application would cost $2 million. An impossible task for the majority of vape companies. Currently, there is a freeze on new products, but this would retroactively require approval on products already on the market. The FDA is treating vaping as a vice and an unhealthy habit. However, we all know that vaping saves lives, it doesn’t end them.

But Nicopure, The Right 2 Be Smoke Free, and 10 other vape companies are not giving up without a fight. They are appealing the decision. This past February, the opening brief was filed. Oral arguments for the case are likely going to take place in the Fall in DC’s District Court of Appeals and the case could make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Issues are arising for us in terms of financing the lengthy and expensive appeals process. It could cost as much as $250,000 to save vaping. So, Nick Green (aka GrimmGreen) and Vape News Magazine are spearheading a crowdfunding campaign that businesses and vapors alike can contribute to. This is so important for all of us to get behind because it affects each and every one of us in the vape community. Without this appeal, our lifestyles as we know it will cease to exist. No one wants to go back to smoking and we all want to continue to help people make the switch from smoking.

Please, please head over to the Go Fund Me site and share this link with all of your friends. It is imperative that we ban together now for the future of public health and the well-being of our industry.

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