Ricki’s Vaping Success Story

A few weeks ago we asked customers to share their vaping success stories and were soon flooded with personal narratives on how the freedom to vape has improved lives.

Without further ado, this is Ricki’s Vaping Success Story:

I just turned 32 on July 15th. I’ve been a smoker since I was 11. Parents always bought cartons, older sister started smoking, it was downhill from there. That means my smoking habit is now of legal drinking age.

When I realized I was coming up on 2 decades of smoking a few years ago, I knew I wanted to stop. Or at least change. I’ve tried about a thousand times to quit smoking, but between a stressful personal life and 17+ years in the tech support/IT field, it never stuck. I’d do fine for a while, and then something would happen to send me back to the pack.

October 18th 2013, I bought a new car. I hated how quickly it started to smell like an ash-hole. That inspired me to buy my first vape pen, a Kanger blister pack, and was determined that this was it. I was finally going to quit.

Until I realized I’m allergic to PG juice. Most of the vendors I used at that time only offered 50/50 as the lowest amount of PG in their juices, so slowly cigarettes started getting bought again, and my car took on that awful smell.

I finally found MBV and a few other vendors that offered custom blends and offered max VG, and I went from a half and half smoker to a 99.9% vaper. I feel better, I’m breathing better (because oh, by the way, I’ve got asthma from being such a young smoker), I don’t feel like I’m dying after climbing stairs, and(!!!) I no longer have to carry half the bathroom with me (toothbrush, toothpaste, travel sized mouth wash, body spray, and a special soap I made to get the cigarette smells off of me because even though I smoked, I hated smelling like it).

I still have the one off cigarette when I’m under extreme stress, but normally I don’t even think about them. And I always regret it when I do have one.

My favourite part of my success story is this:

Last year, I went back to a small town that is lived in a few years ago. I stopped in to get gas from the literal only gas station in town, and the owner and I caught up for a bit. When I went to go check out, she grabbed down my former usual (camel wide menthols). I just smiled and said “I can’t believe you remember, but no thanks. I don’t smoke anymore.”

After two decades of an awful habit, I can say that. Which is shocking to me because anytime I’d quit in the past, that little interaction would have ended with me grabbing a lighter.

We would like to sincerely thank Ricki for taking the time to share why vaping is so important to her. 

 Vape on!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Mt Baker Vapor.

  • Molly says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing!

  • steve thomas says:

    Great story Ricki. I hate the smoking smell now too. One of the first things my daughter said after i started vaping was “you dont stink anymore daddy”. Enjoy that new car smell. Stick at it. Well done.

  • Mike C. says:

    That is a great testimony. Proud of you.

  • Kris Mitchell says:

    Thanks Ricki,

    Just as you, I was making some BIG life changes and quitting smoking was one of the things I needed to do in order for these changes to be more successful.

    When I have more time I will definitely share the whole tale with all of the MBV crowd.

    Thanks for sharing your success with us.

  • Ricki says:

    Thanks, y’all! Another perk to vaping is all the really awesome people you get to meet through it. 🙂

  • sunshine says:

    Fantastic! Congrats!

  • Torri says:

    The best part of reading your story was imagining the look on the face of the woman at the gas station…I LOVE getting that look from people who knew me before…isn’t it an amazing feeling?? Congrats on your quit and sharing the wonder and joy!

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