Retail Store Timeline: From Lobby to Luxury

In the past year, our lobby has transformed into a magnificent retail shop. A lot of planning, designing, and old-fashioned elbow grease went into the transformation, and we wanted to give a look inside of the shop’s development. Here’s a photographic timeline of our retail shop, and some of the hard work that went into it!

Phase 1: Blank Slate

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 1.54.10 PM

When Mt Baker Vapor first arrived in Mesa, we had a huge, vacant entryway. The imagination reels when faced with such a huge, open space. This room would change drastically in the coming months!

Phase 2: The Lobby phase

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 2.05.36 PM

Once we settled a bit, we made the entryway into a lobby. This space was still very open, with tons of room for development. We had a desk, a few couches, a little table for vape magazines, and that’s about it!

Phase 3: Construction Begins

Jonesie Shelves

Our fist display racks and shelves are installed by our wonderful Facilities team. A big, Mesa-themed logo was wrapped over the window, and the walls were painted Mt Baker Vapor blue!

Phase 4: POS System


Front desk

Any retail store needs a point-of-service system. We set up the system, and hung Landon Simon’s priceless Mt Baker Vapor jumpsuit on proud display!

Phase Five: Displays

Display Wall

Our graphics team made some high-fidelity graphics commemorating our top 25 flavors, which we hung about the wall. A beautiful window-wrap was applied, featuring our new blue bottles.

Phase 6: Stocking the Shelves

Shelves Full

Finally, we stocked the shelves with Mt Baker Vapor, GWAR, and Photonic E Liquid. This was a labor of love, and it was a proud moment to see all of our precious e liquid on display!

Phase 7: Good to Go!

Mesa Store Opem 05

At long last, the retail store was ready for our grand opening! Customers drove from across the state to experience our retail store first-hand. With our first Arizona retail shop setting a precedent, who knows how many Mt Baker Vapor shops will spring up elsewhere?

If you haven’t seen our shop yet, check it out at 4049 E Presidio St. Mesa, Arizona 85215!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Nicholas kennedy says:

    It’s cool to see mbv growing. I have used you guys since I started vaping.

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    That doesnt look like Toronto. I mean it looks cool af but something about it screams Arizona rather than Ontario.

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    I didn’t see Cloudy Beaches on the wall….maybe it has its own wall its so good?

  • Patrick says:

    Proud of you guys.

  • Rebecca Ramirez says:

    So excited to check out the new store

  • Rebecca Ramirez says:

    Tucson would be a great place to set up shop as well

  • Evan says:

    well now that your retail store is finished, (congratulations by the way) you REALLY need to focus on replacing a new alternative for the “unfortunate, saddening, and upsetting” loss of the 236 ml bottle!!! My taste buds refuse other company’s e-liquids. Yes i have tried a couple other companies, that actually have both 260 and 500 ml size bottles, after hearing the sad news. I am so used to your extreme ice that no other e-juice can compare in contrast with the icy/minty flavor that is extreme ice, but the fact is NOW it is costing me more money because you guys only have a measly 15 and 30 ml bottles. I hope you guys come up with something fast because a large amount of people are in the same boat as me and are just as angry! Something needs to be done whether it’s a buy 5 or buy 10 bulk option, or just simply bring back the 236 ml bottle to your online inventory. I have noticed online that this is creating a loss of a lot of MBV customers and I assume also, a large loss of money on your end! I’m still here because I want to believe that something will be done….but my patience is growing! I want to have faith in you guys. thanks for reading!

  • Wyatt McDougall says:

    Love seeing you guys grow more and more. Keep going strong!!

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