Quit Smoking With E-Cigarette Atomizers

E-cigarette atomizers, also known as vaporizers, are a popular cigarette alternative that might help tobacco smokers wean from their habit, while providing a flavored choice in a vaporizing nicotine solution that is inhaled through the use of a battery operated device.

Will E-Cig Atomizers Help Me Quit Smoking?

They may look like a cigarette and act like a cigarette, but an e-cig is a whole different concept for smokers.

Because e-cigarette atomizers still contain nicotine, most smokers use them as a gradual way to quit smoking tobacco without losing the oral fixation they find most enjoyable about smoking cigarettes.

The amount of nicotine can be varied in a vapor form so a former smoker might choose a higher nicotine concentration in the beginning of their use, and then slowly cut back the amount until they are ready to stop nicotine inhalation completely.

As with all smoking cessation aids and treatments, personal results and experiences will always vary. Even if e-cig atomizers are not used to provide assistance for quitting smoking, many people find the blended nicotine fluids to be favorable and enjoy experimenting with all of the different flavored varieties.

When smoking indoors poses a challenge or in social situations when you don’t want to harm others with secondhand smoke, some people believe e-cig atomizers are more suitable and acceptable for their environment. Others just like the way they look when they emit a vapor in the air. Hot at parties and a new trend, vaporizers carry the image of being “cool.” Although e-cigs offer a solution for smokers at bars, nightclubs, indoors and in some office spaces, it’s important to remember any form of nicotine can be harmful to your health so try to vape eLiquids with little to no nicotine content.

Are E-Cig Atomizers Better than Cigarettes?

Cigarettes are a costly habit. Most cigarettes average $5-$7 per pack, and they’ll continue to rise because there are strong governmental efforts to discourage smokers from buying harmful tobacco products. While there is still much debate as to whether e-cig atomizers are healthier, bear in mind they do not contain tobacco or any of the thousands of chemical additives that are added into a single cigarette, as well as the tobacco plant carcinogens.


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