Product Spotlight Video: UD Master Kit Mini

Welcome back vape fans, to another Product Spotlight Video! Today we are going to be showcasing the UD Master Kit Mini! The UD Master Kit Mini is small and compact, which it makes it very practical for any vapers vape bag! I have one in my vape bag and I love it, will you carry one? In the video below, Zay will be showing you the tools that are included in the UD Master Mini Kit!

Here is what some of our customers had to say about the UD Master Kit Mini:

Mark J:

“Great product for a great price. Comes with almost everything you need to build new set-ups. I’d recommend it for starters or anyone needing a more mobile build kit. Thanks MBV!”

Timothy S:

“Great very handy, and has all i need anyways, i use it as a stay at home and on the go!”

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Tim Mechling

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  • Robert says:

    I wish I was around MBV during this time.

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