Product Spotlight Video: ELeaf iStick 30w

This week in the Product Spotlight Video series we’re taking a look at the ELeaf iStick 30w. It’s a sleek and compact mod from the trusted folks at ELeaf. It’s easy to operate, making it a good choice for intermediate vapers, while packing the power and precision that advanced vapers are looking for in a mod

In the video below, Grant will walk you through getting up and running with your new ELeaf iStick 30w. Its versatility (able to handle 8V, 30W, and sub ohm coils down to 0.5 ohms) has made it one of our best selling products of all time. It’ll make an outstanding addition to any vaper’s gear rotation.

Here’s what our customers are saying about the ELeaf iStick 30w:

MBV Customer Jerold T.:

I’m very pleased with this 30 watt istick. It holds charge all day and some. The vapor is even and clean burning. I use it with a double wick small chamber and set the istick at 8 watts, so it lasts a long time.

MBV Customer Z1200:

Works perfectly, easy to operate. Running my setup at 14-16w with a kanger mini pro3 tank. Far superior when compared to a stick battery for the price.

MBV Customer John R.:

The Eleaf iStick 30W battery is a perfect match for the Kanger Subtank Mini … love the adjustable wattage feature. Charges quickly, lasts a long long time, and very reliable performance.

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Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • jesse stokes says:

    I love the istick 30 it’s my first step up from a starter pen . I just got it about a hour ago but I been vaping away I love this product !!! Can’t wait to see what else my favorite vape company has in store for me !!!!! You guys are #1 wish everyone knew how awesome you are !!!! Such fast shipping and i live in PA

  • Brian says:

    The iStick 30 is pretty sweet! I’ve got a silver one that I use with a Subtank mini and nano and it works great. I’m thinking about getting another one but I’m debating on getting a 40w instead.

  • Maria says:

    I own both the istick 30 and istick 50 and love ’em both. The istick 30 is a great one to take on the go. 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    I love this mod. Have had it for some time now. She finally gave out on me though and in a very weird way I might add. Thank you mbv for cheaper prices and astounding customer service cuz you got my orders

  • Jack says:

    I’ve had one of the original 20 watt I-stick, then upgraded to the 30 watt, I don’t sub-ohm, so I guess I just wasted my money. maybe someday I will. Is the Innokin 20 watt better or worse? I rarely go over 14 ohms on a Nautilus and my mini nautilus. Should I just stick with the 20 watt? any suggestions. But I should say the I-stick has performed wonderfully for me!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      A lot of people have varying preferences. One of the advantages of higher wattage devices is extended battery life when you vape at lower wattages. I would recommend trying out a variety of products, and determining what you like!

  • Samantha says:

    I LOVE my Eleaf iStick 30w!! My first set up with Kanger Mini Protank 2. Since I’ve purchased mine, I’ve had to upgrade my fiancé, sister, and brother in law to this model. It’s awesome compared to the others I’ve tried that my friends or family own. For me, it last 3-4 days until I have to charge it again, which takes around 2-2 1/2 hours to fully charge it. And it fits so perfectly in your hand while vaping. LOVE IT!!

  • Katy says:

    This is what I currently use. It’s great, and I love the vast array of settings I can use. I enjoy this one so much, I got my husband to buy one, too. The charging time is great and lasts for a long time. Highly recommend for any level vaper.

  • BrotherBob says:

    Mt Baker Warranty: 6 months Manufacturing Defects
    The above says it all. I purchased mine a few months ago and can’t be more pleased because:
    1. Works flawlessly.
    2. Best featured product for the price.
    3. Purchased from a US vendor (Mt.Baker) with the longest warranty available that I could find when comparing other vendors.
    4. If I had a problem, I could of called a toll free number and talked to courteous vendor reps.
    Istick 30/Mt Baker is the way to go,you won’t regret it.

  • James S says:

    I’d like to try this!

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