Last week the vape industry took an internet ‘shellacking’ equivalent to the walloping Alistair Overeem sustained at the hands of Francis “The Predator” Ngannou several weeks ago.

Some of the vilifying internet headlines from the past week:

Teens Who Vape Are 7 Times More Likely to turn to Regular CigarettesConsumerReports.
Vaping More Common Than Smoking Among Teens
Wicked Local Burlington
Pitt study suggests ‘vaping’ could lead to cigarette use in young adultsTribLive
Vaping, more common than smoking among teens, come under scrutiny
The Patriot Ledger.
Teens Vaping E-Cigs Up To 7X More Likely To Smoke Later, But Not Vice VersaForbes

Okay. Perhaps the MMA analogy was a bit of a stretch, but the headlines above tell no lies…

Or do they?

According to an article published in The Guardian, “The Monitoring the Future Study” reports that youngsters nowadays are more likely to experiment with e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. The article added that this is concerning as it indicates that e-cigarettes are no longer a viable alternative to smoking but rather just as addictive as traditional cigarettes. The article, however, failed to mention that not only are e-cigarettes less addictive, but unlike those who experiment with cigarettes, the majority of these youngsters never develop an addiction.

“Smoking rates amongst teenagers are at an all-time low,” says The Institute for Social Research, which indicates that smoking rates among high schoolers (seniors) have dropped from 36.5% in 1997 to 9.7% this year— a 73% reduction.

These figures are critical in that they confirm what many public health experts have been saying all along— that warnings which allege vaping to be the catalyst behind a smoking revival, and that e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to smoking are unfounded based on the statistics above.

An article published on Reason.com; a monthly print magazine covering politics, culture, and ideas— pointed out that teenagers who vape have not allowed themselves to become hooked on nicotine in part because the majority are vaping 0-nic e-juice strictly for the flavor if nothing else. Additionally, the article added that even those who vape nicotine do so at too low of a level to develop an addiction or habit.

I am no wordsmith nor do I claim to be, but isn’t there a term used when information is intentionally withheld in order to mislead, dodge, evade or even shilly-shally?

Oh yeah, there is such a word, it’s called: prevaricate.

Read more here.

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