How to Prepare for FDA Regulations:

With the deeming regulations recently revealed, you may have noticed a few changes in the industry. You may be seeing a bigger push for advocacy, or perhaps an influx of new and exciting hardware. Your friends may be stocking up on juice by the pound, or you yourself may be dipping into the savings account to load up before the vapocalypse hits. You may even (sadly) see some beloved small businesses close their doors, either unwilling or unable to stand up to the impending fiscal pressure pushed by the Freedom Destroying Agency, otherwise known as the FDA (really, though, the Food and Drug Administration). Amidst the backdrop of chaos surrounding our industry, it may be unclear to some on how to proceed going forward. Today, I’d like to bring a few things to your attention, to make sure you’re ready to face the regulations, and the changes they entail. Here’s how to prepare for FDA Regulations:

Don’t Stockpile!

There is no need to buy everything in sight, or stockpile e-liquid by the gallon! After August 8, 2016, the only thing really changing will be the market freeze. For a two year period after this date, no new products may be introduced to the market. While this does severely inhibit the growth of our industry, during this timeframe, it should be business as usual for the consumer. Your favorite companies may go through some dramatic changes up to and after this date, but you do not need to worry about e-juice disappearing off our shelves.

Engage with Advocacy Groups!

In this tumultuous environment we face, it is critical that everyone engages, and supports (if possible) coalitions such as Right 2 Be Smoke Free, CASAA, as well as the many other hardworking groups advocating for your rights!

Support HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment!

HR 2058/Cole-Bishop will change the 2007 predicate date. In its current form, the regulations call for every product on the market after February of 2007 to submit a PMTA, otherwise known as a Pre-Market Tobacco Application. Rough estimated costs are between $350,000-$1,000,000, per SKU. This is catastrophic, and will surely force out 95% of businesses. If HR 2058/Cole-Bishop passes, everything currently on the market will be pardoned from the PMTA, which is our Hail Mary, our saving grace, our de facto coup de grâce, if you will. This link will send an email to your representatives, imploring them to support HR 2058/Cole-Bishop.


Encourage your Favorite Shop/Vendor to Stock New Hardware/Juice.

As the consumer, your purchasing power and habits are the building blocks of success for any business. With so much product currently being introduced, it can be quite overwhelming to shop owners, hardware committees, and those who otherwise make the definitive decision on what to adorn the shelves with. If you’d like to see your favorite juice, tank, or mod in stores, let you voice be heard! You can always send your recommendations over to our friendly customer support team as well, at support@mtbakervapor.com.



If you have friends, family members, or colleagues who vape, implore them to familiarize themselves with the regulations. Encourage them to support the numerous coalitions and advocacy groups dedicated to defending their rights, as well. As you see with any industry, a fine line separates the enthusiast from the casual user. Just because I enjoy building a challenging coil does not mean a friend of mine has the time or even interest to do so. With this in mind, it is no surprise that a large majority of people are unaware of what is happening on a daily basis. The media has been perpetuating the FDA’s agenda for quite some time, only giving catastrophic battery failure and pseudoscientific studies any airtime. Knowledge is power, and the more informed people are, the better our chances of convincing politicians and the government to curtail the egregiously heavy-handed regulations!


The fight has just begun, and we’re facing an uphill battle. You can stay up to date with all the latest information on our blog, or by visiting CASAA and Right 2 Be Smoke Free. I hope this information helps you prepare for FDA regulation on 8/8/2016. Thanks for dropping by!


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  • tony says:

    thanks for the knowledge

  • Paul Sotelo says:

    When will sales in California resume?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are still working on this. We are hoping to have the program live soon but I cannot pinpoint a date. We will definitely announce it when it goes live.

  • Rob says:

    As a small business vape LLC, this worries me.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      It might be a little bumpy, but the fight is far from over. R2BSmokeFree has issued their lawsuit against the FDA this week. We will be fighting in courts trying to get this taken away.

  • TAMMY MURPHY says:

    Thanks for the information. I was starting to stockpile my favorite juices. Good to know.

  • Clinton Edwards says:

    I have been stocking up some your right,im buying vg pg and nic by the 500ml.but are shops and companys try to raise prices on products there are alot of shady people out there as we well know.I also run Pirates cove E-juice and the concern were having is what regs there going to put on nicotine.Dont get me wrong right now every tom dick and harry can buy nic online and i dont know if thats a good idea a teaspoon will kill a cat.what would a 500ml bottle do.So i would like to see some tough regs on that.What makes me laugh for DIYers is all these people are out there screaming about Diacetyl,2,3-pentanedione also known as acetyl propionyl.Are in little debbie cakes or anything that has artificial flavors as usual we need to look into ourselves before we look at others.Vaping has saved and changed my life, 40 years 2 packs a day,went to doctors the other day no lung probs that she can find.vaping is a way of life if you blow it the first time you can always refill your tank.

  • ben says:

    “…Our de facto coup de grâce, if you will.”

    You misspelled “fait accompli”.

  • Tom D. says:

    I wish the advocacy was more emphasized in all the review videos and general communications to mobilize large numbers, and particularly that it would include better arguments and I think irregardless of what passes or doesn’t for any given country’s regulatory status, the arguments need to be maintained clearly.

    Without nicotine, I do not see how it can be considered as a “tobacco product”, and It was brought to market by innovators other than the tobacco industry in the first place.

    If the primary ingredients could be approved in the first place, (i.e. PG, VG, Flavourings) in blanket/generic fashion then it should be regulated more like the food industry as a consumable. If they cannot, then how can any product possibly be approved with those ingredients?

    In another article I read it quoted ‘Vapeology L.A. owner John Hartigan’ as saying: “The idea that you won’t have people out there putting juice together without a chemistry background is a good thing,” – but we don’t seem to need “chemistry backgrounds” to prepare food and other consumables for each other, or to cook at home, we don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands in approvals for our latest chili recipe.

    If e-liquids are available in flavours without nicotine, and thats an option for people how can it be a gateway? What possible motive would an individual have to go from a recreational use to becoming a victim of chemical addiction? It is not as though Nicotine provides some entertaining high of any sort?

    Lawyers and advocates can only deliver the ammunition they are given. In the case of vaping the consumer and free market is on the right side, the communication should be improved, strategized and coordinated better.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Thank you for the thought out and reasonable response. On our side, we are trying to do everything possible to educate consumers about what is happening with the FDA regulations and how they can defend their rights. You are right that these regulations seem illogical, but it’s the unfortunate consequence of an industry such as ours growing so rapidly.

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