Vapor Visuals Abroad: Perth, Scotland

Known as the “gateway to the Highlands”, Perth is located in central Scotland along the River Tay. A truly ancient land, the surrounding area is known to have been occupied some 8,000 years ago by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. In more recent history, Perth came to prominence when it was once regarded as the capital of Scotland, due to being the frequent residence of the Scottish royal court and the home of the “stone of destiny,” on which the Scottish kings were crowned. Even after the Scottish royalty were long gone, Perth’s trade relationships with mainland Europe helped it become one of the richest burghs in the country. Today it is home to over 47,000 residents.

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Perth offers many entertainment options for lovers of art, music, and theater. One such venue is the Perth Concert Hall, which opened in September 2005. Here you can hear a wide range of music played from symphony orchestra to Scottish folk.


Next to the concert hall, you’ll find the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Built in 1824, it is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest purpose-built museums. It was designed by David Morison and built in honor of Thomas Hay Marshall, a man who helped transform Perth from a medieval burgh to a modern city. It was originally opened as a library and museum by the Literary and Antiquarian Society of Perth and was gifted to the city in 1915.


Perth Bridge, also known as Smeaton’s Bridge or Old Bridge, spans the River Tay and connects Perth to Bridgend. The bridge was engineered by John Smeaton and was completed in October of 1771. It has survived numerous floods and marks showing the highest level of each flood can be found on the Perth pier.


Balhousie Castle is located near the center of the city and dates back to 1631 when it was originally the seat of the Earls of Kinnoull. The castle fell into neglect during the 19th century and had to be rebuilt in 1862-1863. The only surviving feature of the old castle are parts of a rubble wall on the east-side of the estate.


In 1962, the Balhousie Castle became the Regimental Headquarters and Museum of The Black Watch. Just outside the castle, you’ll see a statue commemorating the thousands of men belonging to the 51st Highland Division that died between 1908-1967 in service of their country.


About 4 miles south-east of Perth, along the River Tay, you’ll find Elcho Castle. While the castle has not been inhabited for over 200 years, it is still owned by the original family that built it and is maintained by Historic Scotland. A 16th-century dovecote (beehive), still remains nearby on the property as well. The current castle was built on the site of an older structure in 1560.


Overlooking Perth is Kinnoull Hill, Woodland Park. The park and trails are managed in a partnership between the Forestry Commission Scotland, Perth and the Kinross Council. It provides beautiful views of the city and surrounding area.


Just to the east of the Kinnoull summit is the Kinnoull Tower. Modeled off of the German castles on the Rhine, the tower was built by Lord Grey of Kinfauns in 1829 and used as an observatory.


The River Tay is the longest river in Scotland and the view of the river from the tower can’t be missed.

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