One or The Other

Pretty sure we’ve all experienced it. The delightful feeling of waking up from a deep, deserving and delectable slumber, only to look over at the bedside clock and realize you’ve severely overslept. What comes next is a great big HOLY *#@$, followed by a spouting off of every four-letter word in the English language as you enter into a chaotic scramble in order to make it to work at a reasonable hour. With a little bit of luck and some NASCAR-like skills behind the wheel, you make it to work, flop down in your chair, sit back and close your eyes. A deep vape of your favorite Thug Juice from Mt Baker Vapor settles your racing heart. Somewhere, that little voice inside you offers you congratulations for only being 45 minutes late. A smile crosses your face as you bask in your accomplishment…

… and then your eyes SHOOT OPEN!

At once you spring to your feet and start checking your front and back pockets. You check every corner of your desk, scattering papers left and right.  You check your purse if you are the kind of human being that carries one. You start whipping open drawer after drawer after drawer, all to no avail. “Where could it be?” you ask yourself as you flop back down in your chair and take another inhale of berries, watermelon and cool menthol vape.

And then in your minds eyes, you see it, resting peacefully right there on the coffee table in your living room.

Yup. You forgot your flippin’ cellphone at home. Major fail, right? Perhaps. Then again, maybe not. After doing a bit of thinking, that little voice taps you on the temple and says, “Hey. Don’t stress. You’re alright. You did good. The most important thing is, you have your mod.”

Nodding to yourself in agreement, you continue vaping your favorite Mt Baker Vapor E juice, not giving a Gosh Darn that the entire office is looking at you like you’re crazy.

With the cellphone and other devices dictating much of our lives, we got to thinking and decided to pose a question to our followers on Facebook.

The question asked: If you had to choose between your cell phone or mod, which would you choose and why?

 The responses were both unique and flat out AWESOME. Below are a few that we had to share.

JoAnn Williams

“My phone keeps me connected to family and friends. My mod keeps me connected only to a habit (albeit one that saved me from death by cigarette). I don’t take my laptop when I go sailing… but my phone goes everywhere. My mod can’t capture the beauty I see on the ocean, but my phone can.”

Sarah Scobey

“I’d give up my mod. Talking to my husband is the highlight of my day. I’m pretty sure withdrawal from him is way harder.”

Luann Gross

“My phone so I can talk to my son who’s a Senior Chief in the Navy!”

James Matthews

“Nope. Not doing this. Can’t!”

Wyatt Wiz

“My mod. No doubt! Bill collectors can’t reach me on my mod!”

Chris Moore

“A cellphone mod.”

Matt Keller


Doug Goar

“Mod. I have a land line plus I rarely use my cell away from home. People can leave a message.”

Patrick Rose

“Mod any day of the week. I paid $40 for my phone, over $100 for new mods.”

Rosanne Ingrham

“My mod. Land lines don’t bother me. I am old. J”

Jeff Utecht

“I’d give up my phone. I mean, everything I can do with it, I can do with other devices. I’d rather keep myself not smoking cigs. I used to have a Walkman, did the whole pen pal thing in school, had a corded phone, dial up internet… I ain’t worried. J”

Monita Marie

“I HATE being connected to the mother ship 24/7. My mod will win every day, all day.”

How about you blog readers?  Which would you choose?

– All quotes taken directly from our Facebook post; we thank you for your feedback- 

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • John G. says:

    I could leave either at home. When I’m at work I’m pretty sure co-workers don’t want the building fogged out, and when I am hangin’ out with friends I am hangin’ out with friends, not sitting with my head buried in a phone, or blowing vapor in their faces all night.

  • Robert says:

    Phone is far more important.

  • John Holland says:

    I love this article lol. I’d say my cell phone cause I need it for work but I can’t live without my mod either! There have been too many time to count I have been 5-10 min. Late to work because I turned around to go home and grab my mod! So I guess I choose both, can’t live without either!

  • Tara says:

    I was born in the 70’s, ran wild through the neighborhood during the 80’s and spent my early 20’s in the 90’s before cell phones and personal computers were invented. But I will admit I spent a good number of those years either sneakubg cigarettes when I was a kid or smoking them legally as an adult.
    Cell phones are great for twitter and texting or watching netflix if your bored but if I had to choose, I would take the mod. I would rather keep calm and vape on. I can find out what crazy nonsense Donald Trump is up to later.

  • Alex Simone says:

    They both are equally as important, but I could probably stay less agitated without my phone.

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