Vapor Visuals Abroad: Nottingham, England

Today we will be heading to the mid-lands of England and exploring Nottingham. Well known to the western world for its association Robin Hood and his merry men, this city is full of history and legends.

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To start the morning off right, a peaceful walk through the Arboretum is a must. Opened on May 11th, 1852, the Arboretum became Nottingham’s first public park. The park is home to over 800 trees and is located near the center of the city along the tram route.

Nestled within the Arboretum is a Chinese Bell Tower, designed in 1857 by Marriott Ogle Tarbotton as a war memorial and fully constructed in 1862. The original bell was acquired from a Cantonese temple by British troops during the Opium War, however, the bell was later moved to a regimental war museum in 1956 and a replica sits in its place today. Also included in the design are two Russian cannons that were captured in Sevastopol during the Crimean War.

Not far from the Arboretum lies Green’s Mill. Built by George Green in 1807 and later inherited by his son, also George Green, a 19th-century mathematical physicist. The mill fell into disuse sometime during the 1860’s and remained derelict until it was acquired by the Nottingham City Council in 1979.

On December 2nd, 1986, the mill was fully renovated and reopened. Today Green’s Mill is a free community science center as well as a working mill. The city employ’s one miller who produces organic flour, spelt, rye flour, and oatmeal that can be purchased in the mill shop and by local businesses.

Venturing to the into the center of Nottingham you can spot a popular statue of Robin Hood. Built in 1952, Robin Hood is positioned just outside of the walls of Nottingham Castle. The statue was so popular when it was built that it became a regular target for souvenir hunters who would steal the arrow from the statue. This problem was such an expense for the city that the former Sheriff of Nottingham, Alderman Frank Dennett, had to come to Robin Hood’s aid. He commissioned several engineers at the Royal Ordnance Factory to create a stronger material for Robin Hoods arrow and it remains as you see it today.

Next to Robin Hood is the old gatehouse of Nottingham Castle. A moat once surrounded the walls, but has since been filled in. Even without a moat the castle is difficult to access as it sits atop Castle Rock, a geological landmark that’s tallest cliff reaches 130 feet high.

The original Nottingham Castle was built in 1067 CE by the order of William the Conqueror and was a wooden structure that subsequently burned down. The gate house that we see today was added to the rock between 1251-1255 and is the oldest structure that remains on the property. The Ducal Palace was built on the site of the old castle between 1674 and 1679 and serves in present day as the Nottingham Castle Art Museum.

The geology of Nottingham is unique in that the city rests on a soft sandstone ridge, which can easily be dug into. As a result, Nottingham has an entire city of caves underneath it’s city center. There are over 500 caves that have been found and many still yet to be discovered, as the caves are not all linked. The caves are classified as an ancient monument and their existence has been documented as early as 893 CE.

After so much site seeing, you’re sure to be hungry. There is no better place to stop for a bite than Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub. Located right below Castle Rock, the pub claims to be the oldest in England. While the age of the building is unable to be verified prior to 1660, the pub is attached to a cave system that was originally used as a brew house for the original Nottingham Castle in 1068 CE.

Nottingham is full of fun things to do whether your interests be in history, nature, geology, science, good food or simply interesting sites. Up next I will be heading south to the largest city in the United Kingdom, London. Don’t forget to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date on everything vape related.

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