New Studies Find Open System Vaping Offers Better Chance to Quit Smoking Than Cigalikes

For those of you that don’t know, open system vaping is a term used to differentiate the style of vaping that doesn’t include cigalikes and allows users to choose their own juice. If you are using anything from a simple Kanger Evod Starter Kit to a SMK Flagship with a Darkhorse RDA, you’re using open system vaping.

As providers of juice compatible with open system vaporizers, it’s a no-brainer for MBV to support this style of vaping. We also advocate an open technological system where all companies can contribute their innovations. More competition means better products. Better products means happier customers.

Recently, a new study out of Britain shows that open system vaping benefits smokers looking to kick the habit. The findings were published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research and concluded:

“Whether e-cigarette use is associated with quitting depends on type and frequency of use. Compared with respondents not using e-cigarettes, daily tank users were more likely, and non-daily cigalike users were less likely, to have quit.”

According to Sara Hitchman, a lecturer at King’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience who led the research, the study demonstrates that there is an “importance of distinguishing between different types of e-cigarettes and frequency of use when examining the association between e-cigarettes and quitting.”

The study was based off two surveys of around 1,500 smokers in the U.K., where data was gathered in December of 2012 and again one year later. Almost 28 percent of smokers who used refillable tanks every day gave up smoking, compared with 11 percent of smokers using cigalikes.

Importantly, the stipulation that smokers used their vaporizers every day was key to these findings. Quitting rates for non-daily users were substantially lower. Nonetheless, smokers who used open system vaping still performed better.

While this is promising research, there are still many more questions to answer. Hitchman stated:

“At this point we don’t know why people who use tank type e-cigarettes daily are more likely to have quit…Research suggests that tanks might deliver nicotine more effectively and perhaps be more satisfying … but there may also be other factors, including price and the ways that tanks allow the user to adapt the product.”

Whatever the reasons are, here at Mt. Baker Vapor we’re happy to be contributing to the continued dominance of open system vaping.

Something to think about:

Why do you think open system vaping has proven to be more effective than cigalikes at helping smokers quit?

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • aussieroo77 says:

    Cigalikes just dont give you a good hit and constantly leak while inhaling in my opinion.
    Tanks give a greater more reliable flavour and nicotine hit. I started on cigalikes and after one week started hunting for ego and tank setups. I truly got the hit i was after when i started sub ohm vaping.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Cigalikes have such a lack of options as well. It’s like the difference between having an automatic vs manual transmission. Way more control and you feel in tune with the device.

  • Sherrie Drone says:

    Because drippers and good tank give more vapor and better taste, also the ejuice gives a choice of nicotine strength

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      I think there’s also the ritual to it as well. Everyone has a little ritual with cigs but cigalikes are boring. Just puff and that’s it. Open tank systems still give you the ritual though because it’s a much more involved habit.

  • rick says:

    dont know what a cigilite is but the ego e cigs are no good. I didn’t seriously try to quit until I got an atlantis bottom dual coil tank and a eleaf 20 watt. seems to work pretty good.

  • Paul Howell says:

    I quit smoking analogs about 10 yrs ago but I love nicotine so I chewed the gum instead. I chose to try Vaping about a year ago I really reviewed my yearly costs. It became a matter of simple economics. The nicotine gum is basically the same price as smoking.
    The cigalikes were not even considered due to overwhelming dislike by experienced vapor users. I bought a “mod” and have never looked back. Bought several more since and entirely satisfied with ease of use and quality of “drag”. Consumables cost me about $25 per month. Far less than the nicotine gum. And surprisingly, no or very little negative social stigma in the business world.
    VAPE ON !!

  • Carl Ramer says:

    My wife uses a Halo G6 and I use their Triton tank. I’m guessing the purists would call both of them cigalikes since neither requires a car battery to fire the coils. We both have the entire spectrum of MB flavors and strengths available. Also have a choice of coil resistances available. If you’ve had a bad experience with cigalikes, it was likely before you discovered MBV and the great people there who make vaping so pleasant.

  • greg m says:

    I can only relate my own experience. I started smoking at 13 and am now 53. thats 40 years of smoking. I dabbled in cigalikes and egos for 2 yours but didn’t get the satisfaction of real smoking. I managed to quit in january this year thanks to an mvp and kanger aerotank. now I use an mvp 3.0 pro and kanger sub-tank, and it more than satisfies my cravings.

  • Ronald williams says:

    Because cig lites just don’t satisfied. Every time I got a cig alike I was always back to smoking in days. Then I got a ego syle battery what a difference it took me 3 days to give up. smoking. I have not had a cigarette in 18 months.,Right now,I am using the aspire atlantis v2 tank my favorite tank

  • Jason H says:

    In addition to the ritual, I think the satisfaction is more than most pay attention to. Wether it’s a pack of smokes or the cig-a-likes, neither can really be tailored to the individual much if at all. Vaping has allowed endless ways for ones to go through the transition of being a Smoker to a Non-Smoker and I’m glad I’ve found it. I probably averaged 2Packs a day for 20yrs. It’s been just at a year I’ve stopped. Somehow I’ve managed to also loose weight, but not too much. It seems that the flavors can also curb my appetite some. I’m tasting MB Honeydew rite now. I jumped right into sub ohm with Atlantis and haven’t looked back. I’m up t 7 different tanks t play with and its looking like Tesla Vortek TC is my favorite rite now.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      I think you’re right that the customizable aspect offers a huge plus for people that want to get into vaping. People like to be unique and open system vaping offers them another way to express themselves via different tank, mod, and juice combinations.

  • Kevin C says:

    I started with an istick 20w with a nautilus tank. From day 1 I felt it was the same throat hit I needed. Never picked up a cigarette again going on 2 months now cigarette free after 20 yrs

  • Murray B says:

    Why would anyone want to quit vaping nicotine when it is no more harmful than caffeine and boosts intelligence? It would make more sense to make it a requirement for any job that involves thinking.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      I agree that there hasn’t been much to say it is more harmful than caffeine, but I understand anyone who tries to get off substances that make you feel differently. My Dad used to love his coffee and cigarettes and today he tries to avoid caffeine and nicotine all together.

  • Brenda says:

    I am 64 yrs old and have been smoking for over 45 yrs. my dtr introduced me to vaping and I kept lowering the nicotine level. I have been vaping with 0 nicotine for 16 months. I have tried everything available to quit smoking and none of them worked. I have no desire to smoke cigs because they taste nasty! Love the taste of your vapor juice!

  • Carl Ramer says:

    I started smoking in 1951 at age 10. That makes me a fossil. Since then have smoked every form of tobacco available in many countries but was told by my wife’s oncologist to quit because she had to. So after getting her set up with the G6 I went for the Triton. We have blank cartomizers that fit both units and ten flavors of juice that I mix to suit the day. Maybe the earlier cigalikes were crap but the G6 is easy to customize and the Triton that looks a little like a cigar is even easier. I didn’t try to quit tobacco by vaping, it just happened that vaping was so good I didn’t want tobacco after three days on the juice.

  • Ian says:

    I tried a cigalike from Japan over 5 years ago. In my opinion, it was more of a toy than a quitting device. Using a tank system seems to work better for me on a psychological level. I am not using something trying to resemble a cigarette, but something different altogether. Since switching to this form, I have not had a cigarette in almost a year and have dropped nicotine intake.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Can’t wait for more studies to come out that detail why open system vaping seems to work better for quitting smoking than cigalikes. I imagine a large part of the issue is, like you said, psychological.

  • Pauline says:

    My husband & I have been customers of yours for 10 months or so. Pack a day smokers over 40 years. I use menthol, he leans toward fruit. He is in a nursing home due to an abscess in his liver, IV antibiotics ( prob long term). I was amazed that the nursing home allows vaping! Most places here in WV have lumped vape in with smoking restrictions. ( without supporting research)

  • Bob says:

    Choices of flavor and nic strength can be used in Tank Systems. With APVs, you can change the tank from SS to Polycarbonate, to Pyrex Glass. You can change coil wire size and resistance. You can change to your choice of wick and even control air and e-liquid flow. At the end of each month, I wash and clean my APV, dispose 1 coil/ 1 gunky wick/ 2 empty 30ml bottle of e-liquid. With cigalikes, you throw a lot of non-reuseable, butt-like, empty cartridges.

  • Mike says:

    way better than cigs

  • […] Notably, open-system vaping reduces waste. Unlike cigarettes, which are one-use and leave a polluted filter to discard, vaping products are reusable and have generally high shelf-life. You can get years of use out of an electronic cigarette, and if it is disposed/recycled correctly, it has a minimal impact on the environment. It is extremely important to dispose of all electronics and batteries properly.  Unsorted e-waste can contribute to chemical pollution! […]

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