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Hello, Vape Fans!  At Mt Baker Vapor, we are always bringing on new products on the website.  This blog will give you an idea of some of the new items we have listed, in case you have missed them. This industry moves fast, and it can be hard to keep up. Come check out some of our new products!

E Liquid:


We’ve added two flavors from Vubble: Strawberry and Watermelon! Both of these flavors are spot-on and delectable.  If premium fruit flavors are your vice, these flavors will wet your whistle!

Traditional_-_Tribe2__34747.1465947281.500.750 (1)

Traditional joined the Mt Baker Vapor family with style and grace.  We carry four of their flavors. We’d recommend trying all four flavors, and achieving satisfaction once thought impossible. Plus, their label designs are on point!


STYX is another newcomer to our site.  We have eight different flavors listed.  They all come in unicorn bottles, which are amazing for on-the-go!  There is at least one for everyone’s palate. STYX juice should be experienced, and cherished.


Straight Outta Cereal is one of the greatest fruity cereal flavors out there! One reviewer wrote, “It has a well-balanced cereal taste but with more milk and actual “cereal grain” taste vs the strong citrus flavor I get from most cereal liquids.”  If you take cereal as seriously as we do, Straight Outta Cereal is a must-vape!


POET has four flavors that are objectively delicious.  My personal favorite is Bourbon Spice Roll.  It is a glazed roll with cinnamon, spice, everything nice, plus the oaky bite of bourbon.

ARC_Neighborhood_-_Honor__46579.1464218672.500.750 (1)

The Neighborhood is another one of our awesome partners.  We offer four of their flavors, all of which are super tasty.  Their names of the flavors come from characteristics you would expect a neighborhood to have. Fill your tanks, and vape up!


Dripline is also one of the new outstanding vendors we have brought on! We carry eight different flavors from them.  Most of them are fruity, but they have two exquisite dessert flavors. Base Nectar Freeze is a fruity flavor on the intake, with a cool breeze exhale.  The flavor in these bottles are excellent, and the bottles are only $22.  Give them a shot, and I know you will not be disappointed.



The new Joytech AIO is one of the best starter kits or kits for tootlepoofers at this time.  The flavor and cloud production is not what you expect for a device like this.  It is bound to surprise you!  The price cannot be any better either. At only $19.95, it is affordable for all vapers!

Riptide_both__06476.1462558400.500.750 (1)

The Amigo Driptide is made by a local company here in Arizona.  They have created a tank that makes outstanding cloud production and also has great flavor at the same time!  We also carry their coils which come in .5 and .3 ohm.  Perfect for subohming!  For this great piece of hardware, it will only cost you $38.99.


The Mt Baker Vapor Trucker Hat is an adjustable mesh hat with a foam front. Keep the sunshine in check, and your head looking magnificent with our bold sunburst design!


The House of Hybrids Kabuki D’elegance Tank is a tank that has great flavor.  The tank has a tight draw to it, and uses the Nautilus Vertical (BVC), so you know it will give you that great vape every time.  It looks amazing and works amazingly well.  It is worth ever penny spent on it!

There you have it vape fans!  We are always bringing on new and exciting products for all vapers.  Keep an eye out, and make sure to check back often!

Josh Hanna

  • Isaac says:


  • Elisabeth says:

    It’s easy to miss new stuff. Thanks for pointing them out!

  • Clinton Edwards says:

    I love seeing and trying new products.I gotta say the AIO is inexpensive and works very well its my outside vape it breaks no big deal compared to alot of our expensive stuff.Kepp up the great work MBV

  • Bailey says:

    Just wanted to say I LOVE MBV. Best prices. Best flavors. I went from buying a $18 30ml of house liquid to these 30 ml which I’m spending as little as $5 a bottle. I love it. Continuing to refer friends and shop with you guys!

  • TAMMY MURPHY says:

    I absolutely love my Joytech AIO. Its perfect for me. I received it for my birthday on June 1st and haven’t had a cigarette yet. I was a 28 year smoker…amazing!

  • Steve says:

    Sometimes it too easy to get caught up in all the newest stuff, I prefer to stick with what works for me

  • partho says:


  • Elaina says:

    Love MBV! Cant wait for new flavors!

  • Lauren says:

    Starting to get a little deeper into trying new things and having better hardware, so this was great to read! One question; when do you expect Maui Sunrise to come back in stock? It is my everyday vape and I am struggling to find a replacement.

    If anyone has any suggestions, do let me know!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are waiting for our flavor suppliers to ship out our order, and as soon as that comes back in, we will have it ready. For a suggestion, I would try Desert Rain if you have not. This is one of my favorite vapes, and it is super good!

  • Corey Ziegler says:

    Always excited to see new juices from the Gwar line

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