According to a New CDC Study, E Cig Vapor Contains No Toxic Chemicals

Back in 2015, the New England Journal of Medicine published a report that wrongly concluded that vape smoke contained chemicals like formaldehyde. This set off a firestorm of rumors and false reports, often cited when trying to scaremonger or smear vaping. Now, a new CDC study finally has cleared vaping’s name and proves once and for all that e cig vapor has no more formaldehyde (or other toxic chemicals) than the average room in the US. The average room in America actually contains MORE formaldehyde than e cig vapor.

New CDC Study Details

A prominent doctor and researcher, Dr. Konstantnos Farsalinos, studied this topic over the last three years and came to the same conclusions as the new CDC study. In order to measure the levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals in e cig vapor, the new CDC study gathered air samples from a vape shop where customers and employees were heavily vaping. It was a small, non-ventilated area where almost all the employees and 13 customers were heavily vaping. The samples came back with no measurable concentrations of formaldehyde or other toxins.

The paper compiled by the new CDC study is called “Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop”, and can be viewed here.

This study, and another one by the California Department of Public Health which had the same results, are not touted and are not being given enough attention. Despite the smear campaigns against the vape industry and all the negative press, any time something positive comes out, it gets swept under the rug. This is especially harmful because vaping is an amazing form of harm reduction which will, in fact, save countless lives and extend them by dozens of years. It’s important to spread this positive and affirming information about vaping, because of the fear mongering going on against the industry right now.

As vapers, we need to be our own advocates. We are working against the powers that be (Big Pharma, FDA, Big Tobacco), who are actively trying to see our industry fail for their own selfish reasons. The best way to do this is through information and education. Unfortunately, the studies coming out are skewed and the ones that do end up showing favorable results are often swept under the rug. Use common sense and research, and share positive news about vaping that you come across. Make sure to debunk myths you hear, because we need to advocate for ourselves first and foremost.

Vape on!

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Caroline Sparks

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    Excellent article, I knew all long . I breathe 10,000 times better than when using cigarettes. And taste so much better. Not to mention huge clouds. I love it!!! Where would I be without it!!!! Thanks, Guys- Michael McDermott

  • Sam Schnoll says:

    Family and friends keep reminding me how harmful vaping is. I send them reports like this one and they just reject it out of hand. Any kind of “smoking” is so thoroughly condemned that I have stopped sending them. And, God-help me if I vape in front of their children. Otherwise, they are very liberal. They would totally accept me if I came out as gay or transsexual. I could put on a dress and lipstick with a long blond wig and they would tell me how lovely I looked. But should they see the mod in my shirt pocket, I would be excoriated. So while in confession with my parish priest I received not one kind word. In fact, the priest threw me out of the confessional, with critical remarks and threatened to complain to my parents . I got no forgiveness from God according to Father Guido. I bet if I was an altar boy he wouldn’t have been so condemning. I guess he figures that some sins are totally forgivable but not vaping. I will now vape in the privacy of my bedroom like I did as a young adolescent boy as I abused myself erotically. I’m sure he would have found THAT acceptable and certainly not thrown me out of the confessional. Perhaps he would have asked for a demonstration. Jesus, where are you when I need the comfort of your accepting and forgiving arms?

  • Karl Hecky says:

    I was diagnosed with bladder cancer 6 years ago and immediately stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes. My tumor was removed and the cancer has not returned, thank God. I had been trying to quit regular cigarettes with E-cigs at the time so essentially I have been smoking E-cigs for at least the past 7 years and I have had no ill effects from them they have been what keeps me from going back to tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs are the answer for those of us hooked on smoking and we need the positive info to keep coming.
    Great article Caroline.

  • Judy Kelly says:

    I’m a former smoker for most of my life which is a long time. I’m 59. I quit smoking 5 yrs ago with your products. I have COPD & that will never go away, but I no longer have chronic bronchitis, pneumonia once a year & countless sinus problems & ear infections. They are all gone. I haven’t even had a cold in 5 years! Its like a miracle to me. My older brother didn’t quit & now he’s dying of COPD & its NOT PRETTY. He sits in a recliner all day. It is an awful way to die. He just turned 64. By contrast, I no longer even need an inhaler. I am so thankful. Even if, at some point they find vaping to be harmful in some way, I’ll take my chances. I refer people to your website all the time. I have even bought starter kits for people. It’s THAT GOOD!

  • steve says:

    Finally some actually scientific evidence/ research done, proving that vape juice doesn’t contain all of the horrible and unnecessary chemicals that are in cigarettes. Ever since that bogus report a few years ago, everyone believes that vaping is just as bad, if not worse than smoking. Like just put the damn nicotine in there and you’re good. You don’t need all those other 200 some hazardous chemicals…

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  • Alex Simone says:

    This is great news! I am tired of arguing with people about the so-called “dangers” of vaping.

  • Elizabeth Haralson says:

    Big Tobacco are Big Liars…we already know that’s true. They will say anything to keep the death train rolling.

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  • evan says:

    great article. Way to “fire” back at all of those false claims and inconclusive studies! 🙂

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