New Borders and What they Mean

Hello all you Mt Baker Vapor fans! We have a wonderful new update on our website if you haven’t already seen it. But even if you have seen you are probably like WHAT? This is fancy, but what do all of these borders actually mean? Not to worry, that is why we are here, to walk you through them all and how they will assist you when it comes to purchasing.

Thug_Juice__99922.1410864546.500.750Best Seller

First lets get talking about the most popular border you will see, it is the Best Sellers border. This can be helpful when it comes to new vapers trying to figure out what they want to order or veteran vapers looking to try something new. This border is updated on the first of each month, allowing you to see the trends of what is the hot commodity from the previous month in the vaping world and what you might want to try out. Just to clarify If you see this border on a product in January, that means it was a bestseller in the month of December.




Almost Gone

When you see this border, and this is a device or juice that you love, you might want to buy as many as possible because Mt Baker Vapor will be discontinuing this product once our current stock hits zero. Occasionally due to a lack of sales and/or interest we need to remove certain items to be able to bring in new items that may be more popular or more frequently requested. This border is meant to be a warning to allow you some time to purchase and stock up on a product you like before it is gone forever.



OOS_quasar__31186.1410864542.500.750Out of Stock

In the past, if an item was out of stock, we used to just pull the entire listing from our website. Doing this unfortunately confused customers, making them think we were discontinuing the item forever. This also meant our customers could not review the item until it was restocked. This border is to avoid such confusion, and allow all you kind folk nice enough to leave a review to be able to do so. When you see the Out of Stock border on a product, this means that the product will be returning, we just need a little time to get it back in. We appreciate your patience as we wait for these items to be added back into our inventory.

Hopefully these new borders will put your mind at ease, and keep you and our other customers better informed allowing you to have full access to the information we have, including what is popular, what is being discontinued, and what is just simply out of stock and to be back soon! 🙂

Understandably there will still be confusion, so please feel free to contact our lovely customer support at 1.887.565.8273 or via livechat between the hours of 7am and 11pm PST 7 days a week.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am in love with white ice. .there are not many other flavors I can constantly vape..I see it’s almost gone. . Is there a way too find out all the ingredients so that I can still order this maybe as a make your own flavor? Super bummed to see this one go 🙁

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