Mt Baker Vapor Blue Bottles Are Now Available!

Mt Baker Vapor Blue Bottles are the best e-juice option for people looking for a great tasting e-juice, without the heavy cost. We save money on the manufacturing of these bottles by not using fancy packaging or expensive bottles and pass these saving along to our customers.  These bottles are pre-steeped for superior flavor, precision batched for optimal consistency, feature child proof packaging, and offer the same great Mt Baker Vapor value. The following flavors and more can now be purchased at MtBakerVapor.com in gorgeous new blue label bottles:

Afternoon Delight

Banana Cream Pie

Beast Treats

Berry Crunch Cereal

Blue Moo



Cinnamon Roll

Cinnatoast Munch

Cotton Candy

Desert Rain

Extreme Ice

Forestberry Fusion

French Toast

Fruity Hoops

Green Apple

Hawk Sauce

Juicy Cube

Moo Juice



Thug Juice

USA Blend Tobacco


There are some changes that have come along with these bottles and new FDA regulations. Here is the summary:

  • No more 236mL or 15mL bottles. We know many of you love this bottle size, but for the sake of consistency and better flavor, we decided to eliminate this larger bottle option. We are working hard to bring this option back soon!
  • No more flavor shots. Again, this decision was made with consistency in mind. To give our customers the best quality flavor that tastes excellent every time,we decided to eliminate flavor shots with our blue-label bottles.
  • Different blends. These blue bottles will no longer offer the 80PG/20VG, 65PG/35VG, or 20PG/80VG options. These have effectively been replaced by 30PG/70VG and 70PG/30VG options. These blends were carefully selected and we believe you will find them to be suitable replacements.

We understand that these are big changes for our customers. However, we believe that these bottles represent the future of what vaping should be: perfect flavor and optimum consistency at a reasonable price point. These changes were made with our customers in mind. For great tasting e-juice, without the inflated cost of all the bells and whistles, experience the future of Mt Baker Vapor!
By vapers, for vapers.


Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Devonna says:

    Can’t wait until my next order !

  • Louis N. says:

    Same VG-PG?

    Can’t wait to try moo.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      The VG and PG are slightly different. 80vg/20pg is now 70vg/30pg, 20vg/80pg is now 30vg/80pg and we no longer offer 65pg/35vg. We think you’ll love the new moo!

      • Kathy says:

        Why such hjgh vg and no flavor shots that is what I enjoyed is adding flavor shots to make it my own according to my taste.

        • John B says:

          I would recommend that you buy some DIY flavoring bottles today or tomorrow before they are gone. That way, if you feel you need to add flavor shots, you can. Those bottles are extremely cheap and concentrated. Get a couple of your few favorite flavors and they’ll last you for the foreseeable future. The reason they’re getting rid of them is twofold. 1.) The FDA is still smacking the industry and they’re forced to stop DIY. 2.) This new system is all pre-steeped juices and it would not be remotely feasible for them to make large batches of each flavor in all the different combinations of 5 VG ratios mixed with 5 flavor shot possibilities in 3 sizes. The bottles would never move and we’d be getting old, black juices.

          However, these will be pre-steeped and will taste a bit stronger on arrival. You can also increase PG to increase flavor. I’ve yet to try these new bottles, but despite your worry, this stands to be the absolute best thing for this company and for us. MBV’s consistency was lacking in a big way and even you, who thinks you’ve been getting what you paid for, will most likely be pleasantly surprised when your juices are mixed correctly and precisely for once. ….That is, assuming this works out.

          • John B says:

            PS – oh and i forgot to mention x6 nicotine options. A mathematician can feel free to tell me how many combinations of batches that would equal. All I know is, I’m glad they’re doing this.

  • Robbin Andersen says:

    I usually get 2 flavor shots. I am assuming that I will need to get eliquid flavoring for all of the juices I enjoy. How much is used to equal 2 shots?

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      I would start with 1mL of extra flavoring, but you may need to do some trial and error.

      • Mike says:

        How can a vaper add or buy flavoring when you are also removing that from purchase?

        • Josh Hanna says:

          Unfortunately, we will not be able to sell it. There may be other companies who can but we cannot.

        • John B says:

          You should buy them before they’re gone. Those small, cheap bottles will last an extremely long time if you’re just touching up pre-mixed bottles. Btw, I was told that they were removing DIY flavoring due to the FDA. If that’s true, that part is not their fault.

  • Cordell says:

    This is disappointing.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      We understand that this is an inconvenient change for many customers. However, it is what we must do to ensure that we will be able to continue serving our customers for years to come.

      • Raymond Wynn says:

        I personally don’t believe you really do understand just how “inconvenient” this is, and how many customers it’s going to affect…..

        • Josh Hanna says:

          We do understand but if we were to keep everything on our site, we would go out of business. It costs to much to get everything approved.

        • John B says:

          I think they’re well aware of how many people it will affect negatively and how many it will affect positively, and that’s why they did it. A quick google search will reveal how important it was for them to fix their consistency. I think even you guys who are worried will be pleasantly surprised. The only real difference is that now your juices’ tastes will be at their best 100% of the time. The PG/VG ratio changes are inconsequential and the flavorings can be stocked up on for very little cost right now.

          I for one am extremely relieved and happy to see this change. In fact, I was about ready to leave MBV before I heard the news. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, as have TONS of others. It does suck about the flavorings, but DIY is going away because of the FDA, not MBV. We can all do take action on that end instead of just complaining.

          • Christian says:

            You guys keep saying you’ve made these changes to ensure a quality product but then have taken away most options that for a large majority of your customer base were the very ways the customers themselves had become accustomed to ensuring that very thing for themselves. On top of the fact that taking away the option to buy the 236ml bottle has anything to do with regulation or product quality is ridiculous. ITS JUST GREED! At the very least the other options you could argue are for Mt. Bakers convenience and efficiency in actually mixing the product in a consistent manner. Now ordering 236ml costs nearly 60 dollars by the time you get done steeping it or whatever ever other foolish things you keep telling people your doing now.

    • Jane says:

      My friend is just glad she took the time (and trouble) to learn to DIY her own ejuice. And I’ve found another Hazelnut I like as much as the one here. Neither one of us can do 70% VG…there’s just no way as it gives us breathing issues. Don’t understand that high VG at all, not so good for people. Yeah…disappointing.

      • Jane says:

        Sorry, just noticed the 70%PG/30%VG option…which is much better! All is well. 30%VG is good.

        Ya do what ya gotta do…I’m just surprised the FDA is allowing anybody to continue selling ejuice. Probably costing MBV an arm and a leg. But I’m glad you’re doing it. Fighting back against Big Tobacco is always a good thing!

      • Andrew Figgs says:

        We do have other option besides 70%VG if that helps

    • Mellojeff says:

      I feel the same way.

      I am going to miss the 236ml bottle and the flavor shots.

      One of the best things about Mt Baker was the ability to personalize your purchase, now no more flavor shots.

      Now they’re just like everyone else…


      • Josh Hanna says:

        The FDA made us just like everyone else except we have great customer service and we have more flavors!

        • John B says:

          Don’t sweat it guys. It’s a transitional period. Some people will be upset, but far more will be happy. Many of the critical customers don’t yet realize how this will positively affect their orders. I just hope a lot of the shot lovers stock up by tomorrow.

          Oh and btw… Just like everyone else except for price, service, shipping, selection, and now finally taste and consistency. There’s only a couple other retailers who are close in price and their juices are mixed on a per order basis. If I were you guys, I’d be stressing the “machine-mixed” point over the “pre-steeped” point. Who cares about steeping? As long as it’s mixed correctly, I’m happy as hell.

          • Josh Hanna says:

            The pre-batches are a great addition. The machine mixed are to make it quicker and easier but they also come sealed now which is a huge plus. Especially if someone has gotten a bottle and it leaked on the way there.

        • Christian says:

          The other SERIOUS issue I have. If anything you have done nothing but hurt your ability to give good customer service. You have done away with ordering by phone. In fact to get anyone on the phone anymore I found is an impossibility so if the customer has questions about the order they want to place there going to find themselves frustrated. All I see is that you guys have used what regulations the fda has placed on you and used it as an excuse to streamline your business while ultimately charging more for your product claiming you get the extra yard in steeping the liquid. It’s such a shame, you guys used to come off as a real down home business that truly cared about your customers. Now your no different then every other supplier out there. Oh wait a second. I can’t say that because the other companies have a hell of alot more options.

          • Josh Hanna says:

            Unfortunately, we cannot verify your age over the phone. What we can do is be on the phone when you are placing an order and if any questions arise, we can answer them for you. The regulations are unfortunate. I know what it looks like to the customers as we have discontinued a lot of our products. We are planning to be proactive rather than reactive. If the regulations do stay the way they are, we will be one of the few that are compliant. If they do change, we can always change back which would be AWESOME!

      • Nicholas Nelson says:

        I’m with you on this. I will be searching out a company that offers larger bottles. This was a main selling point for me.

        • Kenny Spotz says:

          Please know that we are listening to customer concerns regarding this issue and evaluating all available options. We hope to have a policy change in place soon that will help ease customer concerns.

          • Ex-MBV Customer says:


            I see you’re still “evaluating” selling larger bottles & still banging people over the head with your much higher prices now.

            You know there are other quality ejuice vendors who are currently & will continue to step in to fill the vacuum of all the bulk personal ejuice buyers market that you guys gave away during the past few months.

            I wonder what marketing genius told you guys to abandon the bulk personal ejuice buyers market. Until you guys made your changes, it seems you HAD that market cornered.

          • Kenny Spotz says:

            Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad to announce that bulk prices have returned! You will now receive an automatic 20% off discount on orders of 10 bottles or more of the same flavor of Mt Baker Vapor e liquid. You can read the full announcement here: http://blog.mtbakervapor.com/the-return-of-mt-baker-vapor-bulk-prices/

        • Allsion says:

          The 236ml was why I switched from The Vapor Room which sells my loved Cheesecake. But with discount codes the juices are now the same price. Its really disappointing to me too. Hopefully I will also be able to find cheaper prices some where else

      • Allsion says:

        You could offer deals like the Vapor room does. If as you stated the big bottles might sit too long, is why you wont sell them. Then you could still offer the 236ml’s being in a combo of smaller sized bottles for maybe $3 more than the price the 236’s were. So the extra bottles are paid for etc. so that way customers are still happy and you won’t be losing so many

  • Justin says:

    Love the look and pre steeped thats awesome

  • Matt says:

    Great idea. Had a conversation with customer service today. Seems like they have a high turn over rate at MBV most of them don’t know what there doing.

    • John B says:

      The mixers, yes. I can only speculate that as the company grew, the mixers were trained less intimately and instead were just thrown recipes. Working it out with the mixers apparently wasn’t going to happen, so this is the next best thing.

  • TAMMY MURPHY says:

    This will be interesting, but hopefully a good change.

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  • Mike says:

    As someone who considers himself a casual, daily vaper, these changes overwhelmingly seem positive to me.

    I recently switched to you MBV after spending $30 a bottle for 30ml at a competitor and wish I’d have done so sooner – your products are outstanding, your selection unparalleled, and your prices are unbeatable.

    Love the new packaging – much more high end looking, and the fact that they’ll come pre-steeped is a huge deal for someone like me, who always seems to be ordering last minute and doesn’t always have 2-3 weeks to maximize flavor.

    Keep up the good work – you guys have earned a very loyal customer. I wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else.

  • Richie says:

    Hi I love MBV but dressing up bad news is kinda unethical in my opinion. I understand it probably is a measure to save application costs for the impending FDA laws.

    but disappointed saw this coming months back and I see closed cartridge n joy e cigs being pushed.

    also it seems like a slap in the face that you are charging more per ml for the 300ml then the 236 ml.

    you gotta do what you gotta do. I can see MBV operating outside the US in the future.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do not think it is unethical and it really is good news not bad. These new bottles are a lot better quality. They are more consistent and pre-steeped. It is 2 cents more a mL, that is true. But for pre-steeped and better secured packaged it is worth the 2 cents per mL.

      • Richie says:

        Hi Josh, Don’t get me wrong I like MBV not trolling. I mean this with no disrespect but since you are a MBV employee I see how you feel that way.

        but this blog suggesting to me that changes like downsizing options is good and will benefit me is underestimating my intelligence.

        I feel that MBV has approached this the wrong way and has its fair share of deception hence the unethical comment.

        as for quality consistancy in quality MBV has that already

        2 cents x 20,000 starts to add up.


        • Josh Hanna says:


          I see what you mean. I didn’t mean to sound offended if I did. Downsizing is bad for everyone. We are known to have a ton of options. This blog was written more for information but also to let everyone know we have a great new product. It is hard to announce that we have a great new product when we have to take products away and increase the price a little bit.

          I do apologize for us having to do this and really wish we did not. With the new regulations coming into effect, it is hard for companies to make the tough decisions. This is one we really did not want to do but had to so we can be around for everyone.

          I will answer any questions you have about this. You can either post them here or email me at jhanna@mtbakervapor.com and we can talk. I love speaking with everyone whether it is bad news or good or just a question. 🙂 I love the customer support we have. I have never had this before at any company I worked at so this is really cool for me.

          I hope we can still keep your loyalty. We are fighting for the rights of everyone and maybe one day, we can bring this back.

          • Richie says:


            I’m happy to pay more as you are right that 2 cents isn’t that much to me, MBV is still the only place I buy juice and will be in the future. It really isn’t about the affordability as much as I feel that MBV are experts at what you do and your juice isn’t made in some bathtub, you guys have always taken care of me. If it keeps MBV operating i’m all for it.

            I come from a marketing, advertising background (I don’t think that really matters) and it struck a chord with me. I just like to know the facts about changes and decide whether or not they benefit me. I don’t like the practice of pointing out benefits when some negative changes have been made.

            I’m just not entirely clear on how special and safer these new bottles are, If you can tell me I’d like to hear, but that’s probably due to me not reading everything said about them. My 236ml bottles have always had a peel back seal under the childproof cap. I like steeping and tasting the change overtime. I always dug how the juices were mixed on the day I ordered them.

            It looks like a ton of people are happy so that’s good. Vaping saved my life. So thanks. I live outside the US and I’ve been donating money to help fight the FDA. These fools if they get their way will look back in 50 years time and will see that they stopped the movement that could have potentially saved 100’s of millions of lives.

          • Josh Hanna says:


            Thank you for your loyalty and your help in fighting the FDA! It means a lot to us.

            I used to vape my e-liquid right away and by the time the bottle was gone, it would be steeped. I understand how nice that is. These new pre-steeped bottles will let you get the max flavor right away. The bottles are more secure now which is great for shipping.

            The 236 mL bottles would leak during shipping. Not everyone had this problem, but there were a lot of claims because the bottles leaked.

            We are in the industry to try and help people. Politicians see their pockets emptying as we do this and they do not like it. I wish they would open their eyes and see what we are actually doing.

      • Patrick Hardy says:

        Well said! 2 cents isn’t bad at all when you put it that way! Vape on!

        • Raymond Wynn says:

          2 cents is still 2 cents more which can be a big difference when you are disabled and on a fixed income 🙁

          • Michelle R. says:

            Just think about this. The FDA is requiring some hefty fees and we are lucky more of the cost isn’t coming our way. I have been on a very low fixed income many times in my life, so I totally understand where you are coming from! It makes things difficult, and people don’t always understand. They say “what is 2 cents? It is nothing!” But when your income is limited and will not change, you budget down to the nickel and penny. Most people can’t fathom that kind of budgeting.

  • Kev says:

    Disappointed to say the least, no pg20/vg80 and no flavour shots.
    Who really wants to DIY premade liquid, it defeats the purpose.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I am sorry to hear this. We cannot afford to do flavor shots. We would love to but this would add the charge of 300k-1m dollars to each pg/vg ratio/bottle size/nic strength/ and flavor times 4 because they will be looked at as new skus. The 20/80 is actually closer to 30/70 since the flavoring is pg.

      • Pete says:

        how in the world does it cost 300K – 1 MILLION dollars for EVERY flavor and mix to be approved thats absurdly crazy, how in the world can anyone afford that except big tobacco and even if you could afford it, its just highway robbery, its ludicrous…. arent you folks at MBV the least slightly pissed at this?

  • Steel says:

    OOOO these will look good sitting on my mantle at home 🙂

  • Jason Creasy says:

    Will you offer pre-steeped Vanishing Oatmeal Treats?

  • Devonna says:

    Pre steeped ! Yay!

  • Justin says:

    Pre steeped thats awesome MBV rocks like your favorite band

  • Matt says:

    That’s a pretty substantial price hike. ~23% per ML.

    I’ve ordered 2x 240ml bottles a month for the last year. Just went to place this months order and saw the new bottle options. The only option for me is the 300ml. The price hike along with larger volume means I’m spending substantially more per order.

    Time to start shopping around for a better value.

    • Andrew Figgs says:

      Sorry you feel that way

      • Bill says:

        There is nothing to be sorry about. I Vape Sick Gainz “White Zombie” it’s been my go to flavor for ever. I pay 15.80 a 30 ml bt. at a local vape shop, I also vape their version of cinnamon toast crunch, at the same price. So let’s do some math. 10 30ml bts. cost me 158.00. When 10 30ml bts. here cost me about 50.00. So about 1/3rd of the cost from a vape shop. Just be thankful there are places like this. Because if you only had to option to buy from a Vape shop then think of what you would be spending a month.

        • Josh Hanna says:

          This is true. We are cheaper than most places we like to be that way. We are not money hungry. We want to help people as much as we can 🙂

    • John says:

      Definitely feel the same way, 2x236ml bottles for the past year. I should have reordered last week..

      • Kenny Spotz says:

        We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we think that if you give these new blue bottles a shot, you’ll see they are a suitable replacement. Keep in mind our huge Blue Friday sale coming soon, August 5th – 7th. It’ll offer 25% off all e liquid, a great chance to try the new flavors.

    • Brad says:

      You know that was my first thought when all this came out but after rationally thinking about this, soon there won’t be many more options. Assuming nobody wins out against the FDA, its likely to put everybody but the bigger companies out of business and there will be far fewer options for customization available. Being a customer for a few years, MBV has always looked out for its customers so as much as I hate to see the changes they are doing so to keep providing us with a great service. There are a lot of options out there now but thats probably going to start changing quick 🙁

    • Raymond Wynn says:

      I will be doing the exact same thing. I hate finding a new vape source after 3 years of being a customer here, but I see no reason to continue shopping here if the main reason WHY I shopped here in the first place is taken away.

  • Kristen says:

    Agreed…..a significant price hike with fewer personalization choices, plus the extra cost of buying extra flavoring….not good.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      We understand your concerns but we believe that when you take into account the pre-steeping process and the extra consistency offered by these bottles, our customers are still receiving an excellent value. Trust me, we never like to take away options, but the positives of these new blue bottles truly do outweigh the negatives.

      • Ex-MBV Customer says:

        Ya, to you and your company, sure, these NEW Blue Awesome Super Mega Bottles of the Best EJUICE EVER are the best thing since sliced bread.

        To us, the customer we are now paying x2.5 the price & have less options. You talk to your customers like you think we’re idiots on top of it. Spinning increased pricing & reduced options as some kind of win for the customer, what a joke lol.

        There are other high quality ejuice suppliers that have a larger selection then you used to with more customization options then you ever had for the same price point you used to provide & cheaper. I wont provide the name or URL to the site only due to respect i USED to have for this company in hopes that you will atleast meet your customers half way on price points & volume.

        Please get your act together MBV, ive been ordering with you for 1.5 years since i quit smoking & i hate that ive since had to find a new reliable place to spend my money.

  • Jason says:

    I like this idea – Especially when you go to YouTube for reviews – Everyone is getting different combos of VG / PG and different amount of flavour shots. Everyone’s juice was different so you weren’t actually getting a 100% legit review of the juice…. in my opinion 😉

  • Kris says:

    Sweet can’t wait for my next purchase. The bigger the better.

  • Kevin Berry says:

    I am extremely happy to hear that you guys are taking preemptive measures for the FDA regulation and fighting so hard for the right to do business the way it should be done. What would the world be without Mt. Baker Vapor? Bleak.

    The restrictions are unjust and unethical, benefiting only big-tobacco companies; eradicating small businesses and severely penalizing large businesses. The consumer public is not the interest of the FDA, they want sick people who will buy their pills, not for people to make healthier life choices. There isn’t much evidence but all the evidence there is shows that vaping is healthier than traditional cigarettes. The fact that they want to do anything to disrupt the vaping economy darkens my heart.

    It’s a little sad to see the flavor shot options go and the price rise, but I would do next to anything to keep “Extreme Ice” on the market. It’s great the bottles are pre-steeped. I totally understand you guys having to reduce the number of SKUs for the PMTA process and I respect that 100 percent.

    You have my total support, thank you for everything you’ve done and what your doing. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

    Warm Regards,

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Thank you, Kevin! We are trying our best to be able to stick around for a long time for our customers! We care about each and every one of you and we will do anything to make sure we can help you in the future.

  • Ken C says:

    I like the new look!

  • Adam Pratter says:

    It is a bit of adjustment but I did just order flavoring and added it and it is relatively simple process. I want to try the sweetener to see how that effects the juice also. I will miss the flavor shots but like learning new techniques with vaping.

  • Michele Nimmo says:

    This is so disappointing! First you eliminate 90% of my favourite juices (Creme de Menthe, White Out, Twin Mints, etc..) and because your juices are weak and I like strong flavours and usually get 3-4 extra shots – how can I make it the same strength without weakening the 12mg nicotine I purchase in?

    Also, when eliminating flavours, why not have the recipe for DIY available, so we can at least buy the supplies from you and make ourselves?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We apologize for discontinuing your favorite flavors. I wish we did not have to do this but it would cost us millions to keep all of our flavors. We are thinking of bringing some back as a special in the future but we have not decided when this will happen. The steeped flavors do not need the extra flavor shots from what I have been told by customers on our Facebook Group page. They are really surprised that they did not need the extra flavor shots.

  • Martha says:

    I am very happy to see the changes. Looking forward to the new “blue bottles”! As a beginner to vapeing, this takes out the confusion of how do i steep this, what ratio is right for me, do i need flavor shots…
    Thank you for offering this, it is such a welcome change. Can’t wait for the rest of the flavors to be added. Will continue to purchase from Mt. Baker!

  • Jcolt says:

    Wow, MBV doing what needs to be done. Way too many people vaping that complain when they could be paying $8 or more for a pack of cancer sticks. If you cannot afford modest increase and support the future of vaping then maybe you need to stop and find another hobby.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We raised the prices by 50 cents since the brand is going to be that much better! We appreciate your support!

    • Richie says:

      $50+ for a 50 gram pouch of roll your own tobacco in australia. that’s over a hundred dollars a week.

      hobby? you crack me up. ?stamp collecting, hiking and vaping.

  • Was quite curious how MBV was going to be effected by the regulatory changes no one wanted from either the supplier or consumer points of view. You are the only company whose product enters this home and used to be two 236ml bottles a month. Quite satisfied that despite the changes MBV is still in the business at all. Many just aren’t going to make it. Had it not been for ecigs then vaping this home would still reek of big tobacco product. Happy to now be nicotine free and vaping cuz it tastes good. Thank you MBV team!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are glad to hear you are nicotine free! That is awesome! We are being affected by the FDA regulations but we are fighting back against them! We will be here as long as we can for our awesome customers! If you would like to know how you can also fight alongside us, visit our website at http://www.r2bsmokefree.org/.

      • Thanks Josh, had already been tipped to the r2b effort by a local store that shut the doors July 10th. Used to get our coils local. Gotta find another source since y’all don’t have them now. Have contacted our federal representatives and will continue doing whatever may be done from the consumer position.

  • DyNama says:

    The newsletter that announced Blue Label bottles to me also said DIY flavorings were being eliminated, so extra flavor won’t be an option at all.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      You are correct and the blog has been updated to reflect the fact that flavoring will be going away on August 4th.

      • DyNama says:

        I don’t understand removing customization options but I’m sure your analysts are telling you what you need to do to survive this hopefully-short Prohibition.

  • Steve Y says:

    Pre steeped is a great idea. How do you determine if it’s really steeped enough to be the true flavor intended? I know I’m constantly steeping and checking new shipments for good flavor, I know there is no set time for a flavor to mature.

  • Daniel says:

    Ah, I can’t drip 30% PG – it’s too harsh. 80% was already pushing it, so it looks like I’ll only be buying this stuff for my tank needs, which isn’t very often.

    Presteeped is convenient though, just be sure to put a born-on date on the package (old juice is bad juice)

    • Raymond Wynn says:

      I suspect that “stuff for my tank needs” will be the next thing to go from here since fda is throwing hardware in to be regulated as well.

  • jim says:

    I have been buy root beer for year plus and now you don’t have it have to find a new site sorry

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I am sorry we had to discontinue it. We know that there are flavors customers love to vape and wish we did not have to do this. As long as you are vaping, we are happy. Vape on!

  • DLD says:

    I find this news saddening. I just switched back to MBV for my last 3 orders, mainly because I needed hardware at the time and figured if I’m paying shipping I might as well give the juice a shot again. My orders have been ok for the most part recently with slight variances. I’ve had a bunch of consistency issues in the past which led me to switch from MBV to another vendor for about a year. Eliminating the flavor shots are a huge factor for me, some of the flavors just need a boost, and taste is a matter of preference. I know what I like, I’ve tried my juices with and without flavor shots and prefer certain juices with 1 shot and others with 2, and some like Cin City with none. Unfortunately, I’ll be placing my last order with MBV today for 236ml of flavors that I can still customize, and I’ve also ordered a 30ml bottle of the blue labeled juice for a flavor that I usually get 1 flavor shot with to give it a try. I don’t really care why the changes were made because the “why” doesn’t really matter to me. What matters to me is the ability to customize my juice. The void that MBV is leaving will definitely be filled. If this standard is adopted across the board by all of the vendors, maybe then I’ll revisit MBV. Until then, farewell.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for this. You may find that the pre-steeped juices are great without flavor shots. They do have more flavor because they have been steeped. I hope you come back to us one day but if you do not, as long as you are vaping, we are happy.

    • Raymond Wynn says:

      I just did the same thing, ordered a 236ml bottle of Caramel Apple with 2 shots. Any less than that is too weak to taste. At least that will last me a few months (I hope O_o).

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    I see alot of “I understand how you feel” yadda yadda yadda. Do you really? I doubt it. You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot here. First you do away with one of my favorite flavors, Vanilla Butternut, and now you remove all the customization options that have been the only reason for my continued patronization to your company. Time for me to buy elsewhere. You guys are going to lose a BUTTLOAD of business. Frankly I’ll be surprised if MBV survives this mistake you are making. I enjoyed the vapes I got from you, but now its time to say goodbye. You may think “We don’t need that guy’s business anyway” but the fact of the matter is, its not going to be just me, its going to be many many others. I wish you well, but frankly, I think this is going to hit you ALOT harder than you think.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I am sorry you feel this way. We are doing what we have to do to survive. We are putting a lot of money into litigation for our rights to vape. It has hit us already but unless we want to charge 20$ for a 30 mL this is what we have to do. The cost to get products approved is 300k-1million dollars PER SKU. The bottle size/flavor/mix ratio/nicotine level all need a new sku. That is millions of dollars per product. We understand what is happening and how it is affecting our customers. Until the FDA regs are taken out, we have to do what we have to do and we apologize that we are doing it.

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    Oh, and to top it all off, you don’t even have my second favorite flavor listed in your tiny little list of blue whatever. Goodbye Caramel Apple.

  • David A Connolly Jr says:

    You sent me a followup email to my comment, but my comment has disappeared!!! Why…It wasn’t distasteful in the slightest.
    I simply wanted to know why you didn’t warn your loyal customers that the early “blue bottle” flavors would eliminate the options we were used to…And as a result, we couldn’t stock up, or enjoy one last time the e-liquid we had grown accustomed to. For me, it was Green Apple (4 flavor shots)(A Best Seller). It should have at least been an option until August 4th.
    Also, pre-steeping DOES NOT increase the flavor…It just enhances what flavor is already present.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I handle all of the blog comments, and I remember seeing yours. I had approved it, not deleted it. I am not sure what happened. It was a good question. I am sorry this happened.

      We were expecting to have white label available along with Blue Label, but it was decided that we were not going to. The decision was made as we were upgrading our production system and happened a few days before the Blue Label bottles went live. We are sorry we did not give much notice. Customers on our Facebook Group said the flavor is as good as when they add four flavor shots. If you email me directly at jhanna@mtbakervapor.com, I can help you out with. I want you to try the new Green Apple and let me know what you think.

  • RK says:

    super pumped!

  • Just some vaper says:

    Reading these comments is sad, it seems there are a lot of entitled little brats in the vaping community. Mt Baker Vapor are faced with some very difficult circumstances and they have no choice but to make changes, the least you rotton little children could do is keep your disappointment to yourselves. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Thank you for your understanding!

    • Raymond Wynn says:

      Why don’t you keep your comments applicable to the topic at hand instead of making inflammatory remarks hm? Also, its spelled rotten, not rotton.

    • John B says:

      Some people like to complain. But also, I think they’re gonna do a 180 once they get consistent juice. Don’t think MBV was not FORCED to do this. Yeah, the DIY part was the FDA, but this pre-made batch system is an effort towards consistency.

      However… I don’t think it’s wrong for them to voice their disappointment. If a customer base is unhappy, they should speak up to the company. The thing is, those kids are misguided. See, the customer base was unhappy, and they did speak up. Non-stop. And now this is what we’re getting. After all their complaints, they’ll love the Blue Label juice’s consistent quality. Of course, they won’t retract them.

      The only real negative here is the loss of DIY flavorings and that part was NOT a choice on MBV’s end. But the other adjustments could have been predicted by anyone with a brain when you hear that pre-mixed juices are coming. Of course, those kids would be EVEN LESS happy if MBV kept all those unfeasible options and made 125 batch variations PER FLAVOR that sat on the shelf and turned black after a year and then got sent to the critics 😛 …They don’t know it, but that’s what they’re asking for. They’ll come around. And the few that don’t will be replaced by the retention of satisfied customers who spread the word. I believe it will be good for the company. (Assuming it’s done right. I haven’t tasted it yet.)

    • DLD says:

      By posting this comment, aren’t you doing the same in voicing your disappointment? Funny how that works huh? MBV has always been always been community driven and open to dialogue whether it’s on their blog, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc… If they’re disappointing their customers, they want to know. If they’re making their customers happy, again, they want to know! Comments are kind of the point of having a comments section. If I see a keep your disappointment to yourself section at the bottom of the next blog post, I’ll be sure to utilize it (if I’m disappointed)!

      Is Rotton Little Children a new line of e-juice? LOL!

  • Shila says:

    I’m a new customer, new to online purchasing as well as this forum, ha. So, hello everyone.

    I already love the liquids I recently purchased in my first order. 70 vg/30 pg is my personal preference anyway, so I’m looking forward to my next order.

    The quality of this liquid blew me away and I’m very pleased with the fast shipping also. Awesome job MBV. 🙂

    To be honest rumor spreads fast and I began to worry that my right to vape was going down the wormhole on August 8th. As in, no more e-liquid anywhere for anyone. I don’t know what’s going on, other than the regulations being forced are nearly impossible to meet. My experience with vaping has dramatically increased my health compared to smoking cigarettes. I’m an adult, and I enjoy vaping cinnamon rolls, and other delectable flavors… And, that’s the bottom line. 😉

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We will be here for all of our awesome customers! August 8th will come and we will adapt where we need to. Do not worry 🙂 Thank you for your business and do not worry 🙂

  • Jarrod Cinko says:

    I’ve been a customer of MBV for about 7 months and I really enjoy the flavors. I am very angry with the FDA and the BS increase in everything. I live in Pennsylvania and they are hitting us with a 40% tax increase and most shops in Pa will close their doors on Aug 8th which is very sad. There are appox 300 vape shops in Pa. They are gonna put hundreds of people out of work and they could care less. I understand and agree with what you are doing and appreciate what you are trying to do for the vaping community. They are going to consider PA residents as importers if we buy outta the state and will try to fine us up to $5000 and possible jail time just for trying to be healthy. Hopefully this slows down or goes away quickly or I’m sorry you will lose my business because of my state. So when I say this I mean it from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. GIVE THEM HELL

    • Josh Hanna says:

      They do not understand what they are doing. You said it. So many people will be out of work. You are welcome! We love our customers and will continue to fight as long as possible! We will win this battle with the FDA.

  • John B says:

    See, I’m noticing something here… A lot of the critical buyers don’t seem to be aware of the huge consistency issues. MBV keeps saying “You’ll like the pre-steeped factor and the increased consistency,” but the critics don’t hear it because they don’t even know that they were getting sub-par batches!

    If you guys think you liked the juices before, just wait until they’re mixed correctly! As these guys have said, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. A lot of people have been asking for this for a while. Read the reviews on every juice’s page. “I’d even rather pay a bit more for consistency” — It’s everywhere. Not having to steep is a minor convenience but consistent mixing is what keeps customers happy!!!

    I am PSYCHED about this change! Of course… I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t wanna get my hopes too high in case it doesn’t work out. BUT, this is everything I’ve been asking for for a year straight. I’m really glad to see MBV doing this for their customers! I’ve known they were working towards this for a while. Fingers crossed…. awesome, awesome, awesome…..

    • Josh Hanna says:

      As you stated and I will say it again, you will be surprised how good these flavors taste 😀 I like them and I have had a lot of feedback from them from other customers and they like them!

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    @ John B.
    Wow, according to you, I must be some kind of rarity or something since I have always recieved exactly what I ordered, my 2 favorite vapes (one discontinued last month…) with 2 flavor shots, 20/80. Every time. Also, I actually found it amusing that you state “everyone wil love the new vapes” when you end the same statement with “(Assuming it’s done right. I haven’t tasted it yet.)”. I am not being mean or sarcastic lol I am truly laughing about that 🙂

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    Truth be told, thats why I was always coming back to MBV, because my vapes tasted the same every month.

  • Matt c says:

    International customer here (Australia). I placed my first order since the 30ml bottles came into effect, and noticed a problem.
    Purchasing the 300ml option (10 30ml bottles) is giving an incorrect amount during the shipping process-“The number of packages does not match the invoice, waybill, or label.”- UPS.
    Seems it has 1 x 300ml on paperwork where it’s actually 10 items. Twice now for the same package, delayed with unknown delivery eta.

    • Ted Marple says:

      Sorry about that Matt. We’ve passed your correspondence to our IT department and they are examining the problem and hope to have it fixed soon.

  • Jennifer says:

    Been ordering for at least a year, found my adv here to help me say no to that occasional offered cigarette after stopping a 2pack a day habit(with the help of ecig). Went to order today and my adv flavor is now gone; I really hope my flavor comes back. I don’t mind the 10bottles/300ml difference from my normal 236ml bottle orders, but there’s not too many flavors I like and I don’t really want to waste money searching for a new adv.

  • Paul says:

    I’m definitely not an expert on the new FDA regulations, but I have to ask:
    Why couldn’t you have waited until we got closer to 8/8/18 to make these awful changes? The 236ml bottles, flavor shots, etc., were already on the market, and if I understand correctly could still continue to be sold until that deadline.
    I’d imagine that there’s a pretty good chance that the proposed FDA regulations could be changed, modified or withdrawn through all of the advocacy efforts within the next 2 years negating the need for any changes whatsoever.
    It just seems to me that it’s premature to make such terrible changes to what made your company great.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      If we kept the 236 mLs, we would have to pay 300k-1 million dollars to get them tested. It is considered a new SKU. We are talking about maybe bringing them back at a future time but nothing is in stone.

    • They are jus using the fda as an excuse to raise all the prices. Ppl that work there are even admitting on this blog the 236ml were messing with their inventory.

      • Ted Marple says:

        We had to hold off on offering the 5 & 10 packs as our inventory was blown out. However, once we have caught back up, it is highly likely we will bring back the 5 & 10 packs. Your displeasure is truly not lost on us. We apologize for your the inconvenience and are working hard to get restocked.

  • Misty Pelagalli says:

    Transition supposed to happen the 5th, yet many flavors are still unavailable 🙁 pretty bummed.

    • Ted Marple says:

      Hi Misty,

      Sorry you received an out of stock message. We are working hard to replenish. Thank you for your patients as we work through this issue.

  • David A Connolly Jr says:

    I have been vaping the new Blue Bottle Green Apple (70pg/30vg, 18 mg nicotine) all weekend. I had purchased & enjoyed the original formula version (65pg/35vg, 18mg, 4 flavor shots, 4 week steep) for over three years now, and I was very concerned the new formula would not be a suitable replacement for me. I am sure there are many other loyal customers out there that are just as concerned, but I can confidently tell you now: “The new Blue will work for you too!!!”

    I also started vaping the Blue Bottle E Liquid right away, which is something I have NEVER done before with Mt. Baker vapes. All my previous e liquids were steeped, by me, for a minimum of 4 weeks. I am pleasantly impressed by this new feature.

    All my worries drifted away with the clouds of a new era of vaping. The flavor is full, the throat hit is solid. I can now move forward with the confidence that Mt. Baker Vapor’s new Green Apple E Liquid will continue to be a favorite.

    Thanks Josh & Congratulations Mt. Baker…You made my transition easy. I will be back!!!

  • Richard says:

    I thought the 10 x 30ml were going to be $49.95, it comes up at $79.90, the previous 236ml bottle was $33. That would be almost 100% price increase , i.e. Per ml price ? Is there another option I’m missing at checkout?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We had to take that option down for the time being since it was messing up our inventory. We are working on different ways to do this but nothing is set in stone.

    • Richard Pizzarello says:

      I agree bring back the 236 ML bottles if your customers are happy with a product why do you discontinue it i’ve been buying The 236 ML for years and it’s very disappointing that you don’t sell them no more very very disappointed

  • Andrew Rivard says:

    Where are these 300 ML for 59.99 options? Is there some secret selection options that allow me to get a price reduction for buying in bulk? Cause the only thing I can see that allows me to get up to 300ml is to select a 30ml juice, and then up the quantity to 10, which is 79.90…

    Or are these just the new prices? If so, this is not a minor price increase, it’s like a 50% price increase.

    1 236ml bottle was 34.49.

    7.86666 30ml bottles in a 236ml bottle.

    8 X 30ml bottles = 63.92

    From 34.99 to 63.92….

    Unless there is some hidden menu I’m not seeing, I’ll take my business up the street to the B&M store that is somehow now cheaper than you guys.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There is no secret. We had to pull the bulk prices because it messed with our inventory system. I do apologize for this. We are talking about solutions but nothing is in stone as of right now.

      • Kenny says:

        Yeah that’s unfortunate. Please send emails when the prices go back to normal. Until then..

        • Dooly says:

          Yeah, lately it seems every time I try to come back and order, something has changed. Not paying 79.99 for 10×30 ml. I have vaped butterscotch everyday for a couple of years and only bought from here. This new blue bottle tastes nothing like the old one. Has more of a chemical taste rather than a nice sweet vape. I had ordered the 10x30ml as well as some other things and now that is gone as well due to inventory system problems. I understand the FDA B.S but that shouldn’t affect these other problems.

      • Well u need to get on that asap cuz that’s all me an my friends bought an this was the only site we used an now we gotta go somewhere else

      • PanicRoom says:

        I have only ever used MBV – for 2 years. I understand this whole FDA BS is screwing everyone up; however, the sole, number 1 reason I was so loyal to MBV was the 236 ML option of my ADV, couldn’t beat it. THIS is one of the biggest things that so many customers would say set you apart. Now, 300ML is more than double the cost! Messing up your inventory…OK. It’s gonna seriously mess up your profits, I imagine. I understand you gotta do what you gotta do, but the worst thing to do is alienate your customers. The whole FDA thing is not a situation I am in, so can’t fully understand, that is a given. However, this increase has now made the B&M down the road significantly cheaper for the same amount. Guess it was good while it lasted….

      • Chance Rosenthal says:

        It has been precisely one month since this comment. The comment was ludicrous at the time. What point-of-sale or inventory suite can’t handle a bulk option? And how is it possible that you haven’t figured out how to *make* it handle a bulk option, nor replaced it, a month later?

        Another fellow said, “Now, 300ML is more than double the cost! Messing up your inventory…OK. It’s gonna seriously mess up your profits, I imagine.” I find it hard to imagine that, in addition to the exorbitant expense you’ve undertaken to get your products through FDA approval, you *aren’t* also bleeding money due to lost business.

        I stuck with you when you pulled out of our home state over the mere *threat* of bad legislation (which didn’t pass, but now it’s ammo to use against my legislator.) I stuck with you because you offered good juice at a better price than anyone else. Now your prices are worse than a B&M’s prices for premium juice – a B&M in Bellevue, WA, where everything costs double and the sales tax funds the city.

        Do you need me to come down there and source a half-decent inventory system for you, install it, and teach you how to use it? I’ll do it for a lifetime supply of juice… but I gotta point out, the longer it takes you to sort out, you know, the basics of running a retail operation in the 21st century… the more likely I am to discover an ADV from one of your now-cheaper competitors.

    • Yea man I agree they fucked up. I can only get 120ml for the same price I use to by the 236ml for. Then u gotta add tax n shipping if I don’t spend $50. Not worth it anymore

  • Thomas says:

    I don’t understand these people who get mad about your decision to stay in business the only way you could. Your juices were good before, im sure they will be better now, thanks for being awesome and trying to stick it to the fda. Its outrageous that they can regulate vape products more than tobacco. They say things like, e cigarettes blow up. I say, people fall asleep smoking and burn their house down.

    • PanicRoom says:

      I think the biggest issue is the 236ml option being removed and not offering some sort of wholesale-ish package deal. I would say some of the most loyal customers were the ones ordering this size and now it is more than doubled in price if bought in the near same quantity. Seems when Martin Shkreli did something similar people went off the chain. It is not unreasonable as a consumer to be upset when something you have been using for years suddenly doubles in price – regardless of reason, we have the right to get mad and take our business elsewhere, which is unfortunately gonna happen with a lot. No one is saying they shouldn’t have raised prices or changed the other things, but the enormous increase is very hard to swallow.

  • Kenny says:

    So no more 300 or 150 ml options either?

  • That was a really bad decision to get rid of the 236 mL bottles that’s how me and all my friends ordered our juice and now we have to find a new site because you guys got rid of everything cool about your site. This was the only place I bought juice an now I won’t b coming to this site anymore. U jus lost 9-10 ppl jus in my friends group alone so I know ur going to lose way more

    • Tim Mechling says:

      We understand that bulk e liquid sizes are popular options and are working to implement replacements for these sizes. At this time we do not have further details regarding exact dates or product specifications.

  • Keith R says:

    I am a heavy vapor and I hate finding a new ADV. I am too picky. I finally found a couple (Desert Rain, Constable Coconut’s Cookies). As Andrew Rivard pointed out paying nearly double the price makes me feel taken advantage of. Paying more to compensate for the government meddling is understandable but double? I have already started my search for a new flavor. Please hurry and come up with some method (large container, discounted multi pack, whatever) before I find a new ADV elsewhere. I will keep checking back until I find one.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are working on a bulk pricing structure. We have not set anything in stone just yet though but we are working on it. Please keep us in mind when you are shopping for e liquid!

  • Austin says:

    Been vaping your products for over a year now. You guys jacked your prices up way to much, I could deal with the increase whe.n you first switched to the 30 ml bottles it cost me 50 bucks for 300ml. I get on to order today and it’s gonna cost me 79.00? What are you guys doing!! 2 of my friends have now stopped buying from you guys! A 30 dollar increase? Did you think no one was going to notice that? Please go back to being affordable.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We knew people would notice. We are working on a bulk pricing system to get you that discount again but it is taking a little time. I do apologize for this 🙁

  • Josh says:

    These new prices/policies are nothing but a money grab by MBV. It would cost roughly double to buy 236ml of juice like myself and my 10 or 12 friends who vape always did before. Goodbye MBV; I will be shopping elsewhere from now on. The last time you raised prices/changed website your marketing team tried to market it as a good thing too. Your greed is going to cost you a large percentage of your business this time. Here’s to hoping this decision bankrupts you and other juice vendors learn from your mistakes.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Thanks for your insights!

    • Mike says:

      I’m out as well until they fix this issue. I also buy the 236ml bottles. Well, I did anyway. I’m not paying double. However, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. They had to retool how they operate which probably effected everything from production to web service. I’ll check back to see if they have a bulk pricing option but for now I will find another company or mix my own juice. If the other company better suits my needs I will just stay with the new company. I’m a creature of habit and too old to deal with hassle.

  • Kyle says:

    You guys need to bring back bulk pricing discount ASAP! Was irritated when I found out the 236ml was cut, but even more so when I found out that to buy the equivalent with 30 ml bottles, the price literally doubled. Not cool at all.

  • Justin says:

    No more bulk options???? Was willing to pay more for the blue bottles but now you’re just gouging me. What I got for $50 two weeks ago, now costs $79 From a very long time customer…..SEE YA MBV

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I apologize for this. We are working on a way to bring back the bulk pricing but nothing is set in stone just yet. Keep an eye out for any new news!

      • Justin says:

        Sounds like someone over there got greedy and you’re trying to use the FDA as a scapegoat Truly upsetting

        • PanicRoom says:

          Initially, that was my gut but I do understand the craphole the FDA has put on the industry. Decisions had to be made, but I think that this one was not the best one. a 20% increase, OK..most could deal with that, but nearly 100%, no one in their right mind will go with that. So yes, they do end up making more money per sale, but the decision to not have some sort of pricing modification was very poor strategy. 100% more per transaction doesn’t mean squat when transactions are reduced by 50% or, most likely more, for that SKU.

  • Emily says:

    I can buy cheaper locally now that there is no bulk pricing. This makes me very sad. Also they only have my favorite vape available in 50/50 or Max VG….I was fine to have to switch from 80/20 to 70/30 but that never became available. I won’t be ordering with these prices and formulations. My husbands berry crunch is in 70/30 but still not worth it with no bulk option. Very sad.?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are working on the bulk pricing list now. There is nothing set in stone but we are working on it. The top 25 flavors come in more variations. I do apologize for this and hope you will keep us in mind in the future when buying your e liquid.

  • Reese Andersen says:

    Yeah the 235ml bottles for $35 was the entire reason I shopped here. At $7.99 a bottle I might as well buy local and support local companies.

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    This comment is a link with the ECF that catalogues what businesses use bluechek and which do not, Its a very informative articlr.Iam not doing this out of spite againstanyone I just feel like its the right thing todo for us vapors in the dark days to come. Here is the link that I believe to be pertinent.


    May it serve all os us, vapers and manufactrers, may it serve us well

  • Paul says:

    I too am gone til bulk pricing comes back. Customers getting ripped off now..

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for the prices going up. We are working on this now, and we will let everyone know when something changes! We are sad to hear this, and I hope you give us another chance in the future.

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    I might actually be willing to try the “new” caramel apple and some of my favorite gwar flavors, but thats not going to happen as long as you continue to use that horrible BlueCheck service. Speakinh of I notice the original blog about Bluecheck seems to have vanished….

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize about BlueCheck. We are working with them to get it up and working properly. We had to remove that blog because they updated their system and the information was not fully valid. We will be making a new one informing everyone how to get verified with their recent update. It is a blog in progress and will keep changing as they update their system. I wish we did not have to age verify since it is a pain for everyone and we do care about our customers 🙁

      • Raymond Wynn says:

        Its not the age check that bothers me, in fact I fully support age verification. Its the information thats asked for that bothers me. Theres other age verification sysatems out there that aren’t as invasive as bluecheck is.

        • Cody says:

          Thanks for the heads up about BlueCheck, Raymond. I havent bought juice for the past 3 going on 4 months so way before all this fiasco and haven’t had to deal with these crazy invasive age verification services. Been dry of juice for a while now and wanted to come back to my favorite MBV and come to this… I will not provide my sensitive information to these untrustworthy sources. Switch to a non intrusive verf service and bring back bulk if you want to see my and a lot of your customers business. The longer it takes the more you lose.

  • Brandy Simpson says:

    I am a new customer, although I am displeased about not being able to buy the bigger bottles, it won’t deter me from buying. I think these other people need to be grateful that your even still open for business. Your doing what you have to do, to say in business. Everyone wants everything for free,or near free. This is why our country is the way it is now. The cost between buying 5 30mls, and the 236ml sized bottles is mere dollars! Your that broke you can’t afford a few extra bucks, give me a break. Your just being..cheap. Support these guys if you want to continue vaping!

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Thank you for your understanding! We are working on bulk pricing now but we do not have anything set in stone. Keep an eye out in our blogs and our social media to see anything new with us!

    • Kyle says:

      Check your math, it’s not a few dollars.

      5x30ml is 150 ml, you’d have to buy 3 more bottles to get close to the 236 amount.

      If the old 236 bottle was $35, you now have to pay ~$64 for the same amount. Not everyone can afford to pay double what they payed before like you can, and cheap juice is what made this site what it is. Get off your high horse and come back to reality.

    • London says:

      Some people have mods that actually create vapor. I’m not paying $20 a day to vape when I used to pay $8 a day to smoke cigarrettes.

  • Juliette R says:

    I have been a loyal customer for years. Repeatedly buying my 236 ml bottle of Cin City with 4 shots. This company has nothing to offer now. All my family vapers are upset. Nothing good seems to last. I’m trying out a few other companies until I find a decent replacement at a affordable cost. The forums have been helpful.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for the changes. I wish we did not have to do this and understand your frustration completely. We are working on bringing bulk prices back and will let everyone know when this happens. For Cin City, we might do a special where we bring back some of the discontinued flavors for a limited. Keep an eye out for that also.

  • Anonynoose says:

    I am really disappointed in your decision to drop the 236ml bottles as well as flavor shots. All I purchased were the 236ml bottles with 1 shot. If I had known ahead of time I would have stocked up on them and a bunch of the flavor bottles as well.
    There are still other companies out there that sell larger bottles of 120ml and even larger that I’m looking into. I’m also looking into DIY materials and blends.
    I’ve been a consistent MBV customer since nearly the beginning but I don’t think I’ll be remaining after this final purchase today. It’s just too much money to try to get the same amount of juice from tons of 30ml bottles that I got from a single 236ml.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for the discontinuation of the 236 mLs. We are working on a bulk pricing option but we do not have anything set in stone. Keep in touch with us on here or our social media. We will announce any changes on these platforms.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree. It’s roughly double the cost now for pretty much the same quantity. Example: I was paying approximately $35 for a 236 ml bottle, now for qty 8 – 30 ml bottles (240 ml) it’s approximately $70. That is not what I expected from you guys. I’ve been a super loyal customer until now. I’m making one last purchase today and then next time I need to order again I will check if you guys offer the previously mentioned bulk discounts and that they are in line with the above prices, pending that I will stick with you guys.

      Even with that said, I understand FDA application fees can cost thousands, so each “formulation” would be a new application and that could be very expensive. However, that is NOT imposed on the size of the bottles. It just creates more waste in both the number of thrown away bottles and the amount of surface area that the liquid clings to when trying to get all the juice out, not to mention the hassle. At the very least, there definitely needs to be a bulk discount when anyone wants to order 8 or 16 – 30 ml bottles.

  • Tyler Eldridge says:

    I was disappointed when you decided to get rid of the 50ml bottle. Moved on and started purchaing the 236ml. Now I’m out. Been purchasing from MBV for a few years now and have sent folks this way. If you were really getting ride of the 236 to preserve quality then you should have had another option in place. Thanks for the service.

  • London says:

    No 236ml bottles? You just lost this customer. its like 60 something bucks for eight 30ml bottles 🙁 plus who wants to deal with all those bottles? I go through 60 mils on some days. I guess I’ll try mech sauce now:P

  • Jim says:

    Why did you not give us a warning about this so we could stock up? And no bulk to replace 236?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for the discontinuation of the 236 mLs. We tried to let everyone know. We had a few blogs about it and on our social media, we had posted about it. We are currently working on a bulk pricing option to help reduce the prices and when we have new information on this we will definitely post on social media and on blogs to inform everyone.

  • Robert says:

    So you’ve taken away the things that made me love Mt Baker Vapor? If I can’t get the 236 ml bottles with extra flavor shots, I literally have no reason to stay here. Which is a shame, because I love MBV. I do hope you come up with some bulk option that has a similar price. Because otherwise I’m gonna have to look somewhere else, and I’d rather not do that.

    But I must say, it seems kinda sloppy to discontinue something so popular without a plan to replace it.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      I do apologize for the discontinuation of larger bottles and flavor shots. As a response to a new era of regulation and our desire to keep our product consistent while keeping customer safety a high priority, MBV has moved to an automated process to meet the demands of the Federal Government, to keep our commitment to consistency and to ensure a safe product. Unfortunately, with the move to automation in an effort to meet our goals, MBV had to eliminate the 8oz option. We are working on the bulk pricing option still. The flavor shots were discontinued because we no longer mix by hand. All of our e-liquid is made in large batches, and we had to remove the flavor shot option in order to keep up with demand. I have been told by people who ordered 4 flavor shots that the pre-steeped are just as flavorful.

  • Nicholas A Kruse says:

    Eliminating the 236mL lost my business, and has made vaping more expensive than Analogues for me again. God Dammit..

    • Tim Mechling says:

      As a response to a new era of regulation and our desire to keep our product consistent while keeping customer safety a high priority, MBV has moved to an automated process to meet the demands of the Federal Government, to keep our commitment to consistency and to ensure a safe product. Unfortunately, with the move to automation in an effort to meet our goals, MBV had to eliminate the 8oz option.

  • Ray says:

    i come to mt baker because of the 235ml bottles. Through the years of buying 235ml bottles, only one has leaked on arrival. If this is an issue to everyone, perhaps better packaging or a new bottle type rather than getting rid of it all together as if we dont want them?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Thanks for your input, Ray. Losing the 236 mL option was a tragedy, but we’re working on some exciting developments that will be revealed shortly. The decision to remove the 236 mL bottle from our inventory was made with quality and consistency in mind. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Jason H says:

    There were financial reasons I ordered 236 ml bottles. I’m very disappointed.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      As a response to a new era of regulation and our desire to keep our product consistent while keeping customer safety a high priority, MBV has moved to an automated process to meet the demands of the Federal Government, to keep our commitment to consistency and to ensure a safe product. Unfortunately, with the move to automation in an effort to meet our goals, MBV had to eliminate the 8oz option. However, we are currently looking into pricing options to relieve the pain of large bottle discontinuation. Stay tuned for big news!

      • Dan says:

        The elimination of 236 is sad for me as well. Mt. Baker is no longer the best option for taste and value, which really sucks. I would stick with you guys, but making only 15 and 30ml is ridiculous.

        • Tim Mechling says:

          The elimination of 236 mL bottles was a tough decision, but it was necessary. This industry is very dynamic, and things are far from permanent. Subscribe to our media to stay up to date on our many changes!

  • Raymond Wynn says:

    To anyone who has read this far and seen the “Stay tuned for big news!” response over and over and over again, realize one thing. They have been saying that for months now and obviously haven’t come up with / done anything about it.

  • >