Innokin MVP 5 is more than a vape device

Innokin MVP 5 review is the most interesting one I have done in the past few months. This is not just another vape device that relies on stylish exteriors and the same old TC and VW feature to sell.

Innokin MVP 5 may seem to be made for people who travel a lot. In my opinion, the features are useful for everyone who goes out and vape. Undeniably, this is a travelers-friendly and a campers-friendly vape kit. Not to mention, it has an impressive range of features to take care of your vaping needs.


Let me walk you through the Innokin MVP 5 review.

MVP 5 Modes and Settings

MVP 5 comes with variable wattage feature that has a range of 6watts to 120watts. Besides, the three preset wattage modes prove to be better too. On top, you can increase or decrease the vaping temperature as per your needs. Maximum voltage is capped at 7.5volts which is pretty optimal to handle almost all vape setups without any glitches.

Power curve settings take the session to a whole new level by allowing the user to customize the power output accurately. Let's say the length of your puff is 6 seconds, you can set an x wattage for the initial half-second, and you can set different wattage for every half second thereafter. Instead of firing at a fixed wattage, you can choose to compose the wattage curve as and how you like it to be.

MVP 5 Survival Tools

Possessing a commendable vaping ability, Innokin MVP 5's additional features add to the overall experience. You get a sensor suite which you can open by clicking on "sensors" in the menu. MVP 5 presents you with a survival tool kit that offers you an altimeter, barometer, temperature, and a compass.

Even at a remote camping location, you will be able to find the right directions and the ambient temperature with MVP 5 in hand.

On top, the vape kit is designed with an in-built torch light with a dedicated on/off switch. The switch allows you to on/off the torch. Also, you can increase or decrease the power of the light beam. It has six light power modes which are very handy at times. After all, you don't have to unlock your smartphone and hurry through the menu to open a torch.

Power Backup

MVP 5 offers you a stunning 5200Mah battery which can keep you powered for a couple of days of intermittent vaping in one full charge. At the same time, you can use this as a power bank to charge your other electronic accessories. Let's assume, your blue-tooth headset goes off, you can just charge it using the included lanyard cable.

The lanyard charging cable is a brilliant idea and that too for a vape kit which has so many survival tools to save the day. Just don't' forget to wear it before you leave for your extended back-country car camping.


Innokin MVP 5 is not the most stylish vape mod kit in the market. However, it looks good with a simple exterior and neatly designed control buttons. MVP5 is built with fairly sturdy materials, and it can survive heavy usage in the long-term.

Innokin MVP 5 boasts the perfect configuration to provide the users with uninterrupted vaping sessions. Tuning to your favorite vape setups is very easy with a wide range of controls.

If your choice is versatility and high-performance, then this is the ultimate choice for you. On top, it helps you to navigate and stay safe from harsh weather while you travel. Truly, a remarkable vaping kit from Innokin.

I hope you all got the much-needed information through this Innokin MVP 5 review. Happy Vaping !!!


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