Mt Baker Vapor’s Street Team

Hey there vape fans! We have some exciting news for those vapers living in and around Mesa county Arizona. Mt Baker Vapor is excited to introducing our brand new street team! Every Wednesday, Figgs and Zay will be making there way around the greater Phoenix areas looking for vapers to try our premium e-juice or smokers who are looking to make the switch.  These two knuckleheads will have  Mt Baker Vapor swag-bags filled with stater packs, e-juice, and some lucky souls will also, get MBV T-Shirts.

So lets talk to our two team members and see what it’s been like to for them on their first couple in the field.

Figgs: Well, during one of our marketing meetings the idea of having someone to go out and introduce our company to the local community came up. Since the company had made the move from Washington down to Arizona we had been focused on getting up and running, working out kinks that come with any big move. But now that things have start to fall more and more into place I thought that now would be a great time to get out and let the great people of Arizona know who we are! I have always enjoyed being around people and have been told countless times that I’m a good people person, so when the idea of walking around the streets and talking to strangers came up, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to work on some fears I have about public speaking and approach anxiety. I was worried that I might come off sales-y or pushy and I didn’t want that. I wanted our team to be more informative than anything else. So after talking with the group we all came up with a game plan. Zay and I would put together some swag-bags and walk around looking for people that were already vaping. Once we found them we would take turns being the instigator and go up and see if they had heard of Mt Baker Vapor before. Either way, we wanted to offer them some free juice on us and of course some MBV gear, we would chat with them about vaping and see if they had questions for us, we then would ask them to remember Mt Baker Vapor in their future purchases and move on from there. But we didn’t want to stop at just the people who were already vaping, we also wanted to give smokers a chance to learn about vaping and Mt Baker Vapor. So the next plan of action was to go up to people who were smoking and ask if they had heard about vaping and whether or not they had thought about giving it a try. Of course for anyone we met, if they didn’t want anything to do with us we would politely let them be, however for those that were curious or had tried but stopped we would talk with them about vaping and answer all the questions a new or unsuccessful vaper might have.  If they wanted to try and make the switch we would help set up their first mod with some juice and walk them through it step by step. Of course we did make sure to check everyone’s ID card before we could giveaway anything dealing with nicotine.

I would say that for our first couple weeks in the field, we have gotten a pretty strong positive response from people. One of my favorite experiences was on Mill Ave. in Tempe.  Zay and I were walking down the road when we saw a gentleman just starting to take a smoke break. So when Zay approached him I wasn’t sure that he would give us the time of day. Smoke breaks a special time I know. But the gentleman turned out to be more than open to talking about vaping! In fact, he had tried to switch to vaping, but had had trouble setting up his first mod that he had bought from a store and had been a little dissuaded from vaping. So Zay and I ended up chatting with him answering all his questions for his entire break, and in the end, he walked away putting out a half smoked cigarette and puffing on some Huckleberry Ice Cream from Mt Baker Vapor. After that experience I knew that we were on to something and can’t wait to get out each week and meet new people and become a part of the community around Arizona.

Zay: To start off, the street team is the best thing ever! We hit the steets every week to interact and engage vapers and non-vapers alike. The team that Figgs and I have made is an unstoppable force that will rise to any occasion! We go out with the attitude that we are not selling, but trying to help and inform. Seeing as we are GIVING AWAY JUICE AND HARDWARE, I don’t think people feel like they’re being sold to. So far we have been doing a great job, the people that we’ve spoken to gave off really positive vibes 🙂 I look forward to meeting all of you vapers and smokers and having our first interaction!

The first time the street team rolled out, we went 5/5 getting people set up with vapes! If you didn’t know, that’s a perfect score and that’s pretty damn good! The people were really receptive which caused us to continue wandering around Tempe conversating with a lot of people. We then ended up at the ASU campus, which is way larger than I could’ve imagined! We talked to a teacher that was taking a “vape break” that was well versed with the vaping scene. He actually started giving us advice which was weird, but I really respected what he had to say! One of the Architects from the school gave us a tour and showed us this secret courtyard, I could’ve easily spent the rest of my life there.

I think the best experience that we’ve had was when we were approached by Phil an employee at US Fries! Phil is a very outgoing man that never seems to get tired! He gave us a 15% off coupon for some some of the best Poutine that I’ve ever had, and I was born in Canada… We got them set up with some starter kits and enjoyed some delicious food. All in all, I’m really excited to see where the steet team takes us and meeting all of you vapers!

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • Miguelski says:

    The street team is a great idea.
    As opposed to other vape juice companies [that shall remain nameless] whose customer service department is a skeet team that bukkake you when you call with a problem, go too long without ordering, or cancel a subscription…

  • Teri Pietila says:

    Wow! That is super freaking cool! What a great thing to do! Hey, one thing, Mesa city in Maricopa county, which encompasses the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. Anyway, I hear Mesa has a very up and coming art scene in downtown Mesa. Haven’t been down there in years but I have reading and hearing great things! Again, Street Team, that is so cool on so many levels. Very nice.

  • Devonna says:

    Great idea !

  • Jesse says:

    Such an amazing idea. I’ve already told about 20 people about this company.

  • Kristen says:

    Street team is a great idea. Other cities too?

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