Mt Baker Vapor’s Official Statement on FDA Deeming Regulations

As you may have heard, the FDA Deeming Regulations have been pushed through. This will have a dramatic effect on the vaping industry, and your rights as a vaper. Mt Baker Vapor has released the following statement on these Deeming regulations, with a pragmatic vision for our future:

The statement is as follows:

On May 10th, 2016, the FDA finalized their Deeming Regulations regarding the vaping industry. These regulations have been in formulation for over three years, and deem vaping products as tobacco products in the eyes of one of the nation’s largest regulatory bodies.

To call these regulations heavy-handed would be an understatement. While the FDA says they want to bring vaping products under the same regulatory standards as other tobacco products, these new regulations go far beyond that initial goal. If the regulations are implemented as currently written, the industry as we know it will be decimated. As a company, Mt Baker Vapor is committed to doing everything possible to keep this from happening.

Founded in July of 2015, The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition (R2BSF) is dedicated to challenging all unconstitutional state and federal laws related to the vaping industry. The founding members of the coalition include Cosmic Fog, NicQuid, Vapor Shark, and Mt Baker Vapor. As the fight against these harsh regulations evolve, the coalition will play a key role in organizing and funding industry activities.

We will utilize our positions as leaders in the industry to defend the rights of the entire vaping community. The FDA regulations are being contested, and we are already taking the necessary steps to legally challenge them. We will also be reaching out to members of the community to join the R2BSF coalition to challenge this blatant overreach of governmental power.

As a member of the Mt Baker Vapor family, we ask that you take action NOW to let your representatives know that you stand for reasonable vaping regulations. See the link below to express support of HR 2058, a bill which will change the “grandfather date” for deemed tobacco products. This revision would allow for all vaping products currently being sold to remain on the market without being subject to the FDA’s premarket application process.

Please keep in mind that, while the regulations are now public, Mt Baker Vapor is continuing business as usual. All the e liquid, hardware, and DIY supplies you have come to know and love are still available for purchase and will be available for the foreseeable future.

This fight is just beginning. Mt Baker Vapor is committed to uniting the industry and leading the efforts to provide the right to be smoke free. We need your support and your voice.

Join the fight using the links below!


Contribute to Right To Be Smoke Free Here



Support HR 2058


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Mike Mann says:

    The Illuminati is hitting us hard

    • Casey Fletcher says:

      Hit back, and hit harder!

      • Tim Mechling says:

        Working on it! 🙂

      • The vapor industry is still new and this scare people because they feel they don’t enough about we’ll that gives no reason cigerates and achool are bad for u may cause cancer and other probl right on the label but I don’t see these bs regulations put. On them as a former smoker and someone who has been vapeing for about three years I think the fda is injustice in their actions and blinded by their own ideas and ambitions as Americans we have the right choose what to to do with our body’s good and bad but either my.vaporbaker you are the best vapor site I have ever been to and appericate your and all the other supports who fight by your side vape for life

  • Keith Fore says:

    Just to let you know your efforts are greatly appreciated! I am doing what I can on my end. Thank you much. You folks are my go to for your great E-Liquids.

  • Amanda York says:

    are you still shipping to Indiana after July, when our draconian measures become law?

    • Joe York says:

      Amanda I owned a shop in Washington before I moved to Indiana and have tried to get one open here but to no avail due mostly to the new laws going into affect here but they are unconstitutional and brake laws it also allows a monopoly in the E-juice side of the business and stop interstate commerce which is all illegal

      • Tim Mechling says:

        Our laws are bought and sold freely by big-budget interests. Money is power, money is free speech, money is the law of the land. The legal process is compromised by the unfathomable amounts of capital going into each and every decision.

        The idealism of the Founding Fathers cannot be ignored. Perhaps an overhaul of our legal system is in our future.

        • Dwight Stagg says:

          People do not understand how true this is.. However,, the idea that we can something about it is laughable. I am going to do the one thing I can. GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA

  • Denny Cintone says:

    Heres the joke – the pea brained anti-vapers are actually helping big tobacco if they ban vaping – – there is much more money to be made from cigarettes ….so these little haters…these little nazi’s are actually helping the people they vowed to fight…..big tobacco. What a bunch of cunts…Please remember to piss on anybody you suspect of wanting a career in local government…

  • Dimitri Milewicz says:

    As a fellow vaper having been off all tobacco products for almost two years, I live in Melbourne, Australia. How will the FDA regulations affect my right and ability to purchase in particular replacement coils and e-liquid to allow me to continue vaping? I don’t think there is much can be done from Australia – I can’t write to my local member as the FD regs do not apply here, but I get all my e-liquids from the USA and my hardware from local vendors, who I assume get them from the manufacturer in China.

    What can I do to help fight these draconian laws about to be enforced?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There are a few things you can do. You can call you local congressman/woman and let them know how you feel. You can write to them. And you can go to http://www.r2bsmokefree.org/contribute/ and donate to the cause. It does not go into our pockets. It goes to the lawyers and lobbyist to help fight the cause.

  • Kurt says:

    I am very sad to see this happen, I just recently quit cigarettes after 33yrs and Mt. Baker has provided me will all the resources I needed to kick the habbit. I have sent my own letter to my representative along with my quit smoking story and signed all the petitions out there. I ask that everyone out there do your part.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We will fight for you. It is stories like yours that educate people. It shows that it does work and it can help people quit smoking. Thank you for doing your part in fighting the FDA!

    • Kim says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I am a very recent cig quitter. I feel I owe it all to vaping; especially sites like Mt. Baker. Great products, prices, and info. I feel very fortunate to have found this company. I will do all I can to support this great cause.

  • Brent Stock says:

    Mt Baker Vapor was instrumental in helping, and also providing much needed funding… for FreeToVape to be able to submit the 43,000 “Public Comments” FreeToVape gathered from actual real life Vapors’ in the vaping community across America. That was when the Public could make a comment to the then Proposed Deeming Regulations.

    With MBV support, those Vapor’s comments were printed and boxes upon boxes of them were dropped off at the FDA’s offices the afternoon of the comment period’s deadline. It took the FDA over a year to get them all recorded in, and submitted on the record.

    The MBV funding, also supported those Comments to be sent/faxed to each Vapors’ Congressman, and their 2 Senators in Congress.

    A critical and effective part, in the early stages of this fight.

    It is good to see MVB supporting our constitutional right to vape, even more!!

    You have our support in this!!

    Brent Stock
    Executive Director

    • Josh Hanna says:

      Brent, We all need to fight for our right and we just doing our part. We have a lot of customers who depends on the vaping to help them stay off cigarettes and this means a lot to us. We are always happy to help anywhere we can. We appreciate all you guys have done for the industry also. Without you guys, us, and the whole vaping community we would lose the fight. United we stand…. Divided we fall. Stick together and we will be victorious in fighting these un-American regulations put forth by the FDA.

    • Kim says:

      This is great! We have to keep up the GOOD FIGHT!!!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Brent! So much good info here. I love it!

      Health providing, I would like to open up a small, affordable shop in my area in the near (ish) future. Resources in this area are few and far between. I would like to assist any others who wish to quit smoking using vaping.

  • Libby Simmons says:

    Are we going to be able to get juices and supplies shipped to Indiana after June 30?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      At the moment, we are fighting in court to get the laws taken down. You can contact your local representative and let them know they made a mistake passing this law. We will update you when we find something else out.

  • Steve says:

    Hopefully reasonable regulations can be decided upon. But this is the government, reasonable is not in their vocabulary.

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We will fight to make sure they are reasonable. The employees here are fighters and we will not stop 🙂

  • Teri Pietila says:

    HI, I keep hearing the phrase “For the foreseeable” future in regards to whether or not we, as customers of MBV, will be able to still purchase eliquid and supplies from you. At first I took this as, yes, you will. But now I am not so sure, and I don’t want it to be this huge surprise come June 30th. I really want the correct info, the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to this so I can plan accordingly. Have a chance to wrap my head around what I need to do. I am here in AZ. I had thought that perhaps, knowing these measures were a possibility that you have already done everything you needed to do to meet the FDA’s enormously ridiculous ruling. That as a business, you have foreseen this and already registered your products, etc. Tell it to me straight, please. Will I or will I not be able to buy ejuice after June 30th? I have signed every petition, written all my state reps several times, Senator McCain, even the president. I have done everything I can do outside of joining a fire club carrying mob and overtaking capital hill. So, please. Yes or no, will I be able to buy ejuice and supplies after June 30th? Thank you, love you guys, but I really need straight info for my own peace of mind and perhaps sanity. This date is a looming dark cloud. No pun intended. TY. Teri Pietila

    • Tim Mechling says:

      We understand your concern, Teri. The truth is, there are too many variables involved in the FDA regulations to make any guarantees. A lot of important legislation is coming forward, for and against the cause of vaping. We are doing everything in our power to sustain the vaping industry, just as you are. I can say that we’re being proactive, and until further notice, the Mt Baker Vapor you know and love will resume business as usual. As frustrating as it is, we have to wait until official information is finalized before we have specific information. We will do everything in our power to keep you informed as this embattled industry fights for its rights.

      Thanks for another great comment!

      • Teri Pietila says:

        Thank you for responding to my note. Ok, I have spent the better half of a day composing another letter to the President, hey, I am an American Girl, I feel I have the right to write the President and his lovely First Lady and who does not love Joe Biden? 4 of 6 email addresses got through. Any more pertinent email addresses that would be useful?

        • Kim says:

          I really admire your spirit. You are the real deal! I am just coming on board here and it’s refreshing to see intelligent people discussing useful topics that I can relate to.

          I will begin to do all I can to support this cause. I am totally behind vaping, and especially Mt. Baker. This has helped me to quiet smoking for 2 wks at this point. I am a 40+ yrs EX smoker, thanks to these products. I can’t believe how satisfying vaping is. I believe I can remain smoke-free. This is helping my health enormously!!! Thanks all!

  • TAMMY MURPHY says:

    Keep up the good work! We all need to stand up and fight!

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  • Daniel Hahaj says:

    It was only a matter of time before the anti-smoking campaign targeted vaping as one in the same. My philosophy has always been can vaping be worse than smoking cigarettes? Highly doubtful. I unintentionally stopped smoking after getting into the vape scene. It just lost the appeal, and once my sense of taste returned I will likely never return back. I no longer live on a smoking schedule where my days would revolve around smoke breaks. Vaping has ridden that curse from me, and i didn’t just replace one for the other, I find myself even not vaping for extended periods simply because I was not thinking about it.
    Of course no physician will openly say smoking anything is healthy, so they say nothing and FDA studies are notoriously slow. I heard an argument that some flavoring will target children. Heard that argument regarding camel joe 15 years ago. People fear what they do not know, so law makers will not support vaping because there are no studies on it. But still they lean one direction and attempt to regulate it without good data to go off of. Marijuana was illegalized and the public was given complete misinformation about it, and finally 60 years later many see its probably not that dangerous afterall. Still classified as schedule 1 with heroin and meth yet it is treated much differently. If they impose on my ability to vape i might return to smoking, which undoubtedly will shorten my life span. It’s my choice but it is also influenced by their laws. To make matters worse, tobacco corporations are a huge money maker, so to think they are sitting back watching people switch to vape devices would be ignorant to say the least. I can’t grow tobacco plants but i surely can mix my own juice, and that poses a threat to the industry. I usually don’t get involved with politics because time is too precious to waste arguing with ignorance, but vaping has finally helped free me from the chains of tobacco and i feel like I have regained freedom after so many years. If they attempt to put those chains back on me it wont be without a fight. Thats my piece on the subject. They say freedom isn’t free, and that is the absolute truth. No pun on those “truth” commercials.

  • Kim says:

    I agree with you 100% on this. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for this.

  • skt says:

    Mt Baker Vapor is pulling in 45 million a year, how much of that has gone to saving the industry? Also, as an industry leader, what has MBV done in the past to create an effective lobbying group to represent vaping in Washington?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We donate a lot of money to R2BSmokeFree. We have lawyers working on this all the time and in states that are passing regulations. We do a lot to help the vaping community.

  • Libby Simmons says:

    Logged on to Mount vapor yesterday to order some stuff and to my surprise, a lot of the juice has been discontinued and the price has skyrocketed for the juice you are selling now. Whats up with all this? I’ve been a loyal customer for over 2 and half years. This is the only place I buy my juice. I can’t afford these prices and now my ADV is no longer being made.

    • Joe Rogan says:

      Right? Like really wtf. To buy the same amount of juice as the 236ml had (~8x30ml) it’s now practically twice the f****** price….. From $35 to $64???? Wtf…. Looks like we need to find some good juices somewhere else.

      • Josh Hanna says:

        I do apologize for the price. We are working on a bulk price to bring it down. Keep an eye out because we will definitely inform everyone when it does become available.

  • Jason t pass says:

    Can we order to Indiana?

    • Corey G says:

      If you do order from us and there is an issue with your package, contact us and we will make it right. Don’t miss our Facebook Drone Giveaway ending today! Enter, Follow, and Like us: Facebook.com/mtbakervapor

  • Shleby says:

    No way we let them take away our vapes!

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