Due to Legislative Pressure, Mt. Baker Vapor is Relocating to Arizona

It is with some sadness but also great excitement that we would like to announce the relocation of Mt. Baker Vapor from our birthplace of Bellingham, WA to a new home in Mesa, AZ. We are hoping to be fully operational at this new facility by Fall 2015. During this process we will strive to have zero downtime or interruptions to the normal ordering process at mtbakervapor.com.

While we love Washington and are thankful for the opportunity it has afforded us to grow this wonderful business, legislative pressure from Washington State  has made it clear that they no longer offer a suitable environment for a growing business in the vaping industry. The Governor is currently sponsoring two bills (HB 1645 and HB 2211) that look to, among other things, ban online sales and impose enormous taxes on the sale of vapor products. You can find our previous coverage of the proposed vaping laws here.

These bills are a clear existential threat to our business. While they have not yet been passed, we cannot continue effective operations with the constant threat they present hanging over our head. Even if the bills did fail, Governor Inslee has another year left in office and has made it clear he will continue tormenting our industry. This situation, coupled with the potential that Mesa and the State of Arizona hold for allowing us to expand our manufacturing facilities, tap new markets, and diversify our business ventures, make this relocation a necessary endeavor.

For all our Washington customers and colleagues, please understand that we will continue to fight for the rights of all vapers and vendors in Washington. Our brick and mortar store located in Lynden will continue operation and we hope that our actions in leaving the State will help legislators realize that they should do everything possible to keep other tax-contributing businesses from leaving. However this is a battle we need to fight without the constant threat of legislation hanging over our head.

Again, we would like to make clear that we will strive to have ZERO downtime or interruptions to the normal ordering process while this relocation is occurring. Moving a company of our size is tough but we have some amazing employees working hard to make sure that throughout the relocation process we maintain the same level of excellence you have come to expect from our e-juices. Your e-juice will continue to be mixed the same day you order and shipped as quickly as possible. Our commitment to a quality product will always come first.

We would also like to let everyone know that if you are in the Mesa area and interested in working at Mt. Baker Vapor to keep an eye out for job openings in the coming months. While we would love to bring the whole crew from Washington, obviously many of our employees will not be able to make the trip with us. If this is an opportunity that interests you, we suggest you start brushing up on your vaping knowledge. You can also read descriptions of some of the jobs that will be opening up on our careers page.

Thank you all for everything you have done to make us the company we are today. We look forward to this exciting new chapter in our company’s history and hope that you will join us for the ride.

Official Press Release


If you are a media organization looking for comments on the move please contact marketing@mtbakervapor.com

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Listless says:

    It disgusts me as to how much focus is being put on vaping and banning it. It just reminds me of how the American political infrastructure is breaking down to favor tobacco and pharmaceutical companies for the sheer greed of money and have proven to spare no expense in doing so.
    The vast majority of legislators have no scientific proof or evidence supporting a ban, hide behind underage youth that have very little to do with vaping and constantly monopolize small business by essentially threatening them with “punitive actions” just for opening their doors under circumstances that the FDA has yet to even regulate.
    America’s politicians are failures and the conditioning of our communities results in just another shrug to a conclusion of the ever-constant hammer being dropped in favor of themselves.

    Our country is in a very sad and pathetic state.

  • Jim wilson says:

    This has been a big step in my quit smoking steps and I am so upset right now that something lie this has taken place..Mt Baker Vapor has been a great place to go and I will miss this place but I understand the pressure of the brain dead legislation hanging on your company..I am mad and upset but wish you all the best in Arizona.You will be missed.

  • aikanae says:

    I wonder if other vaping related manufacturing business will move out of state (Provari)?

    Anyway, happy to have you (I’m in AZ) and I think you’ll find housing costs lower too. Will you change your name to Superstition Mtn Vapors?

  • Jeremiah says:

    As a two year customer living in Vegas I find this awesome but as a former resident of washington state they are stupid to run another business out of the Pacific North West. See you at the flamingo for vapefest more often.

  • Chuck says:

    I can’t help thinking that these new laws need to be challenged on constitutional grounds. Can our governments (federal, state, local) ban things–put restraint on trade–just because they want to, for no defensible reason?

  • Derek says:

    Voting with your feet, I love it!

  • Sharon Osteros says:

    We are sadden that you have to move from your home. But welcome to the valley. We are here if you need anything please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.


  • misswish says:

    This makes me so angry. I read a post today, comparing vaping to the prohibition of alcohol. It made a lot of sense! Best wishes to you on your move, you have a lot of support.

  • Paul G. says:

    Will you be hiring new employees here in Mesa?

  • Cass says:

    As silly as it may seem considering how many customers you have, but this move has honestly made me a more devout customer than I already was. I was already pretty rabid, rocking the MBV t-shirt whenever it’s clean and using my MBV microfiber as openly as possible, but the fact that you are passionate enough about what you’re doing to uproot and relocate as opposed to just laying down and giving up says a lot.

    I truly believe that Mt. Baker is a wonderful company being run the right way. I personally will continue to support the company as long as they are in business and I wish the entire MBV family the best of luck during this process.

  • Ray Hagen says:

    …but Marijuana is legal???

    Oh that’s right, they can tax the $%@@ out of it and line their pockets.

  • Maria says:

    I’m truly devastated by this news! I consider MBV a big source & supporter, who had everything to do with my recovery from cigarettes. I selfishly want you to stay in WA, but I want you all to be happy and secure in what you do, so I understand your hard decision to leave the state. I totally support you and stand by you, like you’ve stood by me & the community for our right to vape. One of your biggest fans… always, Maria.

  • North Carolina home of the Golden Leaf, Flue cured Tobacco, for hundred years or so…would be GLAD to Have your company! My husband, his father, his grandfather, and great grandfather ALL were Tobacco Farmers. The “Gruberment” of course has done all it can to run the farmers out of business. They also grew cotton, soy beans, sweet potatoes, and other crops, but Tobacco was KING . Surely if they can figure out how to TAX Vaping like they did Cigarettes, which are too expensive to buy now, so even I had to quit, and now love to VAPE! Thanks for making quitting smoking easier!

  • Lawny says:

    Best wishes Mt Baker
    Now there is a healthier alternative people choose from
    The politicians not received tax from tobacco industry absurd and greedy
    My health is up 100% from not smoking ciggerettes for the last year now

  • Anthony says:

    Sorry you are being forced to move, but glad you had the foresight to do it before disaster struck. Best of luck

  • Bill sheehan aka Voidie Vapes says:

    I am such a Big fan of your company…i know you will just rock it out there in AZ…at this point i really do want to just hang up the trucking idea and completly make my whole life about the cause and would so very much love to work for a amazing company like yours…if i had the cash to get myself down there i would but i am in the burbs of chicago….i really just hope this whole move doesnt go to the goverments head and they claim this victory…..because they would be so far from the truth…. Your company is completely victorious and you guys will be top dog out of this whole thing… Mount Baker vapor for life….

  • Pat m says:

    Not to mention that Washington is also pushing for $15 hourly wage!!! How in the world can a small business owner afford this?? Product cost is constantly rising, taxes, insurance, etc. there are a lot of states starting to be ” anti small business ” sorry your located in the leader of the anti business state.

  • Ginny says:

    Best of luck to you in your new venture! Very sad you were forced out of the state. I am a big supporter of your company and a big thanks for keeping me off the stinkies.

  • Jason says:

    I’m tobacco free for a year and a half, with most of my supplies having come from Mt Baker, with surprisingly fast shipping to Florida! Washington sucks!

  • Connie says:

    I want to thank you for helping me quit smoking cigarettes, this has made a big impact on my finances as well as my health I am sure. I too am in NC and have seen what has happened to the small farmer, government is putting them out of business. Stick to your guns, you are helping a lot of people. Best of luck with the move. I will continue to be a customer no matter where you land.

  • Juliana Ingram says:

    I have heard that they are trying to ban vaping but I’m not familiar with the battle over vaping or the reason why they want to ban it. I just know that it had been the most success way I have l ever tried to quit smoking. I’ve been very successful. Now they want to take it away and I don’t even know why.cigarettes are so bad and have so many chemicals in them. I’ve tried many times to quit without success. Vaping is a way to get nicotine without any other bad chemicals. What can I do to fight for the right to cape?

  • MamaVia says:

    Well, this is certainly causing ME to change plans! I was born and raised in the Puget Sound area, went off to serve my country for 20 years, and have been (IM)patiently waiting for my DH to reach a point he feels that he can retire, so that we can return “home”…(he is 72)…for the past year, I’ve been searching for the perfect property to build our new home and a place to start our (non-vaping) business…BUT…I started Vaping close to five years ago, a good thing that I did, because I developed COPD due to 47 years of smoking stinkies! Only vaping has saved my life…I tried EVERY form of “quitting” that stinky habit, and time and time again failed…only vaping helped me! To be honest, I just don’t have enough energy (or health) to fight the government anymore…it is just a bit healthier for me to write an op-Ed occasionally, and avoid the government as best I can for the next 10-20 years I (hope I ) have left, leave the action committees and protests to you young folk. So, returning “home” is now impossible…and that makes my heart ache…the loss of a dream of 40 years is hard to lay to rest…I wish you the greatest success in your new location…thank you for always having just what I needed, just when I needed it…I’ve always counted on Mt Baker Vapor…Mount Baker is losing one of its prime businesses…(but, Mesa is gaining…). (Just don’t date anyone named Arias!). Best of luck…always

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Thank you so much, MamaVia. You have no idea how much these sorts of testimonials mean to us. Please keep writing and we’ll keep fighting this legislation the best we can!

  • BD says:

    I was going to post a political rant, but there is no point. We get what we vote in….

    Best of luck to Mt Baker. You are making the right choice. It’s not about jobs here, it never was. It’s about money, taxes and lies. I’m surprised any business stays here. Many have already left… many will soon be leaving also.

  • Joe says:

    This is all due to the Idiots that Voted the current Governor into Office. I can’t stand the man, and you would think…after 2 terms of the woman that was just in there, and the idiot that was before her…that the people in this state would learn. Keep voting these Left Wing Idiots in here. This idiot we have, stated he was for more taxes and legislation. So we vote them in??? Good for you Baker, I will continue to be a regular shopper on your website. It really is sad, that another business has to leave due to the morons in government. When is enough going to be enough people? It is time to stand and tell these Local, State and Federal Gestapos…Enough, you work for ME!!!!

  • Indy says:

    You can’t convince me that big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies aren’t lining the pockets of politicians. Vuse is now airing commercials on tv!! How does that happen?!? They allow crap products but make it impossible for quality small guys.
    Thanks to Mt Baker I was able to quit smoking in one week after a 40 yr nasty pack and a half/day habit. Thousands less chemicals going in to my body per day and unknowledgeable politicians want to make it impossible for me to continue?!! Sounds like big tobacco is losing so much they are fighting back.
    Best of luck in your new digs!

  • Vickie says:

    In a country where pot is legal for recreational use and alcohol is king the politicians have nothing better to do than to bash an industry that has done nothing but better peoples lives. Your company has been a huge help to me and I am almost 1 year tobacco free thanks to the affordability and variety of your products. Thank you for all you do for us vapers and hope you will enjoy the warmth and beauty of AZ compared to the rain of Washington. Proud of you for standing for your beliefs and standing by those of us who CHOOSE to be healthier. Best of luck to you, but we will still be seeing you regardless of where you are.

  • Akanksha says:

    Best of luck MBV!

    Thank you for all you are doing for us. It may take time but in the long run, public will hear your voice!!

  • Ken Swan says:

    Am saddened by the fact that you have to leave WA., but just wanted to let you know that you are always welcome here in Houston if Arizona doesn’t work out.

  • brian bisenius says:

    Kenny, I was a 3 pack a day smoker and quit in 10 days with vaping. I’ve now been cig free for 2 and a half years and your products have been a large part of that. As a business owner myself I appreciate what you are doing and why. I will continue to support Mtn Baker and continuously refer friends and customers I talk to, to you. Good luck with your move, I have an order going in at the end of the week.
    Thank you for all you do, Brian

  • Megan Fowler says:

    It sucks that you have to move because of all of that, but I have to admit I’m pretty excited that you’ll be in Mesa, AZ because that is where we are and I know a lot of people that order from you here. 🙂

  • Jan August says:

    Sorry you have to leave your home but very glad you had the guts to stand up for what u believe in. Because of you I have been cig free for 2 years. I feel so much better.
    I will continue to use u and I always recommend you and give your cards out to every cig smoker i meet.
    Good luck on your move and keep up the good work!
    WA lose – AZ gain

  • Ray Smith says:

    I live in a very small town in Or, with no vape shop. I was a two pack a day smoker for 30 years, and with the items I have ordered from Mt. Baker Vapor. I have quit smoking and got my mom who smoked for over 40 years, to quit smoking as well. I have been extremely happy with all my transactions with Mt. Baker Vapor. I hope to be a customer for many years and Mt Baker Vapor will always have my support.

  • Jay says:

    So sorry you have to move because of the idiots in Washington. I have been vaping now for a little over two years. I have COPD and since I started vaping I have been able to get off the Oxygen which I used daily and also the inhaler I had to use several times a day. If these idiots would realize how much better this is then smoking they would be more anxious to see and help companies like your to succeed. I have bought 98 percent of my E=cigs and E-liquids from you, and will continue to do so, I hope that you find much Happiness and Continued Success in your New Home. Just continue to do what you have been doing in the past and you will do well. I Love your Products and above all your Service..Not only the speed in which you get you products out, but your Customer Service as well. Wishing you continued success for the future.

  • Angel Tibbs says:

    Latest on HB 2211
    June 25 scheduled for executive session in the House Committee on Finance @ 1:00 pm (subject to change)
    They haven’t tried to pull this since June 8, but yeah, still in their swinging.
    I have been enjoying your radio ads on KISM for several months now. Clever and well written. Hope they continue, and continue to reach a wider audience. Vape on!

  • Nathan says:

    Sad to hear you have to leave your town but I’m excited you’re heading my way. Native from Phoenix, AZ, great place to live…besides the brutal summers, but some peeps love the heat. See you soon!

  • Jeffrey says:

    The government is really overstepping here. They have no real reason for their proposed laws banning or severely limiting vaping. Their attempts to institute punitive taxes on vaping makes no sense either because there has been no occurrences within the vaping world that would warrant those types of taxes.

    They seem to be grasping at straws. Because it LOOKS like smoke they feel it must be bad for the users health. Then there is the idiots who inevitably bring up the ‘gateway’ myth/theory, saying “well, it could lead to smoking real cigarettes”. The one that always gets me is “They are marketing to minor teenagers, with the bright colored packages and labels”. Makes me think of Joe Camel! They ignore the fact that adults in their early 20’s have advertising preferences just about identical those in their mid to late teens.

    The media is not helping one bit. I don’t see any advocates on those news shows that are viciously pounding the vaping industry. Just yesterday the news caster showed teenagers vaping and said that the number is growing “at an alarming rate”, with the additional comment that “Doctors are alarmed. It is addictive, you wouldn’t believe how addictive”. Probably not because 3 people I know have tapered down to 3mG of Nicotine, and one does not use any nicotine at all(previously 1-2 Pk Day smoker)!

    The government is sticking it’s nose into EVERYTHING, from drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, food, firearms, and I believe that some of that is needed, in a big way. However, they have always acted because of an actual need for them to act. The government is suppose to stay out of our business, UNLESS THERE IS A CLEAR NEED IN ORDER TO PROTECT SOCIETY. This time it seems they are acting because of rumor, and fear of what could be. There have been a few deaths, but they were because people were careless, and did not practice proper safety, not because vaping is bad.

    Heck, I could rant for days, I will say that we have to make the government understand that we got a great thing going here, and if they screw it up all they are going to do is destroy the best, and most effective, stop smoking craze – EVER.

    • I couldn’t agree more quite honestly. What’s interesting is that I have seen several quotes in news stories that just plain shock me. Paraphrasing, they are saying while they don’t see any dangers now, there might be some in the future so they’re trying to stop it before we have as much money as big tobacco and can fight them. So sad this is what it has come down to. All we can do is stand up and speak out together.

  • Jo says:

    Not proud to say that I lapsed back to smoking…but I am making my steps back and Mt. Baker is where I knew to go. I love to see your passion and that helps me get back to where I was when I had quit. Good luck to you all- keep doing what you do, it makes a difference!

    • We all have setbacks, don’t let it get you down. Everyone’s vaping journey is different, and as long as you’re still on the journey, you’re still succeeding in my mind. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  • jimmy says:

    In Washington it is legal to smoke pot but vaping being less harmful is being attacked makes no sense to me. Don’t they have better things to do like balance a budget or pay for education.

  • Ted Hoenig says:

    I just made my first purchase from your company and decided to do a little research about the company. Doing so, I found this post. I must congratulate your company for making the difficult decision to relocate. I am not surprised that short sighted and misguided politicians would look to make it difficult for your industry. I live in HI which is another state that tends to ban things “to protect people” without understanding the facts or just to impose their will on others. Personal choices and freedoms are slowly being taken away from us in this country. Attacks on the vaping industry are certainly an example of this.

    I am very grateful to have found vaping. I was a pack a day plus smoker from over 20 years. I have been vaping for a little over a year and couldn’t be happier. There is so much misinformation out there with scant actual research. I appreciate what you do and the willingness to fight the good fight. Thank you.

    • John Swanke says:

      Thank you. Like anything worth doing, this transition hasn’t been easy, but we’re excited for what the future will bring. We strive to promote safety, responsible use, and fight for advocacy as much as possible.
      Misinformation is one of the biggest enemies we face in this industry. We know not all the research is in, but with so many vaping success stories being submitted to us, we can’t ignore the fact that something about vaping is working for people. And it’s disheartening that so many politicians and organizations are quick to ban what we love and do.
      It’s great to hear that you’ve been off of cigarettes for over a year. That first year I’ve found is the hardest. We’ll keep fighting if you keep fighting. Cheers, and vape on.

  • Eric Grimes says:

    I’m so sorry you have to make a major (and surely expensive) move like this, but I do GREATLY APPRECIATE it. I’ve been a customer of yours for about 2 years now, and I purchase all my juice from you. I live in Wisconsin so going to your B&M is out of the question. I don’t think I could afford to vape without you frankly. So thanks for making sure you can continue online sales, and thank you for your very affordable prices.

  • Janet Johnson says:

    I am so sorry for the changes you have been forced to make. Being a mail order customer I feel like the last person to find this out. I offer my personal testimony that vaping has literally saved my life. As a long time smoker this has been the only way I have been able to quit. Your customer service, attention to detail, and quality products have become a very important part of my daily life, not to mention my quality of life. Thank you and I wish you the best in your new location.

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Janet. The best part of working in this industry is hearing people’s vaping success stories about how they have quit smoking with our products. Again, thank you for your support 🙂

  • Bytesiz3 says:

    We are so sorry to hear this, but as your new fellow Arizonans, we look forward to visiting your new location once you’re here!

  • Welcome to the valley! Wish you all the best at your new place. Greetings!

  • thirsty says:

    I missed this bit of news. I was only made aware of your move by noticing the origin when i tracked my current order. Washington (both of them) handles taxation and regulation poorly. Dont blame you for leaving.

    ….but lets talk about the not changing your name….June? How long will it take? Are you running under a dba?

  • Chuck Lantz says:

    I’m so glad Mt.Baker had a successful move. After trying literally every method to stop smoking, including switching from 2 packs of cigs a day to cigars, and ending-up smoking ten to twelve cigars a day (?!), I was introduced to vaping. I’ve now switched completely to vaping, and buy from you guys exclusively. Though it’s sad to see how poorly most government agencies have treated vaping, it’s great to see Mt. Baker thriving and fighting the good fight. Thanks for probably adding years to my life!

    • John Swanke says:

      Congratulations on getting off of smoking. We wish you the best of luck! It is sad how the government has been treating vaping, but we will do everything we can to preserve vaping rights. Please let us know if there’s anything we can ever do. Cheers!

  • Mark says:

    As a 2 year plus vaper I have been getting my Mt. Baker juices from a shop that is around 30 miles from my home on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I can safely say that vaping has probably extended my life at least ten yrs. or more. I started vaping at the tender age of 56 to end a 45 yr. yep you read that right 45 years as a dipper, tobacco chewin fool. A pinch between yer cheek and gum and…ahhhhh, life is good. Hell I quit smokin cigarettes 20 yrs. ago, cigars about 5 yrs but snuff….it was always a part of my life, I knew I would never quit. Until I found vaping; I never set out to quit dippin, just cut down a lot, at $8.00 a can an at least 2 cans a day, it became quite an expensive habit. Well this January 23 will make 2 years since I’ve had a dip! My breath is a lot fresher, had 15 months of dental work through the VA yep, I’m a 100% disabled vet have been. We vets always get the shaft and should be getting a decent disability, its barely enough to make ends meet. Diping was sure enough dipping into my funds. But vaping..I spend less than half to a third on what I was spending on dip. Now that I have your web site I won’t have to travel 60 miles round trip to get my Mt. Baker juice.
    I do hope your move has met with success, I know it can be difficult to uproot such a business as your, move a thousand mile plus and basically start from scratch. You at least have your wide and varied customer base and your web base won’t suffer but maybe a little, at least until you get your lab and all up and running. I have a friend, several friends who have their own vape shops and are now manufacturing their own line of juices, to hich I will always be faithful. That said, I will always get my peanut butter fix from y’all, y’all have the best peanut butter I’ve come across. I will pray for your continued success, Arizona is said to be a beautiful state, having lived in Tx. for a lot of years, and Tx. is a great state in which to live in which case Arizona must be as well. It is now November 3rd. y’all should be up and running on all cylinders by now…hopefully so, if not then in the very, very near future. Best of luck to you and ALL your staff, I will now continue my purchase of Mt. Baker juices on line.

    • John Swanke says:

      Sounds like you had quite the commute just to get your juice. We’re glad you have found out about ordering online. We take pride in providing affordable and accessible e juice for all. Should you ever experience an issue ordering with us please reach out to support@mtbakervapor.com we’re always here to answer any questions you may have. The transition to Arizona hasn’t been easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. We are up and running down here and the future looks bright, really bright, the sun never leaves! Best of luck to you as you continue on this journey of vaping. Cheers!

  • Hi, you blog is very good it have very good content . Well come to the valley.

  • Joe says:


    I find it very interesting that the politicians have zero problems with the casino’s that you folks were working at a before you got into the vape business.
    So you can gamble away your home and life savings, but they don’t want you to vape.

  • […] that the company was moving from Bellingham, WA to a new home in Mesa, AZ (You can read the full announcement here). The move was made due to legislative pressure from Washington Governor Jay Inslee against the […]

  • bobbie says:

    Where is your location in Florida?

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