A great Vape pen for mouth to lung vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is the most relaxing way of enjoying the clouds and the flavor altogether. You may or may not have found your favorite MTL vape pen. Truly, Innokin zlide tube kit is one of the greatest vape pens for mouth to lung vaping.


Innokin has launched quite a few great devices meant for specific purposes like cloud-chasing and flavor-production. Zlide tube kit is designed aiming at being a great vape pen for mouth to lung vaping. This Zlide tube kit review will help you explore the specs and features of this MTL king. Lets start.

Firing Modes

Zlide tube kit is a regulated vape pen with automatic wattage mode. As an MTL vape pen, this vape pen does a great job. The wattage gets adjusted to 16W if you load the coil that has less than one ohm resistance. Likewise, it get adjusted to 13W if the coil resistance is above 1ohm.

Having said that, the wattage is optimized to fire only at 13W and 16W to produce the ideal temperature for a perfect MTL vaping session. It seems to be working well that way, and the MTL sessions with zlide tube kit are truly enjoyable.


As the wattage is automatic, there is no way anybody could ruin the actual performance of the Innokin zlide tube kit. Coils with less than 1-ohm resistance produce fantastic flavors and clouds with slightly less intensity and sensation with the Zlide tube kit.

Given the low wattage setup, the coils last longer than expected even with everyday usage. Equally, it burns fairly less amount of liquid to give longer and satisfying vape sessions. Especially, the flavor production is at its best when the wattage is at 16W.

Usage & Aesthetics

This is one of the lightest vape pens in this price range. I like the way they made the firing button and the LED battery level indicator. The LED is just around the buttons and it displays colors to indicate the battery level. Green is full, blue is less than 40%, red is less than 10%, and red that blinks means the battery is dead.

The diamond-shaped buttons sync perfectly with the sleek and simple tube design. Click the button three times to on/off the device.

The airflow is pretty congested, and you can't set the airflow open in all four holes. However, that's the whole point of owning a dedicated MTL vape pen. The airflow settings in this vape pen do the trick perfectly, and the MTL sessions were never so satisfying.

Battery performance

The battery capacity is great, and the battery performance is totally impressive. The tube vape comes with a 3000Mah rechargeable battery. It can power up an intermittent vaper for at least a couple of work-days. Even a frequent vaper can enjoy vaping for a whole workday with this battery.


MTL vape pens need to be sleek, portable, and with a decently restricted airflow. There is no doubt that the innokin zlide tube kit is the best MTL vape pen. Innokin zlide tube kit is one of the top-rated MTL vaping devices in the market that offers the same level of performance and portability.

If you are looking for the best MTL vape pen at a reasonable price point, then this is where your quest ends. I hope the Zlide tube kit review was helpful. Happy vaping !!!


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