Focus Piece: Mom’s Who Vape

About a week ago, we posted a shoutout to any vaping mothers who follow us here at Mt Baker Vapor.  The feedback we received was overwhelming and we have been given permission by these 5 amazing mothers to share their narratives. Our interest in their stories come from wanting to find out more about our customers, in addition to having the desire to show the world a demographic that rarely receives focus from within our industry. We hope these 5 commentaries inspire you, educate you, perhaps even challenge you to share your own.

#1 – Laci Gruetzmacher

“I switched from cigarettes to e-cigs about four years ago. I had smoked since I was 15, so for about 15 years. I wanted to quit smoking because I didn’t like my kids to see me smoke, I didn’t like always smelling like cigarettes, I was worried about the impacts to my health, and they were too expensive. The first e-cig I got was awful. It was an off brand little cig-alike one that I got from someone I worked with. I didn’t like it and it was hard to quit with that. I talked to another friend who had a better one, something like an eGo, and after I tried it I went and bought one. Using that one made it much easier to quit smoking. As soon as I had it I didn’t have another cigarette. From there, over the years, I’ve upgraded and gotten bigger and better mods. I was only going to use an e-cig to stop smoking but I really enjoy it so I don’t know that I ever really will stop vaping. I’ve never had a cigarette since then and never craved one.”

#2 – Breanna Ramsey

“I was a pack a day smoker for well over 10 years. I am a mother of 4 and have been vaping now for over four years. Vaping isn’t just vaping for me but is a whole new lease on life. I am a manager at a Vape store here in my home town Spokane, WA –  it has become a passion of mine. I love my job because I help save peoples lives from smoking. I just know that vaping has saved my life and allows me to have more time with my 4 kiddos in the long run. My kids hated I smoked and I quit for them.”

#3 – Kay Lala

“Vaping mom here! I started because I wanted to kick smoking cigarettes. I wanted to get healthy I wanted to be able to run and play with my 6 year old. I didn’t want to smell like an ashtray anymore or have to stand in the cold. Now I’m 4 months cigarette free I’m running 5ks with my daughter. My brand new vehicle doesn’t stink anymore! It wasn’t too hard to switch because most of my family were switching at the same time and I really wanted to quit smoking so it was pretty easy for me. I got my daughter engraved on my door to remind me why.”

#4 – Heather Shingler

“I did it because I want to be strong for my grandkids. I had the onset of COPD and had trouble breathing, now after a year of vaping I’m loving the change in my health which is so much better! I had smoked since I was 13, I was using inhalers for the last 5 years until I started vaping. I haven’t used any inhaler in a year.”

#5 – Laurie Giusti

“I’ve been vaping full-time since September of 2014. I decided at that time that I would begin the path to start home-schooling my then five year-old son in December, and I knew I couldn’t continue smoking cigarettes once my family went down to one income and I was spending all my time around my child. The piece of advice I give most often, when people ask how to get off cigarettes with vaping, is I tell them that you must not crossover and do both at the same time! It would never have worked for me, I’d tried many times in the past to supplement my smoking with vaping and was never successful. Finally one day (September 9th, 2014) I smoked my last cigarette, unwrapped my shiny new vape starter kit and never looked back at cigarettes again. My kids, my husband and I have all been so much happier since I walked away from the cigarettes. I love the convenience and variety of vaping, it’s fulfilling in a way that smoking could never be. Mt Baker is – far and away – the best brand of vape juice and supplier of devices, I always price check around and ALWAYS end up coming back to you guys. I appreciate your customer service (kind and helpful, even when I had to call to change a mistake I’d made!) and super fast shipping. Thanks, MBV!”

– These stories have been edited for grammatical purposes but are otherwise un-edited and a direct testimony from these individuals

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • Jeff says:

    My husband and I vape. We never smoked cigarettes in our house so being able to vape when and where we want is nice. I find it frustrating that some places don’t allow va ping if they don’t allow cigarettes. We should not be put in the same category with cigarette users. Businesses need to research the difference.

  • Angel N. says:

    I’m a mom too and will never go back to cigarettes. They stink!!

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