The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

Full disclosure, the Mi-Pod starter kit by Smoking Vapor is purty simple. Inside, you’ll find a Mi-Pod device, two refillable pods, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and as Porky the Pig used to say, “that’s all folks.”

Now let’s get into this all-in-one device and see what she’s working with.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Once you receive your Mi-Pod and take it into your hands, one of the first things you will notice is how light it is. I advise that you not cast judgement as the device’s weight is not indicative of its ability to produce a great vape.

Upon tearing away the plastic wrapping, pull the main box out from the sleeve and lift the lid to see the aforementioned contents within. Written up under the main lid is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci which reads, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Side note: It was William Gaddis who is credited for having first uttered the quote, not Da Vinci. But that is neither here nor there.

As you can see, this device is small. Very small. We’re talking— fit right into your palm and no one would ever know you had a vape device in your hand— kind of small. Weighing just under 45 grams, the Mi-Pod’s weight and size just simply feels right. Nothing wasted, nothing overdone.

The Mi-Pod comes in a variety of colors depending on which collection you decide to go with. The metal collection comes in rainbow, gold, white and black— while the digital collection comes in grey, orange, blue and black. If it’s the metal version you end up going with, you’ll notice Elvish engravings on the sides of the device. Supposedly, one of these inscriptions reads, “one vape to rule them all.”

Continuing on the success of the Mi-One (Smoking Vapor’s all-in-one device released in 2017), the Mi-Pod is a bit different in that rather than filling a built-in-tank with your e-juice, SV’s new device uses swappable 2 mL pods with built-in coil heads.

Filling your Mi-Pod with your favorite juice is a breeze. All one has to do is unplug the rubber seal and fill. Upon filling, you’ll notice that the rubber piece stays partially attached which helps in loss prevention.

With your Mi-Pod filled and ready to vape, you’re probably wondering where the heck the fire button is. Well to answer your question, there is none. Draw-activated, this ingenious device does not come with a fire button, but simply a button for switching the unit on and off. Five quick clicks and the device is activated. A blinking LED light will indicate that your Mi-Pod is ready to enjoy.

What’s the flavor like?

The general consensus thus far is that, this little guy/gal produces a decent flavor. Although it takes about a day to break in, for the most part, the device is free of dry and/or burnt hits.

The battery life is good. Some heavy vapers have said that this device gets them through a day of vaping without having to recharge the device.

With a solid vapor production and portability unlike any other, the only question left to ask is whether you plan on setting a new fashion trend by using the detachable lanyard and wearing the device around your neck. Let’s hope not.

About Smoking Vapor

Quality. Service. Flavor. Love. Smoking Vapor came to be in 2008 as a way to help friends and family make the move to a healthier smoking alternative. Established as a small kiosk, SV now has locations across the United States as well as a reputable online business presence.

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