Vaping Abroad – Part Three

Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust Foundation is giving mental health patients free e-cigarettes as part of a plan to provide their patients with a healthier alternative to smoking. The Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust Foundation is handing out E-Burn (a low security risk e-cigarette) as part of their intake process. This is part of a national movement in the UK to further the use of e-cigarettes to reduce the number of smokers and to create more smoke free facilities.

The smoke-free lead at Nottingham Healthcare, Heather Thomson stated:

“There are some challenges within mental health trusts with regards to safety. There’s over 300 different varieties and they’re not prescribable.

The board has approved for us to be able to have a trial on three units, which was very successful and we’ve been able to extend that now. It’s been done very carefully.

What we’re doing with patients is empowering them while they’re with us to know how to access these in the community.”

This is just a piece of the puzzle in terms of strides being made in the U.K. toward smoke-free initiatives. More to come.


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