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Hey, vape fans!  As you have seen lately, we are bringing on a lot of third party vendors to our site. To get you more familiar with our new e-juice, we are interviewing Dave Morris from Vape Gravy! Check out some insights from Vape Gravy:

MBV:  When did you first learn of vaping?

DM: I first heard about vaping from my roommate, many years ago.  I had been talking to him about how I was trying to quit smoking, and how the gum and patches didn’t work for me.  I’ve always been fascinated by new technology, so when I heard about a smokeless nicotine delivery system, I was absolutely on board.  There were no stores in my hometown that sold them at the time, so I had to order one online.  I heard about Mt Baker Vapor in a similar way, actually.  Several months after I started vaping, a brick-and-mortar store finally showed up about fifteen miles away from me, so I headed down there.  Putting it nicely, their juice was terrible.  The employee at the store saw the look on my face when I tried it and said something along the lines of ‘Yeah, I know.  Have you tried Mt. Baker’s juice?’

I placed my first order that day and continued shopping with Mt Baker Vapor regularly, up until the time I started making my own juice.

"Gorgeous" is an understatement for Vape Gravy's bottle design.

“Gorgeous” is an understatement for Vape Gravy’s bottle design.

MBV: What made you want to join the vape industry?

DM: It was a total accident, actually.  I started mixing my own juice as a hobby, and letting my friends try recipes when I felt like they were “done.”  They all loved it, and asked me to make them some, too.  They would cover the cost of their juice as well as mine, so I was happy to oblige them.  After a while, I’d start getting phone calls from friends of friends who had tried their bottles and wanted their own.  Again, I was happy to do it.  Several of my friends play in bands in town, so I’d go to their shows and set up a little card table and sell juice out of the venues.  I bought a few hundred little Ego pens from a Chinese manufacturer at a price that allowed me to give them away with a bottle purchase, so I could also capitalize on the smokers at the shows.  Then, all of a sudden, I was getting calls and Facebook messages from people who told me they were referred to me by people that I didn’t know, and that’s when I decided it was time to do it right:  I pooled some money together, found a GREAT lab, had some labels designed, and consolidated my flavors to a reasonable level.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the local music scene here in Arizona, so I decided to take the opportunity to sponsor all my favorite bands, name my flavors after them, and put their logos on my bottles instead of my own logo.  The bands were all stoked about it, I was stoked about it, and the fans were stoked about it.  Then I started bringing samples to the vape shops around town, they were stoked about it as well, since it meant they could connect with a whole different customer base than what all the shops were currently battling each other for.

Vape Gravy - Deathgrape

My personal favorite flavor: Deathgrape!

MBV: How do you see your business in the future?

DM: Simply put, bigger and better.  Everything we’re doing seems to be working really well, so we’re just gonna keep moving in the same direction.  Now that we’re moving enough bottles that we have some capital to work with, we’ve been working more aggressively on targeting current smokers.  We also just threw our first concert featuring all bands that I sponsor, and it was a huge success.  We were planning for three to four hundred people in the door, and ended up with over eight hundred and fifty!  We were also overjoyed at how many vapers showed up that had never been to a local show before (as well as how many regulars I had seen at shows before that) that took the opportunity to come up to me and say, ‘Ok, I’ve been seeing you doing this for over a year now, and I think I’m ready to quit smoking.’  We already have another show scheduled for August, and we’re working on getting some national acts to headline it.  We’ve also been speaking with several national acts about sponsorship and getting their logo on some of our bottles, so stay tuned for that coming up soon!  Aside from that, we’ve been getting more into the advocacy and charity sides of the industry.  We’ve been working with a great charity called Vape A Vet Project, whose sole purpose for existing is to help veterans and active duty military folks transition from cigarettes to vaping.  Next year, we hope to spend most of our time on the road.  We’re setting up a four-month nationwide tour that will not only help the bands we work with (spreading their music across the country), but it’ll be a great opportunity for us to get our juice into shops nationwide as well.  We’ve also got some exciting partnerships with some other organizations coming up soon that we’re all really excited for!

There you have it vape fans! This is Dave Morris’s story of how Vape Gravy came about and where they want to see themselves in the future! They are an awesome set of people! Be sure to check out Vape Gravy’s Facebook page, give them a like, and buy the whole line of juice!


Josh Hanna

  • Louis N says:

    I WILL have to give one or two a try. Wish there were like 5ml bottle sample pack…where you buy the whole pack.* Sales idea* lol!

    Rock,vape, live -ON!

  • Dave Morris says:

    This is so awesome! Thanks again to Josh and the rest of the amazing team over at Mt. Baker for this interview, showcasing our juice on their site, and so many more things they’ve done for us over here at Vape Gravy. You guys rock!

  • Rich S says:

    I’m curious about the “ethics” of competition among e-juice makers. You’re inviting 3rd parties to sell on the site. When you find someone else making a flavor you like, is it considered not kosher to reverse-engineer their flavor and make it and sell it yourself?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      There are so many flavors out there that many companies sell that are the same. Fruity Hoops, Cinnatoast Munch, and Berry Crunch Cereal are just a few. I do not think it is because they do not have the same recipes as others. They can make it taste close but not use the same stuff. Quality is also an issue. Not everyone makes great juice but they have the same flavors. Is there a reason you ask this?

  • Hello my name is Dave Curtis General Manager of Habits Vape. I was curious how we would go about getting our juice line reviewed by you. Checked out your blog and was impressed. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.

    Dave M Curtis


  • Our website is Smokersheaven.com. Thank you.

  • Rob says:

    I’m gonna give them a try.This is the first I’ve heard of Vale Gravy.

  • Rob says:

    Vape Gravy,my bad.

  • kristyfree says:

    Wish we could sample it

  • evan napolitano says:

    i would def try deathgrape! :p

  • Matt says:

    Can’t wait to try

  • Chris Portugal says:

    Definitely try Vape Gravy, the “Gravy” is some of the best I’ve vaped. I’ve tried grape flavored juices and everything was blah, DeathGrape is soooooo YUM! Try it, you’ll have a new ADV.

  • Ken C says:

    May give Vape Gravy a shot. Though I’ve been content with Mtbakervapor for all these years, I have been looking for some new juices to try.

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