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No one is in their right mind when they start smoking. Some people start to rebel against their parents; some start to fit in, some start because they’re going through a tough time. No one makes a logical, informed decision to start smoking.

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I started smoking at the hospital. Despondent, broke, brimming with medication, and no clue what to do with the rest of my life, I smoked a cigarette to see if it would ease my twitching nerves. It did–for a minute.

Fast forward a few months. Even more broke and sad, but with an unconquerable monkey on my back. I was afraid to even try to exercise. I was scolded and judged from all corners for my sickening habit, all the while deteriorating physically and emotionally. Sometimes I’d “quit” because I couldn’t afford a pack. Most of the time, I eagerly bummed smokes outside of bars, hating myself for being a parasite.

A job mixing juice on the MBV production line turned it all around. At first, I was so shaky and unsure of myself, I didn’t think I could withstand the long hours and fast-paced work environment. Things got easier. The sense of camaraderie was amazing, and I found the perfect blend, tank, and mod. 24 mg of nicotine became 3 mg in a little more than a month. I came to find the stink of cigarettes disgusting–the same stink that used to arouse my cravings. The dreams about chain smoking faded over time and were replaced by dreams of flying and endless blue seas. Financially stable, healthy, and (most importantly) smoke-free, I realized something: I was happy.

Here I am today. Marketing lets me use my creativity to connect with people that have had similar struggles. The topic of smoking is a matter of life and death, and I truly believe I am saving people every day. I have a gym membership, a new truck, and enough disposable income to fund my passion for music. I reflect on my past hardships with solemnity, but I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt. With a newfound sense of purpose, I throw myself into the workday like a cannonball.

I am Tim Mechling, and I vape for my life.

Something to think about:

There is no American untouched by cancer. Along with devastating families (my own included), the financial burden is unfathomable. Lung cancer costs the United States around 12 billion dollars a year for health care costs, and billions more for loss of productivity. A revolution against cigarettes would save countless families, and give the US economy a much-needed shot-in-the-arm!


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Tim. I can relate to having a smoking monkey on my back and how depressing it is. Your story is inspiring to anyone who has ever wondered if they could quit the deadly cigarettes. Thanks for all you do to help others find longer, happier existences! 🙂

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Glad you like my story! Health truly is the greatest wealth. Vaping can really get you out of a rut!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Maria, I don’t think I had a single truly happy day when I was smoking. No matter what good news came to me, I had this nagging complaint in the back of my brain. A healthy body means a healthy brain, and I feel like a superhuman compared to my smoking self! Unlimited power!


  • Nick says:

    I think you’re exaggerating a bit Tim.

    I can tell you’re in marketing lol.

    Good work quitting smoking though :^)

  • Donna says:

    Tim ,
    Thanks for sharing your story ,Ive been smoke free for 2 yrs now ,thanks to Vaping ! MBV was my very first juice and Vaping supplie company 🙂 I havent looked back and Iam also happy /healthier today and as you I feel Vaping safes lifes !!
    Keep doing what you do and Thank you for working hard on some awesome Juices !!!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Donna, you made a wonderful choice right out the gate! I once was lost, but now am found. I have seen the light of vaping, and I shall never cross back over to the Valley of the Shadow.

      Glad you love the product as much as I do! Keep your lungs clean!


  • Marya says:

    Great story Tim ! Thank you for sharing I’m sure many will read and be inspired ! Health is so very important and vaping is the only way I was able to kick my habit !

    Is that a dachshund you got there ?

    VAPE ON ! Marya

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Glad you like it, Marya! I tried cold turkey, the patch, “cutting back,” the gum, everything. I couldn’t believe how quickly I adapted to vaping-only, it was truly shocking!

      It IS a lil’ dachshund! He’s a miniature long-haired dachshund, his name is Yoda, and he is the love of my life. I’ve never even met a sweeter lil’ pup! He’s always very curious about the smell my vapor clouds produce.



  • Nancy Barnhart says:

    Good to hear of your ‘good choices’ being made and to see your life turn around for the better by them!
    I’m 70 and for years I carried around that ‘monkey’, but a little more than 2 years ago I too switched to vaping and I’m thrilled I found what worked for me regarding equipment, juice, and folks to help me make that choice to just try vaping. It worked! I still have my last pack of cigarettes sitting in a dirty ashtray out in the shed, as a reminder of my conquest! haha I have no desire to pick them up, nor try one, knowing the last one, perhaps a month into vaping, tasted horrid and stunk, too!
    Good on you for taking the responsibility for your life and now you have means to help others do the same. Keep up the good work! We out here (online) appreciate what you do daily to keep us equipped! THANKS. NancyB

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Nancy, your story brings a tear to my eye. With 20% of the world’s population hooked on smoking, something drastic must be done. We are empowering the disenfranchised, sounding the trumpet for the abused consumers! The hardest part is getting smokers to take the first step–I am so proud of you. Vape for your life! And keep that last pack in the ashtray.


  • BD says:

    Hi Tim, It’s ironic how vaping is changing the world, myself a 47 yr smoker…now free for the last 15 months. And as of today, in my county (Clark)…vaping is banned at all places where the stinkies have been banned. We are now forced outside and 25 feet from any doorway..to share the space with the smokers. In spite of all the stories of life saving, there seems to be a huge disconnect from the politico’s. What is going on and who really cares about the vaper?

    • Tim Mechling says:

      BD, I can assure you I feel the same way. I believe Franz Kafka once said, “Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.” There has been a knee-jerk reaction from legislators and politicians, because the industry is thriving and it is poised to change the status quo. Our grass-roots support is our greatest asset. Thank you for all you’re doing!


  • Deborah says:

    Hi Tim,
    What a inspiring story. I have quit over a year now and feel so much better and more money in my pocket too. People like you inspire other people that really want to quit. Keep up the good work and welcome to Mt Baker Vapor it is my best vapor shop when I am in the USA in the summer.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Hey Deborah! I’m glad my story inspired you. It’s really amazing what a difference a year of hard work can do. Keep on vaping in the free world, with your support we can conquer the affliction of smoking.


  • BD says:

    I like what Keven Skipper has to say. I wish he could be our front man in Washington State. Basically, it all boils down to the money…The politicos jobs must be held on the line.

    Kevin says, “I Vape, I Vote.

    All the young people that vape need to vote OUT the people who vote against vaping. It’s not about party lines anymore, it’s about elected officials listening to the people. Your Vote Counts!

    • Tim Mechling says:

      I’ve been doing some research on this Skipper guy. His Vista Truth organization is working hard to get a lobbyist for every state to influence legislation for the vaping community. I think people like Kevin Skipper are just the beginning!

  • Sue says:

    Great story Tim! I finally quit after 51 years but now have osteoporosis. No one ever told me that smoking had such a great deal to do with your bones. After having another bone scan near the end of 2014, I decided to look into vaping. I had tried to quit over the years going cold turkey, patches and gum but nothing worked. After watching a ton of videos I decided on the Aspire Nautilus, iStick 20 along wish some Mt Baker Vapor juice and never picked up an analogue again. I could not believe after all these years how easy it was to quit when I started to vape. I have been finally free of cigarettes since Nov 2014 and I feel it is better late than never. Keep doing what you are doing and changing the world to be a better and healthier place.

    • Tim Mechling says:

      Thanks for your story, Sue! If only vaping had been introduced decades earlier. Technically it was, but it didn’t reach a wide market until 2006. I hope you continue to recover!



  • Richard Bennett says:

    How I finally ended a life long battle with smoking. I am 71 and I smoked a 1½ – 2½ quantity or more a day for 55 years. I had tried to quit numerous times using various products. I tried the patches, the gum, SmokEnders and even, several times, cold turkey. All of these methods did not work and I was back to smoking shortly after. I can honestly say that using e-cigarettes has saved my life. I have now been eCig vaping for 23 months, and I can feel the difference everyday. By 1-2 weeks I could breathe. No more coughing! Everything smells better and food tastes better. By 3 months I felt like a whole new person. Which then prompted me to make other changes. I figured if making that one change could make me feel this good, making bigger changes would make me feel even better! I changed the way I eat, the things I drink, and I started exercising. In three months I have lost 17lbs!

    I couldn’t/would have made these changes as a smoker. Electronic cigarettes “are not the be all, end all” solution to nicotine addiction — but they are the best first step! They save lives!

  • Kendell says:

    Tim, that was a very touching story. Thanks for sharing that with us. It is so true that no one make a logical decision to start smoking!

  • Mitch Rubin says:

    Awesome story TMech! I have come to know your kindness & generosity over the past month (s) & this story sheds some light on that! Unfortunately the financial burden still looms heavy on my shoulders but thanks to you & mbv i am not smoking cigarettes and atleast i have that saved money in my pocket. I wish you all the success in Arizona & have an awesome Thanksgiving! (Oh wait…its only Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend lol). As a side note, i cant believe you shaved that gold mine of a beard off your face, you look 14. Hahaha! Aight TMech ttyl…love your story!

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