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You see comments in social media. You see them in the news. Opinions, which are shortsighted and obviously lacking the appropriate information. I’m talking about those who didn’t research anything about vaping and just formulated an opinion based on nothing. It’s like being back in high school when people would talk badly about others, without checking to see if the rumor was true in the first place. Is this opinion skewed or biased? Yes, of course, I am an employee with Mt Baker Vapor, and I will defend my mother ship no matter what is needing to be done. My name is Mikaela Burkhart, and I am an Account Manager for Mt Baker Vapor.

I have been working with the company for over a year and have been in the world that is vaping. In no way am I saying that I am all knowing, nor do know everything about the vaping world. What I am saying is: I have taken the time to care about their cause, and to understand what ideals MBV would like to share with the world. No matter what the legislators preconceived notions may be, vaping has been something that has changed the world for better. This is my opinion, and is supported by a host of anecdotal evidence.

Prior to Mt. Baker Vapor I was a teacher and hadn’t really considered changing vocations. This change in jobs all began with a long night of drinking, it was decided that I would quit being a teacher and join the ranks of Mt Baker Vapor. Now this seemed a bit like a silly idea at the time, but after working here for a year, it was the best decision I have ever made.

The entry level job I had obtained, was mixing juice in our production facility.. You know when you walk into a Starbucks, and you see everyone moving, mixing getting orders ready, welllllll they have nothing on Mt Baker Vapor mixers. MBV mixers take their job to the highest of standards, like soldiers in a battle field, they ensure the juice is properly mixed and shipped out in a timely manner.

On my first day I had no idea what to expect. I walked into a chemistry lab filled with scruffy, bearded Washingtonian men and a few women with lab coats and hairnets. They all looked up and gave me the strangest of stares, as if I was like some out of place piece of furniture they need to fix. There was a lot of joking and poking fun at each other between all of the mixers. Of course I was intimidated, unknowing of what was going to happen. After a strict intro course, they gave me coat  and had a supervisor watch me as I mixed each and every bottle to ensure the proper quality was achieved.

Mixing is a repetitive, lengthy process. My duties included:

  1. Read the entire order
  2. Mix the first bottle on the list by putting the correct amount of pg/vg, nicotine, and flavoring in.
  3. Place child-resistant cap on the top
  4. Wipe the bottle down and then carefully place the label on the bottle
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the rest of the bottles on the order

When I was mixing, we mixed form the moment we walked through the front door at 9 am until all of the stacks are finished. Which was aimed to be around 5:30 pm but sometimes we would stay as late as 8 pm.

After about five months of mixing, I moved to Customer Service. It was yet again another difficult task that I got the opportunity to master. Our job as customer service reps, would be to handle all issues pertaining to ordering, shipment, and technical support on all of our products in addition to answering any questions. We would respectfully find a way to remedy each situation, all the while wearing a smile. Most of the time, customers were very polite and receptive. Every once in a while, we had someone who was frustrated beyond the point of being polite. As CS reps, we didn’t have control over some of the things that went wrong, but we always tried our best to fix the problem and come up with a solution that would satisfy our customers.

Anyhoo, after working the trenches for a few months I moved to the marketing department. This move completely opened the doors to understanding what is going on in the political side of vaping. If you haven’t read the newspapers recently, the governor of the state of Washington is trying to impose a 95% tax and ban online sales? OH, you didnt?…. Well not to worry we are going to be fighting this tooth and nail!

On top of the ‘fun’ political side of marketing, we are the team that will go out into social media and talk with our loyal followers. We will host contests on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc and we will also announce the sale dates and store events. Another fun aspect is that we get to talk to bands such as GWAR. We get to talk to famous racers such as Landon Simon, and just get to spread the amazing word about Mt Baker Vapor throughout the racing community.  We are a company that makes a difference, so that dads can run after their children without losing their breath, and so that grandma can live long enough to hold their first grandchild in their hands. The stories are out there, about how MT Baker Vapor has given them the ability to make their lives healthier… yes, HEALTHIER, a word that is shunned and distorted when used in the vaping community. Looking at the supporting evidence from the last five years, I only see positives.

I am enjoying working in an environment where we can make a positive difference in people’s lives, and the people I work with are passionate about what they do. Please spread the word about how vaping can help those intense smokers. And remember: Always check sources, always question, never assume, because we all know what that makes us!


Something to Think About:

Tell me how MT Baker Vapor Customer Service team has made your day better!


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Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

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