Meet Mt. Baker Vapor – Michelle’s Story

I was a smoker for 15+ years and honestly enjoyed it. As our graphics designer Lisa says, “Smoking was my jam!” I knew I should quit, and honestly tried several times, in all the usual ways. Gum, patches, pills, I tried them all yet nothing really worked. I mean, you know something’s not working quite right when you’re chomping on gum so hard your jaw starts to hurt with “I need a smoke” running in an endless loop through your head. So, back to smoking I went, knowing it would probably kill me eventually. As the years went by and my daughter got older, I started to see commercials for e-cigarettes and revisit my desire to quit. Then I saw the commercial for an e-cigarette…

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Now, I know you’re probably thinking “here’s the part where she tells us she picked up a vape and never smoked again.” Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. I did what I imagine many of you did. I went to the local drug store and got a cigarette looking starter pack with “menthol” flavor and took it home. I was excited and for the first time wondered if I really could let the cigarettes go, this seemed like such a promising option. I made sure I read the manual, twice, fully charged my battery, and screwed on the cartridge. Half expecting a chorus of angels and a full epiphany moment, I put the e-cigarette to my lips and inhaled. Wow, was I let down. It tasted like stale toothpaste and I could barely feel anything as I puffed away. I was determined however, to make this solution work and quit for good. So I stuck with it, for two whole months. I’m sure you can guess what happened next… life. Money, kids, work and all other manner of stress seemed to flow like a volcano threatening to fully engulf me. What did I do? What ever smoker does, I went to the store and bought a pack of real cigarettes that would give me the kick of nicotine I needed to get through the lava flowing through my life. The night after I bought that pack I put the e-cigarette in a drawer and with an overwhelming feeling of failure, had a smoke and went to bed.

Honestly, that was the last I thought about e-cigarettes until about 6 months ago. That’s when I applied to work for this company called Mt. Baker Vapor in the marketing department. I love marketing and I learn quickly, so thankfully they took a chance on someone who really didn’t know much about the industry. Wow, did I not really know anything about the industry! My first day a coworker took me out and helped me pick out a starter kit and some e-juice. While they do not require us to vape here, the owners and management are so passionate about vaping that they want to make it fully available to employees interested in quitting smoking and transitioning into vaping. I was intrigued by the Evod starter kit, and was vaping away at my desk on some of our Caramel Apple while learning everything I could about the company I was now going to represent. Without even realizing it, I went the entire day without a single cigarette. Anyone who has smoked knows that just doesn’t happen. Smoking offers an internal clock that could put any timex to shame. Every two hours bells go off and you must go outside to have a smoke or the world will inevitably end. How had I gone all day and not noticed? I was intrigued and cautiously optimistic.

I still smoked in the car, and at home, and just used my Evod at work for a couple weeks. I then mentioned that the Evod wasn’t really doing it for me full time, it was nice enough when my brain was busy at work, but once I had the free time at home it was lacking something that I couldn’t pinpoint. I mentioned this at work to my new team, and was given an MVP 2.0. Unlike many of the stories I have heard, I still didn’t quit instantly, but I did dramatically drop the number of cigarettes I was having in a day. I went from 2 packs a day to 1 pack a day when I was using the Evod. When I switched to the MVP I went down to about a half a pack a day. Vaping more and more in the evenings, but not quite to the point where I didn’t want to smoke whenever I drove. What really pushed me over the edge into being a full time vaper was the purchase of the Aspire Nautilus tank. I realized I was done with smoking when my roommate asked one night if I wanted to join them outside for a smoke and I surprised myself by saying I didn’t want to go. I was content vaping away on the couch. Holy crap, I thought, It worked!

I have now been smoke free for several months, and continue to grow more passionate about the vaping industry. Each day I hear or read new stories about how vaping has positively affected people’s lives in ways they never thought possible. I can honestly say, had I not come to work at Mt Baker Vapor I would almost certainly still be stuck on cigarettes and wishing for something better. Not only have they changed my personal life by introducing me to vaping, I now have the amazing ability to earn a living promoting a product I truly believe in. I read and analyze the studies being done, look at what the media is sharing with the public, and am able to offer education and information about vaping to the community.

Something to think about:

How many lives have you been able to positively influence by introducing people to vaping?

Written By: Michelle Harnden

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Andre says:

    It’s been 3 months since I started vaping a month since I bought a pack of cigs and not looking back 🙂 Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on making this milestone in the journey!

  • Glen says:

    Love your story, Michelle, and very similar to mine. Many thanks for sharing it. I haven’t completely transitioned to vaping, but manage to avoid having a smoke almost entirely while at work. I’ll keep plugging away at it.

  • This story is really inspiring and I think that a lot of people can relate to it. I’ve had similar experiences and this story really hit home with me. I wish Michelle the best and to keep on vaping!

  • Kathy says:

    My daughter influenced me we lost my 3 children’s dad wii be 4 years tomorrow to COPD she had snuck around smoking since she was 12 or 13 and I was horrified when I found out but I also smoked she told me she was quiting for her children. I was a month behind her last month she had been quit a year so her dad who is my husband really her step dad but we have been married 22 years and she is turning 31 this year gave her $100.00 for her accomplishment I had smoked all my adult life I am 59 haven’t done as well as her but I might smoke 1 cig a week most times not that and she is the one that introduced me to Mt. Baker because the local Vaping store was so expensive my favorite flavor is sticky bun then I bought Maui sunrise and blood orange all delicious now I want some Happy Rancher because she got a sample and told my how good it is but just want to say thank you for your consistent flavors and your customer service !

  • Rob Kinkade says:

    Congratulations Michelle I went through the same thing started with those gross cheap e-cigs and the local smoke shops mark up product so high you can’t afford it. With mt baker vapor I can afford to vape I have been smoke free for over three months now, I couldn’t have done it without mt baker vapor

  • Sue says:

    Congratulations Michelle and great story! Mine is pretty much the same as yours, only I smoked over 50 years. Did the gum and the cartridges and tried cold turkey even. Nothing seemed to work until I started watching videos on the different units that are out today and decided to give it a try again. Got the Nautilus, iStick and MBV juice and I have never looked back and will never pick up a cigarette again. Why would I ever want to when there are so many great flavors waiting to be tried out.

  • John Dearing says:

    Hi Michelle and to you I give a heartfelt giant congratulations on successfully breaking the grip of the evil tobacco based units!

  • Alex Carlson says:

    Thank you for this story!

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