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I started smoking when I was 19. This may not sound abnormal to most, but I started smoking after 18 years of opposition to my mothers smoking, which had been on and off for my entire life. So, not only did I become a smoker when I reached my nineteenth year of life, I became a hypocrite as well. I was so delusional about smoking at the time, that I thought I could smoke one or two cigarettes a day and never become addicted. I was playing with fire, without even knowing. Obviously, I became addicted, but granted it was slow going.


I stuck to about two cigarettes a day for a couple of months, but eventually it happened, I was a half pack a day smoker. I was a smoker… and to be honest it was bittersweet. I knew how bad it was for me, I hated the smell, and the stigma, and so much more, but eventually I became addicted, and all of a sudden the smell and the stigma didn’t matter. Anyone who has been, or is, a cigarette smoker will understand my next statement; I loved smoking. I still knew it was terribly bad for my health, but it became something I really enjoyed doing.

I’m not writing this to sway people to start smoking, I just want to be honest about my experience. If I could go back, as I’m sure a majority of us would, I would slap that first cigarette out of my hand and tell my younger self that I was being stupid, and to quit it, but what’s in the past is in the past.

So, for a time, smoking was my jam. I smoked with my friends, on my work breaks, in my car and I even smoked with my mom. It was almost a social thing in my house. My mom, my grandma and I would all go out on the porch together and chat and smoke and drink coffee, it was wonderful, but eventually all of that caught up to me.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and hiking is one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day. On one such beautiful day, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage and go for one of our favorite day hikes just outside the city we live in. I had never struggled so hard on that hike before that day. That was the day I had to accept that I wasn’t invincible and that these stupid, wonderful, cigarettes were finally affecting my health, noticeably. So, from that day on, it was always in the back of my head that I needed to find a way to quit.

All of the things that I had once loved about smoking no longer appealed to me as much. I reached a point where I wanted nothing more than to quit, but I didn’t know how. I felt trapped, no longer seduced by everything these cigarettes had to offer, but not able to stop myself. The first thing I tried was going cold turkey, and I got about two months in before I went back. Again I was arrogant, “I’ve been so good, one won’t hurt.” ONE DOES HURT! I was back at it again. A couple of months later, in another attempt to rid my life of cigarettes, I tried pipe tobacco. I bought a cool pipe, and picked out some delicious smelling pipe tobacco, and of course it didn’t work. I just wanted to inhale the pipe tobacco, and I learned quickly that it just wasn’t my thing.

After trying to quit twice, and getting nowhere, I felt more trapped than ever, and I wanted nothing more that to rid myself of those evil fire sticks. I was mad. At myself mostly, and more determined than ever to find a way to quit once and for all. Thats when I tried electronic cigarettes, with the mind set that I needed them to work, I needed to quit smoking.

It definitely took some getting used to. With a cigarette, you pull it out of the pack, light it and smoke it down to the filter and you’re done. E-cigs are a bit more high maintenance, especially the first ones we got about three years ago, but I needed it to work. I think I’m one of the lucky ones (or maybe just really determined to leave cigarettes behind), but after I bought my first starter kit, and learned how to use it, I was done with cigarettes. Shortly after switching over, I began to breathe better, I got my sense of smell and taste back (which I hadn’t realized I had lost until I got it back), and I wasn’t as fatigued by simple tasks like walking up stairs. It worked for me and I was so excited, I got a starter kit for my mom, my grandma, my aunt (a majority of my family are smokers), and aside from my grandma who couldn’t get over the maintenance side, these electronic cigarettes worked for them too.


Something to think about:

I’ve been vaping now for about 2 and a half years. I’ve saved myself about $4361.09 and 8722 cigarettes in that time. You can find out how much you have saved since switching over, or start saving now! Leave a comment below letting us know how much you have saved!

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Bill Barnes says:

    I was a smoker for 43 years, at the end smoking over two packs per day. Then I hired a shipping mgr. and he used the vapor e-cig and let me try it after he clean it. I was like wow it just like smoking so I order a pipe with his help from MT Vapor and waited for it to come to the house. It came and at the end of a long day I like to drink a few Miller Lites and smoke cigarets, well I got the pipe to start working and started to puff on it and drink Miller Lite and after two hours I looked at the pack of cigarets and said I don’t need you anymore and thats the last time I smoked ! it’s been 145 days now without a single cigaret. I quite before for 80 days and every day it was hell but with the e-cig every day for 145 days Im smiling and very happy, I will never smoke cigarets agin ! I came to hate cigarets and mostly handy my credit card over twice a week for $60.00 per carton. Thank you MT Vapor you save my life 🙂

  • Itala says:

    ¡Congrats! Dejar de fumar tabaco es el primer paso. Saludos desde Perú

    Translation: Congrats ! Quitting smoking snuff is the first step . Greetings from Peru

  • Tony says:

    Great story! I’m of a similar one. Had twin boys and turned 30 in the same year and decided I needed to find a real way to quit.

    Vaping is the only thing that did it for me. And I’m happy to say I’ll never go back!

  • Ashley says:

    I quit smoking & switched to a vape about a month ago. I’ve saved around $276.92! Amazing. Plus, I have a daughter so I feel so much better about having a vape instead of a cigarette.

    • That’s a lot of money in a month. I have heard people saying they put half of what they would have spent in smokes aside and use that money to take vacations or buy something they’ve always wanted.

  • Rebecca Wilson says:

    I smoked for 50 years!! My kids were always bugging me to quit to which I replied: I like smoking. If I die with a cigarette in my hand it’s worth it. (so wrong!) Finally my daughter just bought me a starter kit and sent it. I opened it, stared at it, didn’t have the first clue what to do with it and finally went to youtube to figure out what to do with it. After my first vape hit I had one more cigarette and was done forever with smoking cigs!! After 50 years!! Since then I’ve converted 3 other people.

  • Mike S says:

    Congratulations on your successful journey. I have a detailed spreadsheet tracking all expenses. 2 1/2 years with exits and $5800 saved. I use some of your flavors with one favorite being RY4. Keep up the great work!

  • Matthew says:

    Thanks for sharing! My baker makes it affordable for sure. I’m a hiker too. Doesn’t affect my lung capacity or stamina at all. My only issue is that mods keep breaking on me. I keep going to shops around here and they say this is the best one…works great then poops out in a few months. I’m on my 4th in less than two years. I rebuild coils. Thanks

  • Susan says:

    Lisa, I loved your story. So many things you noted about smoking rang true for me too. (My mom was a 2-3 pk a day smoker and I griped at her constantly.) I started vaping in August of 2014 and loved it almost immediately. I’m still learning but I know that I will not go back to cigarettes again!

  • Jeremy says:

    Nice read, congrats for kicking the habit !

  • Thomas Olson says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story. As I’m sure it’s true for most of us e-cigarette users, our stories have a lot of similarities. One difference for me, was that I wasn’t able to quit smoking entirely with “ciga-ikes “. It wasn’t until a friend gave me an eGo starter kit that I was able to quit cigarettes completely. I don’t know if you are still using ciga-likes or what. For me, I’ve progressed onto rebuildables and variable wattage devices. Of course, none of that really matters. The main thing is that we’ve been able to quit smoking. I couldn’t get the savings calculator but I’ve now been completely free from cigarettes for a little over 13 months. Besides feeling much healthier, this has become a fun hobby. I enjoy collecting the latest gadgets and experimenting with different builds. Thanks again, Lisa. I envy you being able to make a living from this new lifestyle that will also add years to your life. Good luck, Lisa!

  • Daniele says:

    I was a smoker for 31 years!! I started when I was 13! “Friends”of mine taught me how to inhale one Summer and that was it… I was off and running down this smelly, expensive and dangerous path.. Another friend of mine showed the the way of the Vape! Was smoking and Vaping at the same time till I found the courage to just let go of the cigarettes!! My last cig was Jan 28, 2013! My husband had been trying to get me to quit for YEARS!! And I had tried. The gum, the patches, cold turkey (which I DO NOT recommend!). I failed every time… I finally started thinking why continue setting myself up for another failure?! Then another friend introduced me to the way of the Vape! AND IT WORKED!! Can I get a “hallelujah!” Never going back to cigs!!

  • Randy says:

    not really sure how much money my wife and I saved since we keep buying the latest and greatest toys! Monetary wasn’t that important, what we did save was our lives. went to see my doctor recently and she said my lungs are very happy with me! We had both been smokers for 40+ years and had tried all the other ways to quit, and they didn’t work! Vaping works! Thank you for your story, Lisa.

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