Meet Mt Baker Vapor – Kenny’s Story

Unlike many of you, I have never smoked. I first heard about electronic cigarettes when Mt Baker Vapor sponsored the softball team I played for. I met and got to know James, one of the owners of the company and was impressed with what I heard about his business. With the bond of WoW and personalities that just seemed to click, it was inevitable that we quickly became friends. It also doesn’t hurt that we are both firm believers in saying exactly what we think without tiptoeing around issues.

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Soon after meeting James I started working for Mt Baker Vapor and quickly rose through the ranks to my current position of Chief Asset Management Officer. Now, you may ask why I would want to work in an electronic cigarette industry when I have never smoked, and subsequently don’t vape. I honestly believe that e-cigarettes help smokers quit, and I am enjoying working with an industry that is changing and growing and such an exponential rate. In reality though, what really keeps me here is my complete dedication and faith in the owners of this company. James and Jesse treat every employee, regardless of job title, with the utmost respect and genuinely care about the people that work for them. I’m proud to be a part of such a great team of people.

The course of my daily work currently revolves around the legislation across the US, but primarily focused on our home state of Washington. As you know, there is a battle going on in our fine state over the accessibility of vapor products. I am proud to be working in conjunction with Njoy, another electronic cigarette company independent from big tobacco that has been fighting this battle since the beginning. My biggest concern regarding the trends in legislation is maintaining a unified front within the vaping industry. Divided, we will not be strong enough to combat the barrage of legislative restrictions being proposed. I do believe though, that when everyone within the e-cigarette industry is united, we can make a difference in the legislation we’re fighting.

At the rate we’re going now, in five years the vaping industry could be either mainstream or eliminated, depending on the legislation and how we can impact it. That will require not only being on the same page, but a level of professionalism and respect that I hope to see continue to grow within the industry beyond just the industry leaders. If there were one thing I could impress on the vaping community as a whole, it would be the need to be thinking not just about where we are now, but the road ahead.

Something to think about:

In what ways can you, as part of the vaping industry, contribute to the fight for realistic regulations that do not limit access to vaping for those who want to quit smoking?


Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Jasen says:

    Wow, you have no dog in the fight, so to speak (other then your job) as a never smoker, and you’ve made this your mission.

    Thank you

  • Chad says:

    Cool story.
    I like Njoy products as well as Mt. Baker Vapor. But it was definitely Njoy that introduced me to vaping after buying their “Vape Pen” from Walgreens. Before I was spending a lot of money on Blu e-cigs, and unknowingly sending profits to big tobacco who perhaps would like to see the end of the vaping industry. Although I feel conflicted about Blu, while it did introduce me to e-cigs that got me off of tobacco, it’s still owned by big tobacco. I’m just not sure if I really trust them long term to have the interests of the vaping industry at heart… that above all else should be of upmost importance of any seller in this industry I would imagine.

    • Glad to hear our friends at Njoy were instrumental in helping you transition from smoking to vaping. As far as long term interests in the industry, unfortunately we cannot assume that is anyone else’s ultimate goal. I would simply advise you to know which products are big tobacco and which aren’t, and then make the decision regarding who you’d like to give your money to.

  • Rebecca Gearardo says:

    Kenny & Mt Baker Vapor,

    I am a smoker that is quitting. I quit for 12 years and then fell off the wagon and have smoked for about 4 years. I have done several things to quit and nothing worked, until now. I have been vaping for over a month and I have lowered my nicotine intake from 18mg to 6 mg and will be lowering again until I hit 0mg.

    My husband, a stroke survivor and ex smoker, started vaping(0 nic.) soon after me. We have fell in love with vaping and I have seen a big difference in my health since changing over.

    With that being said, we are huge advocates of the Govt not stepping where it belongs and for free enterprise. I love Mt Baker Vapor because of the quality of the product but now love it for the stance they are taking with not only the Govt. sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong but also working to stand against the huge tobacco industry.

    Keep the fight up guys and if you ever want to expand to another State think of GA we would love to have you.

    • Congratulations on making the switch! We love hearing success stories from our customers. I would caution you to not drop your nicotine content too quickly or it may negatively impact your ability to stick with it. Thank you for your support, and standing with us and speaking out regarding vaping and legislation. Vape on!

  • Gary Kane says:

    Guys, enough is enough. I appreciate the honesty of all your upper management confession that they never smoked nor even vape. This is becoming a joke and is starting to make your company look like Disney Land. The owners who probably don’t smoke or vape either make the excectutive decission to hire canidates for important upper management jobs like Marketing Director and Assit Manager who have no idea what the everyday vapor is dealing with. As a major reseller in the vaping industry, I refuse to reccomend anyone to your company or do business with Mount Vapor Baker ever again. I may even blog all year long about your model. You hire this kid that looks 17 years old, who claims he was befriended by the owner on at a kiddy softball game, to be given some off the wall title as Asset Manager? Why not call him the Vice President of Government Affairs. Who runs this company? A bunch if young head bangers or what.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. Please allow me to address them.
      To clarify, the softball game was an adult league sponsored by Mt. Baker Vapor, not associated with anyone underage. One of our owners – James’ story is available in our blog and goes into detail about how and why he got into the vaping industry, because it changed his life. Many of us here are avid vapers who are previous smokers. However, I do not believe that a previous addiction to smoking, or vaping should be a requirement to work in, or stand up and speak out for the vaping industry. Kenny is very good at what he does, and is currently fighting for our right to vape as a community.

  • Joey Two Toes says:

    I wonder how much pot the author of that post was smoking. You guys are a bunch of fools and I will never trust you again. Can I be the mamager too? I only smoke crack

  • Rick says:

    I’d have to agree with Jasen. This is similar to being an alcohol/ addiction counselor/ interventionist with no history of alcoholism. Some people will listen by most will not.

    • While I can see your perspective. I would respectfully disagree. Kenny is fighting for our right to vape, not offering advice or counsel on an addiction. I don’t believe having a personal history of addiction to smoking should be a requirement to work in or stand up and speak out for the vaping industry.

  • john fisher says:

    Thank you, Michelle, for defending Kenny’s passion for the vaping industry. Some people have to be contrary, whether out of ignorance or jealousy. Keep up the good fight and ignore the self-absorbed and petty posting of those who think they are smart.

  • Ash K says:

    Poor Michelle deserves a medal for having the unenviable job of responding to some of these comments while remaining polite and professional, and actually pulling it off. Good grief.

    I really like these profiles. I personally don’t see that being an ex-smoker/current caper is required to promote realistic regulation, just some common sense. Yay Kenny, yay MBV.

    • Thank you for your support and encouragement! We are a part of the vaping community, can’t be a part of a community without letting people know who you are. Kenny is a great part of the team and I’m proud that he’s willing to fight for and with us. Vape on!

  • Jasen says:

    What’a happening here?!?!?!?
    I’m a carpenter of 25 years, many many of the people I consult with and or who are above me in the chain couldn’t nail two sticks together w/o having a life flight standing by to fly them to the nearest level 1 trauma center. They know less about how to build a house then my dog but they do their job, I do mine and at the end of it all a house has been built.

    Find a worthy argument!!!

    Sorry Michelle and Thank you to you and Kenny for what you do.

  • Carol Borland says:

    I have been a vapor for 3 years now. I smoked not much about 1/2 pack a day. But when I quit I was going thru addition of my daughter in and out of rehab for drugs. It was a hard feat but I pushed threw not smoking. I feel better can breath better and and glad to be s vapor. Although I am down to 12mg of nicotine I still have not smoked. And am glad to announce my daughter has kicked her addition of drugs. But I got threw all that without smoking and now don’t even like the smell of cigarettes. You don’t have to cape to understand that baking is better for you. I love Mt Bajer vapor and whet they are doing for the caking community! Thank you thank you for all you do.

    • Congratulations on two accounts: One for you quitting and also for standing by your daughter and helping her make it through rehab! You are a wonderful person! Keep up the amazing work and work down that nicotine!

  • Ken Swan says:

    To all the butt-hurt people that are dropping all the negative comments about the people that work for MBV, I know a lot of car salespeople that don’t know squat about cars, but they are damn good at selling things (doesn’t matter what it is they can sell it), does that mean that they should not sell cars? Same thing, maybe Kenny has expertise in LEGAL matters (a big help in fighting for LEGAL rights), but I guess if the only way you can feel that YOU matter in this world is be belittling and putting people down (especially people that you do not know) then go do your hating somewhere else (there are plenty of Facebook pages for doing that) and leave people that are fighting for YOUR right to vape alone.;

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